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Marguerite Clear Sky Bottineau (b. 1780)

Marguerite Clear Sky Bottineau (b. 1780)

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A profile of Marguerite Clear Sky who married fur trader Charles Bottineau.
A profile of Marguerite Clear Sky who married fur trader Charles Bottineau.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Mar 09, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Martha" Clear Sky
(b. 1780)
Martha was born in 1780 at Turtle River (Grand Forks, North akota
 !he was the dau"hter o# $lair 
%hdi&kson"ab and
a akota &a'tured b the $hi''ewa. Mar"uerite was the sister o# &hie# Red ear. !he *arried $harles +ose'h ottineau (b. Ma 1, 177 in erthierville, -uebe&). n 17/7 $harles ottineau &a*e into the  Northwest Territor $hi''ewa &ountr with other Fren&h #ur traders. etween 180 and 1808, $harles was a voa"eur and hunter with %leander 2enr in the 3e*bina area.Martha was 4ake5o#5the56oods ibwe. 2er ndian na*e was Mah +e Gwo9 !in&e or !on Gabo :i $he Ta , whi&h *eant Mar"aret $learin" !k or $lear !k 6o*an. Mar"aret was the $hristian na*e "iven her, 'robabl when she was ba'ti9ed ust be#ore she *arried $harles ottineau, as was the &usto*. !he lived to an advan&ed a"e and died at her son 3ierre;s ho*e in sseo, the res'e&ted *atriar&h o# a ver etended #a*il. 2er *other was ibwe and her #ather was a &a'tured !iou warrior. Their dau"hter Mar"uerite Mende*oa ottineau *arried %leandre M&Gillis dit Girou (+ero*e).<%T2= 18>, !t. %nthon Falls, 2enne'in $o., MN Fa*il 1 = 3eter GR%NT !usan GR%NT Fa*il ? = $harles +ose'h TTN<%@ M%RR%G<= 181 A!evere TTN<%@ A3ierre TTN<%@ 6FT Bolu*e  ook C8? $o**ent 1= The Grand Nako*is o# the Raindeer $lan, $o**ent ?= sister o# 3ewaneet(*) , *anika (#), %hdi&konss(*), 4ero&he(*), %&e"ue*an&he(*), Misko*akwa(old Red ear the #irst), ? &t  treat Red 4ake ibawa tribe o# the 3e*banaus % &o' o# the a''li&ation o# 4aura ottineau Gra to the e'art*ent o# the nterior, ##i&e o# ndian %##airs where she asks #or an allot*ent o# land on an ndian reservation or on &eded $hi''ewa lands et&. dated 1/?. n this do&u*ent where she has to 'rove her ndian blood, she starts with her "rand*other Mar"arette %hdik !on"ab, was #irst *arried to a #ull5blood ndian na*ed 3ewanaku*, (kit&hita), b who* she had three &hildren, to5wit= sabella (Mii"isi), %saobinais, and :ee5whi5tah5bin5a&e.1. asbella *arried +ose'h Montreuille, so*eti*es s'elled Montreuil, o# whi&h *arria"e the #ollowin" &hildren were born, to wit= +ose'h Montreuille, +r., :nown as !ava"e MontreuilleD sabella Montreuille, ?nd= %leis MontreuilleD +ean a'tiste Montreuille, known as TotoD Mar"arette Montreuille who *arried +ohn runelleD Marie Montreuille, who *arried Fran&ois 4eEuierD and %leandre Montreuille. ?. %akobinais, !e&ond &hild 1

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