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Script Draft 1

Script Draft 1

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Published by salesian2014as
Draft 1
Draft 1

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Published by: salesian2014as on Mar 07, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. Party A group of at least twelve teenagers are partying and holding cups of drinks above their heads. the music is deathly loud. Ava stumbles out of the crowed and picks up her bag and throws it over her shoulder. Ava walks to the door and pulls it open. EXT. Outside of house Ava stumbles down the pavement her body is illuminated as she walks under a street lamp. Ava goes in her bag with her had first and violent shakes her bag before moving her head to get a better view. She pulls out the keys as she reaches the top of the driveway. INT. Inside House Downstairs MEDIUM LONG SHOT: AVA AT THE DOOR. Ava pushes the door open and has a fumble with the keys still in the door. She falls through the door and catches herself on the side of the wall before she meets the floor. CLOSE UP: OF AVA. Ava (Grunting) Stupid door. Ava takes a couple of steps forward. MEDIUM: TRACKS AVA THROUGH THE HALLWAY Ava walks towards the living room with slow shuffles. AVA (Whispering) mu-m. Mum CAMERA SWITCHES TO EYE LINE SHOT REVEALING HER MUM A SLEEP ON THE SOFA. Her mother is fast a sleeps on the sofa with a blanket brought up to her face. A steaming coffee cup remains on the coffee table. CAM POSITIONED AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY with Ava at medium longshot the camera pans and tilts to follow her up the stairs. INT. Bedroom MEDIUM: CAM REMAINS OUTSIDE OF BEDROOM Ava throws here bag in the bedroom and slams her bedroom door shut.

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