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Institutional Support Toolkit

Institutional Support Toolkit

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Published by Hai Le

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Published by: Hai Le on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Institutional Support Toolkit
Having the support of your college or university is key to the success and sustainabilityof your SIFE program. Without them, what you do at your university and in yourcommunity would not be possible.However, we realize that not everyone at your university may be supportive or familiarwith SIFE. If that is true of your team, it is very important for you to continue to seek new support from the faculty and administration.To help you in this task, we have put together some helpful templates that will assist youas you make presentations to the faculty and administration of your institution.
Additional information is also available in the SIFE Information Handbook andTraining Manual.
Getting Other Faculty Involved With Your SIFE Team
Faculty members are very busy throughout the year; however, they can still help yourteam by recruiting for you, supporting your projects or serving on your BusinessAdvisory Board. When pitching SIFE to faculty, there are three points to make.Remember, you can tailor this to the specific needs of your institution and faculty byresearching your audience members to find out their backgrounds and interests.1.
They will have an opportunity to enhance their teaching experience byworking with the team as they conduct educational outreach projects in thecommunity.
Faculty members often look for ways to connect with studentsoutside the classroom. SIFE gives the perfect opportunity to do just that. Therole that a faculty member plays on the team can be that of a mentor and even acolleague.2.
They will have the chance to network with other likeminded individuals andhundreds of SIFE donor companies at events like SIFE competitions.
 Depending on the type of institution, faculty members have different requirementsthey must fulfill to remain on staff. Faculty members at larger schools are morefocused on research and publication. Meeting other faculty from other institutionsmay help. Coming to a SIFE event is the ideal place for them to meet others thatmay have the same need as they do. They will also have the chance to meethundreds of donor companies that support SIFE by attending these events.3.
They will have the opportunity to receive professional recognition andadvancement as a result of the activities of the SIFE team.
SIFE teams areconstantly being recognized in the local media and throughout the campus for theexceptional educational outreach projects they conduct in the community. As a1
supporter and member of the SIFE team, faculty will be able to add theirinvolvement to their list of accomplishments.While all of these points are important, it is also important to remember why facultymembers are teachers. It’s not for the fame and fortune, but for the students they get toteach. The most important thing for them is knowing they have helped to shape a futurefor their students. What better way to do that than to help SIFE students developleadership, teamwork and communication skills that far exceed those of most students?
Getting Administrators (Deans, Department Chairs, Presidents) Involved WithYour SIFE Team
While having faculty support is very important, having the support of the administrationis even more important. Getting their support will make conducting your educationaloutreach projects much easier. They will also be a great advocate for you to other facultyon campus.There are four key points to highlight when meeting with administrators1.
Having a SIFE team on campus will provide them with the opportunity toreceive positive community recognition as a result of the projects the SIFEteam conducts.
A big concern for all administrators is finding funding for theirschool. Good things happening on their campus tends to result in more fundingcoming to the school whether it be from Alumni, new donors or an increase fromcurrent donors. Helping the administrator see the positive impact your team hason the community will give him/her something to promote as they meet with topuniversity officials.2.
Having a SIFE team on campus will provide them with the opportunity tonetwork with local, national and corporate business leaders at SIFE events.
 SIFE has a very large network of over 1,200 college and universities and over 500corporations, entrepreneurs, individuals and foundations that financially supportSIFE. Each year, the SIFE team will have the opportunity to showcase theirprojects to a group of judges that represent SIFE donor companies. As teamsadvance through the rounds of competition, they are exposing their institution to ahigher caliber of judges. Administrators will have the chance to network with thedonor companies one-on-one during the numerous breaks and events held at thecompetitions. At any time they will be able to meet and talk to some of today’smost influential business leaders. Be sure to invite your top administration toexperience SIFE by attending a SIFE competition.3.
Having a SIFE team on campus will provide a valuable learning experienceto the students.
One of the best things about SIFE is it is open to every studentregardless of their major. SIFE students are able to take what they have learned inthe classroom and actually apply that knowledge to educate others in theircommunity. By creating projects based on classroom knowledge, SIFE studentsare able to really demonstrate they understand what they have learned. Studentsthat participate in SIFE are really learning how to be part of a team. Through2
their projects, they learn the importance of how to work with others and how tofollow through with commitments made. SIFE students are said to be the “best of the best” because of the opportunities provided to them by the SIFE experience.4.
SIFE helps students get jobs.
Each year thousands of students graduate andbegin searching for their first job. Often, these students struggle because theydon’t have any real world experience. SIFE students have an edge over theaverage student because they have experience, and are a part of a large network of the top companies in the world that value their SIFE experience.3

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