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2014 March Good Times

2014 March Good Times

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Published by The Delphos Herald
Boomer Trivia, Hoosier Basketball Museum, Financial Advice
Boomer Trivia, Hoosier Basketball Museum, Financial Advice

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Mar 10, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARCH 2014
Milan, Indiana opens museum to honor  their famous“HOOSIERS”!
Milan MiracleMuseum
2 –
 • March 2014
Vol. 8 No. 6
Nancy Spencer, Editor
A monthly publication for Allen, Auglaize, Putnam, Logan, Mercer and Van Wert Counties.For editorial information:1-800-589-6950 Ext. 136Email - nspencer@delphosherald.comFor advertising information: 1-800-589-6950
Marilyn Hoffman Ext. 131
A DELPHOS HERALD PUBLICATION405 N. Main St., Delphos, Ohio 45833
Birthday trivia answers
1. Jon Bon Jovi2. Paula Prentiss3. Mary Wilson4. Mike Love5. Hal Linden
1. I was born on March 2, 1962 in New Jersey. I am a rock singer best known for my hits “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “Living on a Prayer,” and “Blaze of Glory.” Who am I?2. I was born March 4, 1938 in Texas. I am an actress who starred with my husband Dick Benjamin on “He and She” and appeared in “Man’s Favorite Sport” and “Where the Boys Are.” and “The Stepford Wives”. Who am I?3. I was born on March 6, 1944 in Mississippi. I am female singer who reached fame as a singer with the Supremes. I left the group in 1979 and had a musical comeback in 2013 with the release of ‘Life’s Been Good to Me’. Who am I? 4. I was born March 15, 1941 in California. Singer and songwriter who was a member of the iconic surfer rock band The Beach Boys. In the early 1960s, I collaborated with Brian Wilson and was chief lyricist on singles including “Fun, Fun, Fun”, “California Girls” and “Good Vibrations”. Who am I?5. I was born March 20, 1931 in New York. I am a theatre and television actor who starred on Barney Miller and won a Tony Award for Best Actor for my role in the musical The Rothschilds. Who am I?
3 ..... PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER Jigsaw Puzzles4 ....THE MILAN MIRACLE 1954 Indiana State Championship Team is honored with Museum6 ....THE APPROPRIATE ROLE FOR CASH IN YOUR PORTFOLIO 7 ....H&R BLOCK ANSWERS Six Essential Tax Questions for First Time Tax Filers
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Ofces in Ada, Archbold, Bryan, Celina, Deance, Delphos, Lima, Paulding, Van Wert, Wapakoneta
Did you know.....
•Erin go Bragh translates to “Ireland forever.”•The very first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not in Ireland. It was in Boston in 1737.•The largest parade in the US, held since 1762, is in New York City, and draws more than one million spectators each year.•Over 100 US cities hold a parade every year. Some of the other biggest St. Patrick’s Day pa-rades are in Chicago, Illinois and Savannah, Geor-gia.•In 1948 President Truman became the first presi-dent to attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade.•The city of Chicago goes so far to celebrate that they dye their river green.•Green is associated with Saint Patrick’s Day because it is the color of spring, of Ireland, and of the shamrock.•There are 33.7 million U.S. residents who are of Irish ancestry. That number is almost nine times the population of Ireland itself.
Happy St. Patrick’s day! 
 March 2014 •
It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter. Many of us have settled in with a good book, while others have chosen this time to cover our coffee tables, dining tables or even oors with jigsaw puzzles to pass the time and keep the cobwebs out of our brains.We invite you to step back, for a moment, into quieter, simpler days, before television or com-puters, when people relaxed and entertained themselves by sitting around a table working jigsaw puzzles. They would talk as they worked, about the puzzle before them, or about events of the day, or about their dreams and their memories. Join those of us who pursue this relaxing, stimulating, and wholesome pastime.The history of jigsaw puzzles begins in the 1760s when Lon-don mapmaker John Spilsbury at-tached a world map to a piece of wood and carved out each country. People could learn geography by putting the puzzle back together. The product became popular and Spilsbury continued to build more puzzles with different area maps and sell them.Originally, jigsaw puzzles were called “dissections.” The “jigsaw” name comes from the fact that early puzzles were created by us-ing a jigsaw to cut the pieces. In fact, a more delicate version of a  jigsaw, a fretsaw, was more com-monly used. The picture was drawn or pasted to the front, and lines for cutting on the back. In the late 19th century, cardboard was introduced and the puzzles could be die-cut.By the 1930s, hydraulic presses were used to cut the pieces, allow-ing for mass manufacture. Later, roller presses were used which make them cheaper to create, al-lowing for a greater variety of puzzles.While the original puzzles were maps, soon all kinds of im-ages and artwork were used. In the early 20th century, puzzles were being made more complex and be-came suitable for adults as well as children.By the 1930s, jigsaw puzzles were being used as a marketing tool, with advertising on the front of the pieces. Cardboard puzzles were cheap enough to make that some were given away with other products.Jigsaw puzzles became very popular in the United States dur-ing the Great Depression. They were cheap family entertainment that could be replayed or passed on to others. Weekly puzzles were even sold at newsstands.After World War II, the popu-larity of jigsaw puzzles declined. Wooden puzzles are rare today, but cardboard ones are a standard item in toy, game and department stores.
Puzzles can be found in 3-D or be very, very small or very, very large.Pictured at left is the world’s largest. It took more than 10,000 people to put together in
Ravensburger, Germany
with 1,141,800 pieces.
Putting the pieces together
 Memories From Our Readers 
From: Ken & Doris Weber
Wapakoneta, Ohio
On our first date in 1946, I jumped on the handlebars of Ken’s girl’s bicycle & he paddled me out to the local Wapak airport. After viewing the movie “My Gal Sal”, with Rita Hayworth & Victor Mature andseeing them on a ferris wheel, we decided on our 65th Wedding Anniversary August 26, 2013, to take a ride on a ferris wheel to celebrate our anniversary. We did so at the fair at Greenville, Ohio and this is our picture.
Send your story or picture to nspencer@delphosherald.com or call 419-695-0015
In the 1760s London map-maker John Spilsbury attached a world map to a piece of wood.

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