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CVCL - Cover Letters 3

CVCL - Cover Letters 3

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Published by Bob Law
CVCL - Cover Letters 3
CVCL - Cover Letters 3

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Published by: Bob Law on Mar 07, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Writing Winning Cover Letters
What is a Cover Letter?
Your cover letter works in partnership with your resume to convince an employer that your skills and background make you a candidate worth interviewing. It’s your marketing tool!A good cover letter will make you a more attractive candidate by demonstrating
 about the ob" the company" the industry
 in your ob search" motivation" and enthusiasm #or the ob
 and detail orientation
 about yoursel#
Energ# and $otivationPre%are
$eview the ob description in detail.
List the skills and attributes the employer is seeking.
Identi#y how your %uali#ications match the skills and attributes.
Choose three to #ive matching skills and attributes to use in your letter.
$esearch the employer to identi#y important #acts including products and services
&nato# of a Cover Letter
A cover letter generally consists o# three or #our brie# paragraphs& written in an active voice" and pro#essional style.
Address your letter to a speci#ic person" 'be sure o# the correct spelling and appropriate title '(r. (s. )r." etc.* whenever possible
Acceptable alternatives include +)ear Internship Coordinator, or +)ear -iring (anager", however" do not write +to whom it may concern.,
(irst Paragra%h
 Introduce the purpose o# your writing.
/plain clearly and succinctly why you are writing.
0tate the #ull name o# the position. )escribe how you learned about it" name o# person" printed or on1line media etc.
Se)ond*Third Paragra%h
Write these paragraphs based on your preparation.
/plain how your %uali#ications match the ob description by highlighting relevant e/perience and brie#ly describing accomplishments that demonstrate your capabilities.
Last Paragra%h
2he closing paragraph can be short and simple.
0tress your enthusiasm #or the position and your interest in meeting #or an interview.
0tate how and when you can best be contacted.
2hank the individual and end with an appropriate closing.
Eail VS+ Standard ,snail- $ail
0ome employers will e/press a pre#erence between standard mail and email" while others will accept either. 2here is no need #or both. When using email" use the cover letter as the body o# an email and attach the resume as a Word or 3)4 document. Another option is to simply cut and paste the resume to the body o# the email. 2his may be pre#erable to employers who want to avoid virus attachments. 5ust make sure the #ormatting on the resume stays the same. Write a compelling subect line.

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