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Bernard Thomas (b. 1859)

Bernard Thomas (b. 1859)

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Bernard Thomas, a signator to the Cypress Hills Metis hunting brigade petition for a reserve in Canada and to Louis Riel's Petition for a reserve in Montana is profiled.
Bernard Thomas, a signator to the Cypress Hills Metis hunting brigade petition for a reserve in Canada and to Louis Riel's Petition for a reserve in Montana is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Mar 07, 2014
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Bernard Thomas dit Tomma
(b. 1859)Bernard was born in December 1859 at Qu’Appelle, the son o !oseph "homas (b. 181#) and $arie Adele %a&itipi& ($ichel) born 18'5.
 !oseph "homas was the brother to hie abriel ote.
Bernard and his brother !oseph (b. 18*+) sined a petition or a $etis reser-e in $ontana, sent b /ouis 0iel to eneral elson A. $iles, Auust #, 188+. Bernard was band member 2 * o /ittle hild’s (owessess) Band but he subse3uentl withdrew rom "reat in 188#.4e married li6a 7t. Denis (b. 18#+) in 189, at press 4ills. li6a died in 19++ at lasow, $ontana. Bernard’s second marriae was to $arie 0osalie osselin. 4e died in 19' at the row Aenc. n his scrip application made at Battleord he sas he was a reihter between press 4ills and :ort Assiniboine. Bernard and li6a 7t. Denis had the ollowin children;
$ar 0osalie, b. April 18, 1881 <on the prairie=. 7he married lement %ells in 19+1 at $edicine 4at."homas, $ar; address> $ontana; born> 18 April, 1881 on the ?rairie; ather> Bernard "homas ($@tis); mother> li6a 7t. Denis ($@tis); scrip cert.> orm , no. #; claim no. 9.
$aruerite, b. o-ember 1, 188* at 7weetrass, $ontana. 7he married /ouis 0iel $cillis in 19++ at %illow Bunch. 7he died in 195+ at lasow.
/ouis, b. $a 15, 188# in 4a-re, $ontana. 4e married 0ose Dumont. 4e died at hinoo&, $ontana."homas, /ouis; address> lasow, $ontana; born> $a, 188*; ather> Bernard "homas ($@tis); mother> li6a 7t. Denis ($@tis); scrip cert.> orm , no. 8; ile re. 5#91; claim no. *+. 7as he has been li-in in lasow since 189*.
$ar $adeleine, b. Auust '8, 1889 in 7weetrass, $ontana. 7he married 0obert oodine in 1911 at $edicine 4at.
:ran&, b. December '5, 1895 in lasow, $ontana. 4e married /uc %hiteman at the row Aenc.
 "heir children were> $aruerite "homas, born 18*+ in QuAppelle, 7as&atchewan; married AleCander /edouC on $a 18, 18# in 7t. :rancois a-ier; !oseph "homas, born 18*+; lise "homas dit 0oussin,  born 185+ in :ort ?ell; married !ean Baptiste /aramboise on Auust '+, 18# in 7t. :rancois a-ier; /a/ouise "homas dit 0oussin, born 18* in 7t. :rancois a-ier, married Da-id Boer on 7eptember #, 18## in 7t. :rancois a-ier; harles "homas, born 18*8; :rancois "homas, born !anuar , 185; Bernard "homas born December 1859 at Quu’Appelle; and Adelaide "homas, born 18# in QuAppelle.
Bernard and 0osalie osselin had a son !ohn 0obert born Ectober ', 19+ at at 7t. a-ier, Bi 4orn ount, $ontana. 4e married Aneline Delisi in 19+ at the row Aenc. 4e died in 1985 at 7t. a-ier 7crip"homas, Bernard; address> press 4ills; born> 18#+ at QuAppelle Falle; ather> !oseph "homas ($@tis); mother> $arie Adele (ndian); married> 189 at press 4ills to li6a; 7t. Denis; children li-in> $arie uphrasine, $aruerite, /ouis and 1 not christened; scrip or G'*+.++; claim no. 8. 7crip ertiicate o. #99 :orm B or G''.85 in a-our o harles "homas, an heir o !oseph "homas. 7iblins 7crip>/edouC, $aruerite; address> 7wit urrent; claim no. #; born> 18*+ at /a&e QuAppelle; ather> !oseph "homas ($@tis); mother> $arie AdHle (ndian); married> 18#' at 7t. :ranIois a-ier to AleCandre /edouC; children deceased> AleCandre, ?hilomHne, sabelle, $arie, AleCandre, harles and $arie; scrip or G1#+.++. "homas, lise; address> $aple ree&; born> 18*5 at :ort ?ell; ather> !oseph "homas ($@tis); mother> $arie Adele (ndian); married> 18# at 7t. :rancois a-ier to !ean Baptiste /aramboise; children li-in> atherine, aroline, 0ose, $arie, AleCandre, Adelaide, 0osalie, /ouis and 1 not baptised; scrip or G1#+.++; claim no. ''. "homas, /alouise; address> 7wit urrent; born> 18* at 7t. :rancois a-ier; ather> !oseph "homas ($@tis); mother> $arie Adele (ndian); married> 18# at 7t. :rancois a-ier; to Da-id Boer; children li-in> /alouise, $arie, li6a, $arie !os@phine, 7oloman; children deceased> AleCandre, harles, %illiam, Bernerd; scrip or G1#+.++; claim no. 8*1. "homas, Adelaide; address> 7wit urrent; born> 18# at QuAppelle Falle; ather> !oseph "homas ($@tis); mother> $arie Adele (ndian); scrip or G'*+.++; claim no. 8*+. '

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