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Midterm Analytics Formatting

Midterm Analytics Formatting

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Published by toopam

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Published by: toopam on Oct 16, 2009
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Pam RobertsonMIST7500 Midterm Exam – Fall 2009October 15, 2009
OpenTracker. “Summarized Overview of Web metrics, web analytics and websitestatistics. 2009 < http://www.opentracker.net/en/articles/web-metrics-site-statistics.jsp>............................................................................................................................................14
What is Web Analytics?
Web analytics can be defined as the process of collecting, analyzing,interpreting, and reporting web data and statistics. Web analyticsrelies on the recording and interpreting data of to determine websitepatterns, optimize web site usage, and make fact-based businessdecisions. Terms that are synonymous with web analytics are web metrics, webstats, site stats, and website statistics. The appendage of an “E” infront of any of these terms refers to the fact that is being used as ameasure for the internet or ecommerce (OpenTracker, 2009). The field of web analytics is broad, and can be broken down intospecific targeted areas. Mobile web analytics, on-site analytics, off-siteanalytics, and video web analytics are all a subset of the broader field.Off-site web analytics refers to web measurement and analysis of awebsite's potential for audience, visibility, and product marketing.
On-site web analytics measure a visitor behavior and websiteperformance. Performance records factors that encourage users tostay on, navigate your website, and make a purchaseMobile web analytics is a specialized focus on mobile website userbehavior. Mobile analytics records data from users that connect toyour website using a mobile device. This analytics is used todetermine what campaigns work best for mobile website traffic.Online / web video analytics measures how viewers get to a onlinevideo(movie clip, video advertisement, movie trailer, television show)and what they do when they watch it ( Wikipedia, 2009).
How Web Analytics Are Measured 
Web analytics are measured by use of metrics. The
of webmetrics refers to the science of measuring websites. Moredescriptively, measuring user events and clicks on a website(OpenTracker, 2009). The most important web metrics as defined bythe Web Analytics Association are Unique Visitors, Visits/Sessions, andPage Views. Most web analytic definitions are based off of these threemetrics. (Web Analytics Association. 2009).
Web Analytics Organization
A national association is in place, called the Web Analytics Association(WAA) to help define Web analytics measures to develop a commonvocabulary, definitions, and standards for measuring and reportingWeb metrics. The WAA believes using like-minded data metrics andmethodologies will result in:
More meaningful industry benchmarking
Comparability of results among different tools
Better understanding of the metrics terms we useReferences WAA. The completeWAA Web analytics standards documentPDF can beaccess from theWAAwebsite.
Importance of Web Analytics
Web Analytics is an essential tool in a web marketing campaigns,without analytics there is no way to determine the effectiveness of acampaign.Web analytics is a faucet of online businesses that has been steadilygaining importance over the last several years. Application of web datacontinues to improve the growth and success of many onlinebusinesses.
Web Analytics Tools
It is important to access what is key to your online business marketing.It is important to know what page, trends or promotions are retainingvisitor interest.Are my rich internet applications increasing my profits? Is my blogadding site value? What are my visitors doing when they get to mysite? To answer these questions, many web analytics tools have beencreated for individual and enterprise use. Tools vary in pricing fromfree to a few thousand dollars. Also, tool functionality ranges from atargeted area of web analytics to a complete suite of web analyticstools. Some popular tools are described below.
Web Log Expert is a web log analyzer. It can give you informationabout your site's visitors: activity statistics, accessed files, pathsthrough the site, information about referring pages, searchengines, browsers, operating systems, and more.
Double click is a company that provides internet ad services.DoubleClick clients tend to be agencies or professionalmarketers.
CoreMetrics is a web analytics solution that records visitorbehavior. CoreMetrics provides marketing optimization,merchandising, and content analysis services.
Videoeggis a rich media advertising management network thatpromotes brands. Advertises outstanding consumer reach andaccountable online advertising for brands.

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