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Satan and His Secrets

Satan and His Secrets

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Published by A.J.
Things Satan does not want you to know.
Things Satan does not want you to know.

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Published by: A.J. on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Satan and His Secrets 1 The Light and the Darkness Chapter EighteenAðalsteinn Eagle-Hawk 
Chapter Eighteen:Satan and His Secrets
This is a brief introduction to some of the things Satan does not want you to know. It is not an exhaustive investigation or a treatise butrather a tasty morsel of information that will appeal most to those whoalready have some firsthand knowledge of Satan and his activities...
Demon possession and psychiatry
In the 1800's as the new social/medical science of psychiatry wasbeing developed the underlying liberal philosophy was both anti-spiritual and deeply antichristian, as with the other liberal, paganpseudo sciences. At that time and until today psychiatry tended todismiss everything it could not explain. Yet rather than dealing with
the ‘possessed’ or issue of possession they would divert
and they wouldconveniently explain in psychogenic terms only those illnesses thatwere easily seen to be mental illness. For example they would notspeak of patients that accurately predicted the future or of appearancesof spirits or the levitation of objects and other aspects of demonactivity. They would, and do purposely relate only those things thatthey can easily explain and treat the rest as if it does not exist, evenwhen they find it. Occasionally something gets through the net buteven then it is simply labeled as if the labeling is itself an explanation.So, in the case of a young, uneducated peasant girl that suddenly
Satan and His Secrets 2 The Light and the Darkness Chapter EighteenAðalsteinn Eagle-Hawk 
received the ability to speak knowledgeably of the world and itshistory in fluent Latin; she was labeled as suffering from MultiplePersonality Syndrome.In the battle between the psychiatrists and the missionaries that gaveto the world examples of verified demon possession; the missionariesclearly won the debate. However, the world does not listen tomissionaries - and their works, largely out of print are buried inhistory: We have the pretensions of psychiatry.See:http://www.scribd.com/doc/3027319/-Rev-John-L-Nevius-Demon-Possession-And-Allied-Themes- 
A modern case of demon possession
It was related to me by two honest and reliable relatives that they, andseveral other people, saw a young woman who would sometimes havean evil green face materialise over her own face. They found itterrifying. It was something the girl had lived with all her life. Theinteresting thing about this 'illness' is that there were several witnessesand the event happened several times, often with different witnesses.Some of these witnesses were rationalists and atheists. I had witnesseda similar thing happen to another young woman. In journals of psychiatry you will not find such 'cases' involving seen spiritualphenomena as it is not easy for them to label a small community of diverse people as schizophrenic.This example is simply given to show the reality of Satan's work andthe kind of worldly philosophy he uses to cover it up. He is at themoment aiming at introducing another philosophy, already here butin its infant stage...
Satan's new religion with which he will entrance the world is not theOne World Religion or the New Age Movement that many preachbut it will be centred in concern for the environment and planetEarth.
Environmentalism is good, I subscribe to it myself as should every
Satan and His Secrets 3 The Light and the Darkness Chapter EighteenAðalsteinn Eagle-Hawk 
person of conscience but all good things are debased by the evil one.In the future, wars will be fought and dictators will arise using thevery terminology and concerns of saving the environment and takingcare of our planet.
The new social engineering
The present debate over global warming is not actually about globalwarming even if everyone involved acts like it is. It is aboutstandardising the relationship between the sciences and worldgovernments as politicians, business people and those who lean to leftand right in politics have discovered that science is the new god thathas limitless influence. Mass populations accept the proclamations of 'science' for fact on a number of issues. In the past political-economicarguments and movements were used to change the world but afterthe success in past centuries of scientific propaganda dominating theworld the new power resides in scientific consensus and all are tryingto jump on the bandwagon. This is the sole reason why the Left andBig Business are tied together with governments around the world tofight global warming. It is the pretext that solidifies their power andinfluence. Much of their science may be and often is propaganda andsometimes apocalyptic too and the reason for this is as stated. It's aboutpower.
Satan controls most of the Christian teaching and in particular pseudospiritual teaching that comes out of the Church worldwide
In vague, general terms there is a similarity between the spiritualteaching of Christ and His Apostles and Greek philosophers, ancientand modern religions and modern cults. Like multitudes before me,and after me, I too teach a walk in the Spirit, but what I mean by thatand what other Christians mean by that can be diametrically opposed.I teach death to Self as do Sufi poets and Hari Krishna devotees butwhat I mean by it and what they mean by it is very different.Christian sounding teaching by Christian seeming teachers andprophets is flooding out of Christian circles that reflects the mind,intent and subtleness of Satan.

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