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Breville BOV800XL Manual

Breville BOV800XL Manual

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Published by Breville
The Smart Oven™. The 1800 watt countertop oven that does the thinking for you. Unprecedented power and smart versatility. Toasts evenly, makes delicious cookies, bakes perfect pizza, and roasts succulent meat. -- http://www.brevilleusa.com/cooking.html
The Smart Oven™. The 1800 watt countertop oven that does the thinking for you. Unprecedented power and smart versatility. Toasts evenly, makes delicious cookies, bakes perfect pizza, and roasts succulent meat. -- http://www.brevilleusa.com/cooking.html

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Published by: Breville on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Smart Oven™
Instruction Booklet
Livret d’instructions
On the purchase of your new Breville Smart Oven
Breville recommends saety rst
Know your Breville Smart Oven™
Beore rst use- Preparing the oven or use- A note on cooking times- A note on rack height positions- A note on standby mode- A note on optional settings
Operating your Breville Smart Oven™
- TOAST unction
- BAGEL unction
- BAKE unction
- ROAST unction
- BROIL unction
- PIZZA unction
- COOKIES unction
- REHEAT unction
- WARM unction
Using the plate warming tray
Care and cleaning- Cleaning the outer body and door- Cleaning the interior- Cleaning the crumb tray- Cleaning the wire rack, broil rack,baking pan and pizza pan.- Storage
One year limited warranty
We at Breville are very saety conscious. We design and manuacture consumer products with thesaety o you, our valued customer, oremost in mind.
When using electrical appliances, basicsaety precautions should always beollowed including:
Remove and saely discard any packingmaterials and promotional labels beoreusing the oven or the rst time.
 To eliminate a choking hazard or youngchildren, remove and saely discard theprotective cover tted to the power plugo this appliance.
Do not place the oven near the edge o abench or table during operation. Ensurethe surace is level, clean and ree o water, four, etc.
 Always operate the oven on a stable,heat resistant surace. Do not use on acloth-covered surace, near curtains orother fammable materials.
 Always use extreme caution whenremoving any o the accessories ordisposing o hot grease. Allow the ovento cool beore handling.
 A re may occur i the oven is coveredor touches fammable material, includingcurtains, draperies, walls, and the like,when in operation.
Do not place the oven on or near a hotgas or electric burner, or where it couldtouch another heated oven.
Do not let the power cord hang overthe edge o a table or counter, or touchhot suraces.
 To protect against electric shock do notimmerse the oven, power cord or powerplug in water or any other liquid.
When operating the oven, keep aminimum distance o 4" (10cm) o spaceon both sides o the appliance. Thiswill allow or adequate air circulationand help prevent the possibility o walldiscoloration due to radiated heat.
Do not touch hot suraces. Appliancesuraces, including the door and outersurace o the oven are hot during andater operation. To prevent burns orpersonal injury, always use protectivehot pads or insulated oven mitts, or usehandles and knobs where available,when inserting, removing or handlingitems rom the oven. Alternatively, allowthe oven to cool down beore handling.
Extreme caution must be used whenremoving pans, dishes and accessoriessuch as the included broil rack andbaking pan, that contain hot oil or otherhot liquids.
 The glass o the oven door has beenspecially treated to make it stronger,more durable and saer than ordinaryglass, however it is not unbreakable. I struck extremely hard, it may break orweaken, and could at a later time,shatter into many small pieces withoutapparent cause.
Do not leave the door standing open orextended periods o time when the ovenis turned ON.
 The top o the oven is very hot during andater operation. Do not store any item ontop o the oven when in operation. Theonly exceptions are described on Page 43- one layer o ceramic plates or warming,and the optional Cutting Board accessoryprovided by Breville or use in the ribbedsection on top o the oven. I the ribbedsection is used as a warming trayduring operation, protective hot pads orinsulated oven mitts should be used whenremoving heated items. Alternatively, allowthe oven to cool down beore handling.
Do not place cardboard, plastic, paper,or other fammable materials in the oven.
Caution should be exercised when usingpans and dishes constructed o materialsother than metal. I using ceramic orglass pans or dishes it is important thatthey are oven sae to prevent cracking.
Caution should be exercised when usinglids in the oven, as pressure build up ina covered pan or dish may cause hotingredients to expel or the dish to crack.
Oversized oods and metal utensils mustnot be inserted in the oven as they maycreate re or risk o electric shock.
Metal utensils such as knives should notbe inserted in the oven to remove oodresidue rom the quartz tube elements. This can damage the elements as well aslead to electrocution.
It is recommended to use only theaccessories supplied with this oven.When broiling, the broil rack must beinserted into the supplied baking pan
 The use o any accessory attachmentsnot recommended by Breville maycause injuries.
Do not use the toast unction orpurposes other than toasting oods.
Do not place hands inside the ovenduring operation.
 This appliance is or household use only.
Do not use the appliance or anythingother than its intended purpose asdescribed in this booklet. Do not useoutdoors. Do not use in moving vehiclesor boats.
Do not attempt to operate the oven byany method other than those describedin this booklet.
Do not leave the appliance unattendedwhen in use.
Close supervision is necessary when theappliance is used by or near children.
 This appliance is not intended or use bypersons (including children) with reducedphysical, sensory or mental capabilitiesor lack o experience and knowledge,unless they have been given supervisionor instruction concerning use o theappliance by a person responsible ortheir saety.
 To turn OFF the oven, press the START/ CANCEL button on the control panel. The oven is OFF when the buttonsurround illumination is OFF and LCDis blue.
 To disconnect rom the wall outlet, rstturn OFF the oven, and then remove thepower plug rom the wall outlet.
When the oven is not in use or when letunattended, disconnect the oven romthe wall outlet.
Beore attempting to move the oven,or beore assembling or disassemblingparts, cleaning or storing, turn OFF theoven, allow to cool, and disconnect romthe wall outlet.
Strictly ollow the Care and Cleaninginstructions on Page 45.

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