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Our Fizzle of a Revolution

Our Fizzle of a Revolution

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon
What is going on? There is talk of change, yet, all I see is more and more groups arising, grabbing people's attention and pulling them in many different directions. Many of these groups are at the best leaving people in a wake of confusion. Maybe what I have to say here might remove some of this confusion and get people thinking again.
What is going on? There is talk of change, yet, all I see is more and more groups arising, grabbing people's attention and pulling them in many different directions. Many of these groups are at the best leaving people in a wake of confusion. Maybe what I have to say here might remove some of this confusion and get people thinking again.

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Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on Mar 09, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our Fizzle of a Revolution
Many times over the past few months I have been asked when is the revolution going to start. I have been asked when is someone going to start it. Who should be the leader? I have heard statements of individuals waiting for someone to lead the way. Others have become disenchanted with the idea of change; that is true change. Others believe that there is no hope. People in general seem to be going in many different directionsfollowing this or that person. !ome do nothing more than shout patriotic slogans" others spout the same old things which  people have been told all of their lives and have learned to which they cling" and very few offer real solutions which are ignored by most as the solutions seem so alien. In short" they seem lost as what to do and why shouldn#t they?$et#s face it. We are going to have a long road to travel. %here is much to do to wake up more people to create the change that the people" the world need and need soon" very soon. %here has been a lot of misinformation and twisting of facts that has drawn people into the deep sleep that is the illusion of our e&istence. We have been hammered by mountains of propaganda and millennia of human conditioning. In the attempt to maintain the current system going and for  people to not only accept it but to cling to it" we have been drawn into a fantasy.' good e&ample of this was in (ovember of )*++" Warner ,rothers released a !ylvester the -at and lmer /udd cartoon" 01eir2-onditioned"3 in which !ylvester inherits a fortune and lmer e&plains to !ylvester the importance of investing in capitalism. lmer e&plains that years ago" most people worked long hours" earning very little" and for the most part were miserable with a bleak possibility. 1e goes on to e&plain that with investments in the business world" companies are able to grow and provide 4obs and the income for people to live better lives. /or the most part lmer is right in theory. What the cartoon fails to tell its audience is that people worked long hours for little pay and in some cases very dangerous situations with no rights and were literally taking their lives into their own hands if they stood up for themselves and others because of the greed of those on top who did own the capital. lmer totally ignores the part where conditions greatly changed only with workers uniting and standing up for change. 1e fails to mention that most of the change started with the rise of unions and the very real threat of rebellion in the early )*55#s which %heodore 6oosevelt took very seriously and initiated change with various pieces of legislation in an attempt to defuse the situation. %his cartoon was released during a time when the 6epublican Party was trying hard to regain ground lost in the shadow of /ranklin 7elano 6oosevelt#s stand for the common man which was actually inspired by leanor/ranklin was actually more interested in the wealthy classes which he hailed from but found great support from the common personwhich was carried on by 1arry ! %ruman. %his was in the wake of 8oseph Mc-arthy and his list he never had of communist infiltrators of the !tate 7epartment which he claimed showed the incompetence of the 7emocratic Party. Interestingly" Mc-arthy" the enemy of communism and hero of democracy" had a very !talinistic solution to the labor problems which rose following the wage free9es and rationing of World War II which was to arrest and imprison the union members of railroad industry. %his was in the time of the beginning of the -old War.
7uring this period and since this time much has been twisted. Obviously" the attempt to manipulate public opinion included the use of cartoons such as lmer and !ylvester#s. 'lso hoping on this band wagon was 6onald 6eagan with talks of capitalism and a recording in )*:) about the evils of sociali9ed medicine. %here had been the orean War which ended with no clear winner and we had our asses handed to us in <ietnamwe had made the mistake of fighting the war as if it was a war of ideologies when in fact it was a war in which the <ietnamese 4ust wanted their independence from foreign rule and we were viewed as foreigners.'s an economist" I am frustrated with how terms have been thrown around and twisted. What is more infuriating is that the truth is out there. =et" the idea is to maintain the system in a country where the government and the ideas were originally put forth to encourage constant social evolution; but the pull to maintain the status >uo and to keep the same old system economically in place has caused an all out stagnation mired in a swamp of confusion. conomists" business" and political science ma4ors are 4ust taught to think in the same old bo& and to get the 4obs or careers they desire; they 4ust go along with the same old game and actually  perpetuate it for those who sign their paychecks. 6eminiscent of the story of !ir %homas More" in which all his friends turn on him to gain favor with 1enry <III and his decision to take on the church and marry 'nnethey did whatever was necessary for their own preservation and  personal gain which was through supporting the current regime.'s an economist" I feel a real need to straighten out some of this misinformation. /irst of all" let#s start with -apitalism" since no matter how you look at it" -apitalism seems to be the center of most of our social ails. I guarantee that if you name a social ail" I can make the connection to -apitalism.