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God's Operations, Clandestine and Overt

God's Operations, Clandestine and Overt

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Published by Hierocryptic
God operates in truly remarkable fashion as He makes and remakes creation on a daily basis. He is truly inventive and delightful to behold.
God operates in truly remarkable fashion as He makes and remakes creation on a daily basis. He is truly inventive and delightful to behold.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Hierocryptic on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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God conducts a wide variety of operations,some clandestine, some overt. Sometimes youcan kind of see what He is up to, other timesHe is effectively inscrutable. He is chameleonlike. Incidentally, He also inventedchameleons, so He was the first person tothink up that kind of mutability.Now, God is not always able to disguise Hisoperations. In fact, in some ways He does adownright poor job of hiding from people.Certainly, the insistent researcher will tendto find clues God has left strewn here and
there as He conducts His affairs. This issimply inevitable. After all, God createdeverything in the universe. This includes freewill. Free will requires that we have theimpression of being independent and sovereignactors, able to do as we choose, so ourchoices will seem to us to truly be free. Forthis appearance to work, it has been necessaryfor God to attempt to hide so that Hiscreatures will have the impression of beingmaster-less sovereigns. However, a number ofsleuths have readily caught on to what God isup to, and have called Him out concerning Hislittle game He created here for us. I am oneof these detectives and I am presentingaspects of my case.I first consciously realized there is no wayGod can effectively hide from people when Iwas travelling through the Blue Ridge Parkway.This is a fine stretch of majestic mountainsand stately trees. It's suitably quiet andpeaceful. I had stopped to admire certainaspects of God's handiwork when I realizedthat, although God had attempted to convey anaura of remoteness about Himself as far as Hisinteraction with people, there was simply noway the Lord could feasibly cover His tracks.For example, in seeing fit to fabricate treesHe had endowed them with certain geometriccharacteristics that betrayed His engineeringskills. In fashioning birds from out ofnothing He had skillfully cloaked and adornedthem in pleasantly appearing feathers, which
also were optimized for in-air flightperformance. "Who is this joker?", I thoughtto myself. "Does He really think He can hidewhen He has left birds like that flying allover the place, landing in trees and so forth?He is obviously trying to appear remote as faras human civilization is concerned, but I hopeHe is in no way under the impression that Hehas in any way erased His tracks or anythingbecause, if He thinks that, He is wrong."In certain other key respects, however, I willacknowledge that the Lord has done aneffective job in preserving secrecy. Forexample, in baffling human minds throughsituating them in the midst of infinity He hasraised certain questions that are challengingto gain adequate research records for. Withrespect to the mystery of infinity, God'ssecrecy makes the Manhattan Project look likea travelling circus show. And yet, is notfinding oneself in the midst of infinity in away also another pretty blatant clue thatthere is a Supernatural Architect loose in theuniverse? Infinity is really just too big asecret to hide. It may not be known how God ispulling off this infinity trick, but theexistence of infinity is just one moreinstance of circumstantial evidence betrayingGod's Being.In a way, the universe can be likened to thelaboratory or studio of a Scientist, Artist orInventor who has not cleaned up after Himself.

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