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e!Health Real! F Loc

e!Health Real! F Loc

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Published by sadriberisha

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Published by: sadriberisha on Oct 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Natural Living Alternatives in North Texa
The Mouth-Body Connection...p. 5Physically Stuck Memories &Emotions...p. 10Macrobiotic Cooking...p. 12Eat to Succeed..p.16Pet Health: Fish Oils for Pets...p.18Acidophilus: Friendly Flora...p. 20Frequency SpecificMicrocurrents...p. 24Living Food Holiday Recipes...p. 27Osteoporosis: Test in Teens!...p. 28Drug Induced NutrientDepletions...p. 38Vitamin C Therapy...p. 39Coal-Fired Plants!...p. 40Flouride in Your Water &Toothpaste...p. 44
 F re e !
(continued on page 17)
 L o c a  l!
ISSUENO. 7!The Family Farm ~this?and this?or this?
Rocky & Carol Testerman of R&C Dairy andFarmstead with Velvet and Mia • Collins villeNora & Dru Bynum ofDominion Farms •Denison
Holidays 2006Vol. 2, No. 1
 Around Your Corne
Will Losing the American FamilyFarm Affect the Quality of
Family’s Life?
Adams Blackland Prairie Farm • Ladonia Zea mays (corn) ~overproduction led to factory farms and our industrial diet Organic Grass-Fed Beef on biodiverse pastures 
And what about the organicmovement? How do you knowwhat you are
paying for?
ow much do your kids know about thefood chain that leads from the soil and/ or grass to their plate? How much do
know?Evidence continues to mount that we trulyare what we eat, and that most of the moderndiseases that plague us have a
to do withour industrial-age diet. 
, we are what we eat eats ~ both plantsand animals ~ so that, whatever your foodphilosophy, what feeds your fruits andveggies, and/or grains, and/or meats and/ordairy animals, has a tremendous impact onthe quality of your life and health.And what your food eats has everything todo with the philosophy and integrity of the
of your food sources ~ the farmers,the ranchers, the processors, the importers,and so on down the production, distribution,and marketing chain.The “organic movement” began as a back-to-the-old-ways revolt againstpost-WWII industrial/chemi-cal agriculture ~ a longing for“real food” produced withoutchemicals or drugs, in its fresh-est form, and preferably fromsomeone in your own area, whoyou could actually call byname. But now, organics has be-come big business, because or-ganic products command a premium price,and demand has outstripped supply. So, whenyou pay up for “organic,” do you know whatyou’re
getting?HAYC would like tohelp you and your
Published by Schloss Dasfels L.P.P.O. Box 580Tioga, Texas 76271
Letters to the Editor
Advertising Information
S. A. Cranfill
Business Manager
B. D. Cranfill
Advertising Sales
Jean HeneyCaroline Blair
Dallas Distribution & Sales
Merrily Smith
Web Site
Pam Morrisson
Layout Assistant
Pam Morrisson
Published bimonthly and designed forreaders and advertisers in North Texas.
Distributed FREE of charge.Also available ON LINE.Printed in Gainesville by TexomaWeb Offset Printing
Copyright 2006 Schloss Dasfels L.P.
HAYC reserves the right to refuse anyadvertising we deem inappropriate for thispublication. HAYC also reserves the rightto edit all materials published herein. Ar-ticle contributions are from advertisersonly. Advertisers will approve all finaldrafts of their own ads, articles, or inter-views prior to publication.HAYC is a medium of communicationbetween you and your area’s natural healthand product providers. HAYC providesuseful information to help you make yourown informed choices. Advertisers andcontributors are responsible for their ownclaims or opinions. HAYC does not en-dorse practitioners or products. Contribu-tors may answer general questions, butnothing in HAYC will constitute personalmedical advice.
Winterizing Your Water Garden 
Texoma Landscapes & Garden Center • Denison • 903-465-5456 
See Jonathan every Thursday on Chan-nel 12 Morning Show between 6 and 7 a.m. Go to www.kxii.com/morningshowand find videos of past programs at Texoma Gardening icon. He is totallyorganic and known for his innovativewater features.
by Jonathan Castro
ater gardens are intended to be en joyed 24/7 and 365 except for leapyears. Seriously, a change of life occurswhen you own a water garden. The sense of calm and tranquility felt during the warmmonths can still be enjoyed during the win-ter if some simple steps are followed to in-sure smooth operation and health of yourpond.
Windblown Debris
 First of all, there is a lot of organic materialblowing around before and into the first of winter. You can cover your pond with a netthat will keep the majority of leaves, twigs,and debris out of the water. Or you can work a little bit harder and keep air blown debrisskimmed out of the pond. If you have askimmer as part of your pond, it still requiresmore frequent emptying of the skimmer net.This simple first step will determinewater quality and other steps thatwill need to be followed.
Don’t Feed the Fish!!
 Secondly, stop feeding yourfish once the water temperature drops to 52degrees. The metabolism of fish slows toan almost stop as temperatures fall. Themain reason for this is that you can causegreat harm or death to the fish by feeding atthis stage. The food consumed will sit insidethe fish which is fed and start to rot the fishfrom the inside out. So please don’t feedyour fish during cold weather. They will befine for the next 90 to 100 days.
Add Salt? Yes!
Third, it is a really good idea to add non-iodized salt at 3 pounds per 1000 gallons of water. This will enhance the slime coat of the fish which actually protects the fish fromparasites and different types of sickness. Thesalt level in your water garden will notdecrease once salt is added. Even duringevaporation the salt stays the same. Only achange of water will lower salt levels.However, 3 pounds per 1000 gallons willnot harm plants or the ecological balanceof the pond.
Bacteria? Yes!
