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Understanding by Design Activity

Understanding by Design Activity

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Published by gcimorelli

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Published by: gcimorelli on Oct 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Understanding by Design ActivityAC MeetingOctober 8, 2009 Thinking about “Understanding”
Someone who understands…R. Ehrenberg J. Steele J. DedrickR. MurphyLearns from history and understands the implications
Allows you to think outside of yourself, while taking adifferent perspectiveNeeds to question moreIs self reflectiveIs able to communicate their understanding to othersUnderstands the concept not just the question/statement J. Martin J. HorsmanA.Trapini
Can make connections between various small ideas to arriveat a larger/great idea – Big Picture
Levels off understanding – rote knowledge to evaluation,synthesis, analysis, etc.Person is able to perform sometimesEmpathy – feeling for othersD. KeoughA. Manzella J. RoseCan build new connections and make transferCan create new solutions to situations they encounterCan understand concepts through other people’s eyes
Uses the layering of modalities, builds and deepens one’sunderstanding. Each layer strengthens the degree to whichit is understood and then transfers to other situations.M. SteffenC. LobdellK. GreinerCan demonstrate their learning
Can transfer/apply their knowledge to a new situationmultiple times over time
Make connections between small or seeminglyunrelated/discreet info to larger ideas to show relationshipC. DresherK. BogertN. VerdileK. FlynnG. KatsHas good knowledge of factsEvaluates and reevaluates their points of view/ideaAccepting and understanding the complexity of an issueCan demonstrate their understanding throughapplication/performanceCan apply familiar concepts to a foreign problemR. MooreE. DoppD. ArnoneD. SaveryCan apply “it” appropriatelyCan evaluate “it”Can explain “it”Can recognize “it”Can extend “it”Can transfer “it” to other situations“It”: a skill, a concept, an event, a behaviorC. Fox Take knowledge and apply to next application
E. McNamaraV. McQuadeCan move beyond the recall and manipulate itApply in new and novel situationsMaking it connect to prior knowledgePhysically demonstrate their understanding across differentmodalities Take information and put it in a bigger content
What is Exemplary Design for Learning?
Well-designed learning…R. Ehrenberg J. Steele J. DedrickR. Murphy
 The experience is designed to be inclusive and haveapplication beyond the learning experience. The learner should draw relevant connections.
Should allow students to explore their learning, while buildingupon what they already know. J. Martin J. HorsmanA.TrapiniStudent directed learningDiscovery basedHands-onPeer review/competitionMultiple perspectivesD. KeoughA. Manzella J. RoseIs multifaceted and addresses all models.Direct student involvement, self evaluation, observation of others Through an activity, uncovers the essence of the lessonsIt hooks the studentsMultifaceted, enthusiastic, passion, interpersonal report
Construct it so (the lesson) that it inspires the student tothinkfurther/deeper and to questionRelevant
Be empathetic, to assess what is happening in class and tomodify their practice.M. SteffenC. LobdellK. GreinerProblem/challenge orientedPurposeful/relevant/contextHands-onPerformance relatedRespect for learner (styles)C. DresherK. BogertN. VerdileK. FlynnG. KatsHas a problem that needs to be solvedAllows for risk takingStarts with confusionR. MooreE. DoppD. ArnoneD. SaveryHas a specific outcome (end) (demonstration of understanding)Scaffolded
Opportunities to practice (guided andindependent)/assessment with feedbackFluid/connected components

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