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Published by kmsoe2001
Simple and Accurate Analysis of LOTTERY WINNER’S CHART
Simple and Accurate Analysis of LOTTERY WINNER’S CHART

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: kmsoe2001 on Oct 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Khin Maung Soe (Numan)
Lottery Winner of USD 35 Million
(Under the International Copyright laws, this article may not be copied in whole or in part, withoutthe Written Consent of Khin (Numan) 2008©)We understand that Astrological influences could lead us to a miserable life but it also could makeus fortunate unexpectedly as well. The following chart clearly explains how the heavenly bodiesmade someone to be a millionaire overnight.This is the chart of medical secretary who also need to work part-time night jobs with the missionof sending her two teenage children to college. However, on the eventful night of Oct 26, 1996, theBig Game Lottery quick pick tickets she bought a week ago made her escape from her dailystruggling life and turned her to be millionaire within overnight.
(Note: This chart has been posted as a blind Chart in SATVA list before)
Let’s See How the planetary combination and configuration work out for her.....through her
Natal chart and Transit Chart.
Birth Data: 24/04/1950, 4:45 AM, Methuen, MA
Asc: Aries 6 degree 31 min.Throughout my method of Analysis, I am just simply using following rule:
8th house, Mulatrikona lord of H8 and/or planet placed at 8
house are the significator of suddenunexpected gain.
9th house, Mulatrikona lord of H9 and/or planet placed at 9
house are the significator of easygain.
Rahu is the node which trigger the unexpected event (depending on other situation it effect mightbe positive or negative)
The strength and impact of the functional benefic and functional malefic planets are based on theSA method, however, the quantitative measure are somewhat different. (You can learn SA methodfrom the SA website and I am not going to elaborate here)
Natal Analysis (Planetary influence to planet and houses)
For this native, there is no Mulatrikona lord for 8
house and no planet are residing at 8
Mulatrikona lord for 9
house, the significator of easy gain is the Jupiter, the planet of fortune.And the Jupiter placed at 11th house (the house of gain, prosperity, and income). Overall strengthof Jupiter is quite strong as well. This is good placement for the Jupiter as the functional Beneficplanet
Again, the 9
house has been aspected by the Planet Mars by 77% (the Mulatrikona lord ofLagna (Ascendant) which is residing at 6
House. Mars and 6
house are both representing theaccident. Now, here is the Good question come!!
Will Mars be harmful for the native? Let’s analyze it!!! First, Mars is the mulatrikona lord ofAscendant, even though it is placed at the 6
house. Again, the lord of its placement (dispositor) isThe Sun, (mulatrikona lord of H5, house of gambling). Again, Mars is at the Sagittarius sign at theNavamsa whose lord is the Jupiter, significator of Sudden Gain, planet of fortune. Moreover, theNakshatra lord of Mars is also the Sun (mulatrikona lord of H5, house of gambling again) since it islocated at Uttara Phalguni.(5)
Again, the 8
house, the house of sudden gain has been 76% aspected by the Rahu whichalways triggers the unexpected event. Will the Rahu, one of the functional malefic planet give herthe good surprise or terrible outcome??? This is also a very interesting point. Rahu placing itself atthe 12
house, house of expenditure, but not at the Most effective point. Ruler of its placement isthe Jupiter, the planet of fortune, significator of sudden gain, again. And its Nakshatra lord is theSaturn which is placed at 5
house, house gambling and it is also the Mulatrikona lord of 11
 house, house of gain. So, it is clearly showing us that this mysterious Rahu will give her a fortune.
The most important fact is that, the Planet Jupiter, Mulatrikona lord for 9
house, thesignificator of easy gain has been strongly influencing the House 3, 5, 7, 11 by 98% strength.(7)
After analyzing the Natal chart of this native, and judging by the configuration of all thedominant planet., we can conclude that this native will possess the wealth by sudden unexpectedgain.
Dasa Analysis
The event was during the period of Ketu-Jupiter-Venus Dasa.
The most important sub-period Lord is the Planet Jupiter, Mulatrikona lord for 9
house, thesignificator of easy gain, the planet of fortune which is residing at 11th house (the house of gain,prosperity, and income). Its strength is also quite strong.
The Dasa analysis shows that this is the time the native is going to get paid-off from her pastgood karma.
Transit Analysis (Planetary influence to planet and houses) Triple Transit Triggering
In this Analysis, it will be very accurate to analyse in 3 ways as:
Transit to Transit Analysis
Transit to Natal Analysis
Natal to Transit Analysis

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