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Enneagram Radical Grace

Enneagram Radical Grace



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Published by Dew Nada

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Published by: Dew Nada on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Enneagram Invocation
I now remember that I am here and present in the moment.I am grounded, alive, and connected in my body.I am open and receptive to the truth and compassionof my heart.I am clear and awake to the stillness of Mind.I bear witness to the Presence of the One.
The Three-Legged Stool
The Virtues of Engagement, Truthfulness, and Courage InMystical Experience
Radical Grace
Vol. 22, No. 4, October-December 2009, thequarterly publication of The Center for Action and Contemplation.Just about all of us have probably had at least one moment whichwe could call a “mystical experience.” It may have happened longago and had an influence on the whole of our life, or it could havehappened more recently and showed us that what we normallytake to be “reality” is not all there is. Moreover, perhaps mysticalexperiences have happened to us throughout our life, remindingus of the Big Secret that all mysticism ultimately points to: God iseverywhere, and God isall that is.On the other hand, there are probably many people who havenever had a mystical experience, and for them, this talk aboutthe ultimate spiritual nature of reality is fairly meaningless. Theirlack of experience of mysticism may not be their fault sincemystical experience and the perspective on reality that it brings isa free, unearned, and unpredictable gift. Further, although thegift is free, not everyone’s consciousness is sensitive enough tohave mystical experiences. Moreover, many people, forpsychological, emotional, philosophical, or religious reasons, areclosed to the possibility of experiencing the mystical substrate of life. They have few of the essential prerequisites for mysticalawareness—openness, patience, inner silence, humility, reverence
for mystery, the ability to “not know”—as well as a deep hungerin the heart that can only be filled by the divine.Further, there are probably many people who have actually hadmystical experiences but have not recognized them as such.Many ordinary events in life can touch us so deeply in a momentof spontaneous awakeness that they are, in effect, mysticalexperiences. Walking on a beach with awareness may bring afeeling of oceanic oneness with reality; contemplating the stars atnight may give us a sense of our own individual smallness as wellas of our intrinsic connection with the cosmos and the paradoxicalvastness of consciousness. The birth of a child or the death of someone we may not even know not only may awaken a sense of the transience of life, but may also bring us to a mysticalawareness of the life-force that is in and behind everything.Indeed, many people may have had many more mysticalexperiences than they realize because they do not recognizethem when they are actually happening. Mystical experience isnot simply one thing, but a whole range of shifts of awareness aswe open to the larger—really, the largest—perspective on reality.Mysticism has a very broad spectrum: from a deeply feltawareness of the beauty that surrounds us and is part of everymoment, to intimations of a not-quite-so- hidden universal unitybeneath the surface of manifestations, to an awareness of theinfinite consciousness that is at the heart of everything, to aparadoxical perception of personal and non-personal oneness withthe universe, to contact with a palpable sense of divinity thatbenignly supports everything in the world and lovinglyencourages its unfolding, to the most brilliant and overwhelminglightning bolts of radiance breaking through all barriers andobscurations to stun us with beauty and truth and to show uswhere our home really is.When all is said and done, the mystical perception of reality isnothing other than a perception of “the Really Real”—a glimpse,or perhaps a sustained vision, of God in the world as bothimmanent and transcendent, as both other and not- other than

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