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march07.2014 cInternational Women’s Day should be everyday: Villarica

march07.2014 cInternational Women’s Day should be everyday: Villarica

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Published by pribhor2
International Women’s Day should be everyday: Villarica
International Women’s Day should be everyday: Villarica

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Published by: pribhor2 on Mar 10, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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International Women’s Day should be everyday: Villarica
Women play an indispensable role in advancing sustained and meaningful national development, Rep. Linabelle Ruth Villarica (4
 District, Bulacan declared on the eve of the celebration of the !nternational Women"s Day on #arch $.%&ntil 'e are fully represented in all decisionma)ing aspects of our national life and violence against 'omen is a thing of the past, let us )eep on pushing for that day 'hen !nternational Women"s Day is no longer necessary because celebrating 'omen"s achievements and tapping their potential is an everyday part of our national e*istence,+ Villarica said.Villarica, 'ho is chairperson of the ouse -ommittee on Women and ender /0uality, reiterated her message, 'hich she earlier voiced during the regular first #onday flag raising ceremony attended by employees and officials of the ouse of Representatives. %Women deserve all the respect and e0ual opportunity as a human beings clothed 'ith dignity,+ she declared, insisting that change in human attitude 'ould ensure respect for human rights and ma)e violence against 'omen and children things of the past.1his year"s !nternational Women"s Day celebration is about %inspiring change,+ as the country 2oins the 'orld 'aving the theme %
 Juana, Ang Tatag Mo Ay Tatag Natin sa  Pagbangon at Pagsulong.”
%1his theme comes as a fitting spirit that moves every 3ilipino, our 'omen in  particular, to 'or) as one people and rise above the devastations 'rought by both natural calamities and manmade tragedies,+ the ladyla'ma)er pointed out. he believes in the meaningful declaration of the &.5 Women Watch6 %1oday is the day 'hen 'omen are recogni7ed, for their achievements 'ithout regard to divisions, 'hether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political.+he further echoed the &.5. Women Watch as saying6 %it is an occasion for loo)ing  bac) on the past struggles and accomplishments, and more importantly, for loo)ing ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities that a'ait future generations of 'omen.+ Villarica recalled that it 'as on #arch $, some thirtynine years ago 'hen the &nited 5ations first declared this special day as !nternational Women"s Day.!n the 8hilippines, #arch $ 'as first declared as Women"s Rights and !nternational 8eace Day through 8roclamation 5o. 994 in :;$$ and eventually, as 5ational Women"s
NR # 3398CMARCH 7, 2014

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