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Inline Communications Europe Report

Inline Communications Europe Report

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Published by jamesdotwarren
Pan-European research into INLINE Communications and how to most effectively tell your story to European consumers.
Pan-European research into INLINE Communications and how to most effectively tell your story to European consumers.

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Published by: jamesdotwarren on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REPoRt 2009
 WElComE to inlinE
 WElComE to thE futuRE of CommuniCationsPlanning. WElComE to a tEmPlatE foREffECtivE and EffiCiEnt CommuniCations. WElComE to a kEy foR unloCking thE digitaldooR. WElComE to inlinE CommuniCations.
This report highights the resutso a pa-Europea study o adutcosumers to obtai isight ito thecommuicatio chaes that iuececosumer opiio ad purchase habits.We have used the resuts o thiscomprehesive research to vaidateour InlInE Commuicatios approach.InlInE describes commuicatiosthat are itegrated across a chaes:oie, oie, experietia, word omouth…InlInE is ot just a phiosophy, butaso a process. There is a methodoogybehid the isights provided i thisreport that aows Weber Shadwickto deiver measurabe campaigs thatprovide cocrete resuts.To fd out more, pease cotactus. We’d be deighted to come adprovide you with some taiored isights– ad to hep you ‘get InlInE’.
C BreinlinE01
 an intRoduCtion toinlinE CommuniCations
inlinE CommuniCations sEEks – foR thE fiRst timE – to Put REal datainto thE hands of CommuniCatoRs that EnaBlEs thEm to dEPloy thEiRCommuniCation REsouRCEs in thE most aPPRoPRiatE, EffECtivE andCost-EffiCiEnt Way.
By uderstadig how cosumersprocess product iormatio – or moresimpy, how their purchase decisiosare iueced – we ca hep PRad commuicatios maagers pacampaigs that reach their targetaudiece i the paces where they areiueced.A great dea has bee writteabout the decie i iueceo the traditioa media ad yetmore sti about the rise i oiesearch techoogy, ad the massadoptio o se-pubishig toos aditercoected etworks o idividuasthat have heped cotribute to thetraditioa media’s demise. But to whatextet is that true, ad how does itaect the Europea cosumer?InlInE Commuicatios is a simpecocept: that your commuicatiosactivity – ad the stories you te –shoud ot be isoated withi chaes.Rather tha create separate oiead oie campaigs (ad teams tomaage them), brads shoud createcampaigs that draw o distictiobetwee the chaes depoyed.Cosistet stories shoud be todacross a the media that reach yourtarget. What you do oie shoudaso be visibe (discoverabe) oie. Ishort, your commuicatios shoud beInlInE.Great theory, but what about thereaity? We set out to prove thatInlInE Commuicatios was moretha just a cever pay o words. Wewated to demostrate to bradsthat Europea cosumers reay dovaue traditioa media chaes.We wated to estabish the trueiuece o the ew digita chaes.Ad we wated to create a tempateor commuicatios campaigs thatesured moey ad resources weremaximised, with measureabe resutsthat truy iueced the targetaudiece.We created the InlInE Profe. To dothis we asked a represetative sampeo 4,692 Europea cosumers theoowig questio:
When thinking about purchasing goodsor services in general, how infuential are these sources in helping you make your purchase decisions? 
The resuts eabe us to create a profeor the target audiece that mapshow – ad where – they are iueced.This becomes the tempate or ourcommuicatios activity, providig aramework or our teams to deiveragaist.

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