-apitalism" first of all" is not synonymous with the idea of a /ree2Market !ystem. 'dam !mith is not the father of -apitalism. 'll you would have to do is read !mith to reali9e thishe never wrote about -apitalism; he did use the term -apital# to refer to all the different factors of  production including labor" plant" resources" and intellectual ability. -apitalism does not even appear as a word until the )@+5#s with the rise of the 6epublican Party. %here are similarities" but there is a distinct difference. -apitalism as we know it would be more fittingly attributed to 'le&ander 1amilton" yeah" the guy on the A)5 bill. 1e was our first secretary of the treasury and he did do a lot of ama9ing things to get this country rolling financially. 1owever" he differed from many of our founding fathers by not accepting the /ree2Market !ystem. 1e instead  believed in a system in which the government took an active role in the development of industry. 1e believed that the government should invest and protect capitalthe very core of -apitalism. 1e believed that the companies would be privately ownedthe only true connection to the /ree2Market !ystemand the market to be run with little interference with the e&ception of  protectionist laws" >uotas" and tariffs so that our markets would be dominated by our businesses with very little competition from foreign interests. 1e believed that there should be a strong central bank overseeing the economy and did what he could to set up the ,ank of the Bnited !tates Cor ,B!D under Eeorge Washington which would be eventually terminated by 'ndrew 8ackson in )@F:. %hese ideas of 1amilton would be trashed with the election of %homas 8efferson to the presidency. 8efferson believed in the /ree2Market !ystem which was essentially a market where two or more met and made a deal with absolutely no interference from a third  party such as the government. %his is also where we get our two party system; 8efferson was a member of the 7emocratic 6epublicans who would evolve into the 7emocrats and 1amilton had  been a Whig who would rise up again in the )@+5#s as the 6epublicans. 's the 6epublicans came
to power with the election of $incoln" they celebrated their ability to start implementing their economic program by putting 1amilton#s image on our money for the first time which has continued up to the present.Were the 6epublicans evil? 'bsolutely not" they were interested in developing our nation in the hopes of being able to be strong economically and compete on a global level. Instead of letting the market develop and grow on its own" they thought that the best bet was to nurture and  protect it. %his protection included protection from labor movements and labor unions were controlled and intimidated by laws such as the -onspiracy 'cts. -apitalist even hire detective agencies such as the Pinkertons to intimidate and even shoot labor leaders. In some cases" they even brought in and used the (ational Euard. %he whole idea was to protect and nurture the -apitalists with the idea that the 4obs they created would keep the populace focused and in line. /uture generations of 6epublicans and -apitalists would use fear as a ma4or weapon in keeping themselves and their agenda in place such as the 6ed !care and Mc-arthyism which was actually a 6epublican Party strategyseveral new 6epublican members of -ongress were tasked with this fear tactic; !enator 8oseph Mc-arthy was 4ust one who proved to be very able in this strategy.I should say that when a government is involved with the economic direction of the nation" you are no longer living in a /ree2Market !ystem; you are living in a planned economy. One other key trait of -apitalism is demonstrated well in the Movie" %rading Places.# 7an 'kroyd#s character is destroyed; his whole life is trashed by the 7uke ,rothers so one can prove a point to the other brother. When the point is proven" 6andolph 7uke asks his brother what are they going to do to bring Winthrop back into the business. Mortimer replies that after what Winthrop did" he has no intention of reinstating him. %his is a ma4or theme in -apitalism. %hey create the situation" they know that they created the situation" and as far as the victims; the  people affected by the decisions of the -apitalists? It is their own problemusually citing the ideas of the /ree2Market !ystem.%his brings us to the /ree2Market !ystem which according to 'dam !mith in )GG: is a system of people meeting and dealing with no interference from the government. 1e saw that the only concern of the government would be to do what it could to stop price fi&ing or other forms of collusion. %he idea was to allow the market to develop" evolve" and grow naturally. %here is no grand plan" 4ust allowing the natural flow of supply and demand to dictate the direction. ,y the way" under a true /ree2Market !ystem" no one dominates the market and if they by chance do" it isn#t for long; not giving anyone enough power to greatly affect others lives to the e&tent of that in the movie" %rading Places.# 'nother thing that is very attractive about this system is that there is no real dependency on people who see you as 4ust a replaceable cog in their machine as in -apitalism. People are in a situation where there is a re>uirement for them to challenge themselves and grow instead of being dependent on someone else for direction of their lives.!ocialism is very complicated because only there are numerous ideas on it created a myriad of socialist theories such as nationalism" fascism" Mar&ism" et cetera. In the easiest way to e&plain it" it is a reaction to the greed and abuse of those on top. !ocialism only appears  because of the dominance over the economy that those on top have. 's I had mentioned" %heodore 6oosevelt" who was a member of the wealthy class and a staunch 6epublican" recogni9ed a clear and present danger to the system and started initiating legislation to curtail the very real possibility of all out rebellion. -ommunism was an idea that developed in the streets of Paris and under the greed and abuses of those on top; it was becoming a real threat to those on

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