The fourth and a very important item toremember is that bacteria growth slows to ahalt in production during winter months.However it will still produce in the earlymild periods of winter. You can apply coolweather bacteria to the pond to promote itsgrowth. Bacteria are needed to keep thealgae bloom to a minimum.Another option during the early and latewinter periods is to use a UV device. Thiskills algae as it passes by a sealed ultravioletlamp installed on the discharge side of thepond pump. The cost is moderate comparedto the cost of algaecide over an extendedtime period.
Water Color
If the color of your water is too tea-likefor your taste, a particle water charge willclarify the dark tea tone of organicallysaturated pond water. However, you mustuse caution. The chlorine in tap water canbe counterproductive to your pondecosystem; it can burn the gills of your fishand otherwise cause stress to them. You willneed to also add a dechlorinator to yourpond when adding potable water.
Underwater Lights
 There is a step in the winter that I stronglysuggest to the serious water garden hobbyist:add under water lights to your pond. Theshort winter days make for longer nighttimehours. We tend to leave and come back toour homes in the dark. By addinglights to your pond, you will beable to enjoy your pond more 24/ 7.While your pond will needattention, it should not require morework than pleasure. I once had a Ph.D. tellme that by leaving your pond alone youaccomplish more than by getting involvedand trying to control the pond ecosystem.So just take care of these few simple steps,sit back, and enjoy your water garden yearround. Happy winter gardening!
From theEditor’s Desk
elcome to the SEVENTH issue of 
 Health Around Your Corner!
That’sright, we’re beginning our second year!And there are some big plans in the mak-ing for a new “Dallas and East” edition tobe launched in late January. We’ll still havethe “North” edition, and readers and ad-vertisers will have access to both.
Subscriptions & Back Issues
We continue to distribute free printedcopies in an ever-growing number of places, but we have now made it possibleto get a year’s subscription for those whowish to have a printed copy mailed to them.Look for this information on our web siteor in this issue. We also have back issuesfor sale as long as supplies last.
Supporting Family Farms
Why is it so hard for so many of us to
S. A. Cranfill 
Excellent in Medicine,Compassionate in Caring 
200 W. Southwest Pkwy.LEWISVILLE, TX 75067972-420-6777 Fax: 972-420-0656
Dr. Smart Idemudia, M.D., Ph.D
We are Internal Medicine specialists with extensive trainingand expertise in Alternative Medicine. We combine thelatest advances in Conventional Medicine with the healingpowers of natural products and tailor them to your specificsituation.
• Heart disease, blockedarteries, other heart conditions• Hypertension• Cholesterol problems• Diabetes and its complications• Circulation problems• Arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS,immunodeficiency syndromes• Allergies, asthma• Chelation Therapy• Intravenous Mega-Vitamins• Vitamins & Food Supplements• I.V. Oxygen ~ I.V. Therapies• Low-intensity Lasers• Lumbar Decompression• Minor SurgeryEKG/Stress Test/Physicals• Lung function tests
Do you suffer from:Provided services include
Grace Medical Association
may be right for you! 
come to grips with the fact that we are in-deed what we eat and how we eat it, andwhat we eat eats (both plants & animals)and how they eat and how they’re raised?Many and probably most of our modernailments and diseases are direct results of our industrial diet and our industriallifestyle (toxins).Better living through chemistry has beena two-edged sword. We ALL enjoy luxu-ries, conveniences, time savers, and back-breaking work savers that are marvelousblessings. But the bigger, bigger, more,more model of our modern capitalist soci-ety has got to have some
.The family farm has been dying for a longtime. Our agricultural policies, our seduc-tion by cheap, fast food, our misguidedoverproduction, our disconnect from
food and the value it has in our lives, andwhat it costs to produce it ~ so many fac-tors have combined to push out small farm-ers and drive their children elsewhere toearn a living.Good farmers are like good soldiers ~they fight the good fight because “it’s who
Mawker Coffee
Dallas Farmers MarketShed No. 2 • Sat/Sun 8-5
Your Personal Roaster 
Purveyors of Fine Coffee & Tea
Near Plaza, South Side, Look for the Coffee Mural
• from around the world, freshly and expertly roasted by Chris Kaplan • Between 15 and 30 freshly roasted single-origin coffees available to sample, identified by altitude and regions of growth • All teas OCIA certified organic, all-natural flavors. Teas from Japan, China, India, Argentina, South Africa 
we are, it’s what we do.” It’s what they be-lieve in.We are blessed to have a number of dedi-cated, family-owned and operated, organic,sustainable-agriculture farms and ranches inour North Texas region. We all need to real-ize the long-term benefits to our families of eating the high-quality, nourishing food theyproduce. We need to support these “war-riors,” to encourage their children to embraceand preserve their legacy, and to encouragemore to join their ranks.We need
small, American familyfarms, not fewer. We need to encourage
genuine free trade,
between local farmersand their communities. Join co-ops. Buy theirproducts directly or through the smallerhealth-food stores. Stretch your budget.Learn to eat less higher quality food ratherthan more and more empty processed calo-ries.Read, get informed, get active, educatedyour kids about real food, and talk to farm-ers when you can. You’ll be glad you did!
Rooibos (“roybus”) from South Africa has 10x more antioxi-dants than any other tea. Green teas are high in polyphenols.Black teas are high in antioxidants. Caffeinated coffee is high inboth antioxidants and polyphenols.Six years ago, the Kaplans began importing green organiccoffees from respective countries to bring higher & healthierquality to the DFW region. They sell these fine coffees and teas
directly to commercial & retail customers
at the Dallas Farm-ers Market, on their web site, or over the phone. They also sell
to restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.At HAYC, we like the organic Ethiopian!
Organic Coffees

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