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The De jure Ergot De facto Jekyll Ergot Hyde connection

The De jure Ergot De facto Jekyll Ergot Hyde connection

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Occult Secret Privilege Righteous Evil Yahoos
Occult Secret Privilege Righteous Evil Yahoos

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Mar 11, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Phineas Taylor Barnum
(July 5, 1810 – April 7, 1891)
 was an American showman and businessman remembered for promoin! celebraed hoa"es and for foundin! he #arnum $ #ailey %ircus&
 Alhou!h #arnum was also an auhor, publisher, philanhropis, and for some ime a poliician, he said of himself, * am a showman by profession&&&and all he !ildin! shall ma+e nohin! else of me,
 and his personal aims were o pu money in his own coffers&
#arnum is widely, bu erroneously, credied wih coinin! he phrase .here/s a suc+er born eery minue&
.he 2e Jure er!o 2e faco Je+yll er!o 3yde connecion4 64ccul ecre 6riile!e i!heous il ahoosa fish:eain! haw+ ha has lon! win!s and a whie head
with a dark strip around the eyes
& ;ain name< 6andion haliaeus#A=2*.#an+ers Arificiaed =efarious 2emocracy *rae .ran>uil pli:personaliyaan uc+er choolaanic uc+er andwichhp<??en&wi+ipedia&or!?wi+i?Je+yll@*sland@%lub .he
Jekyll Island Club
 was a priae club locaed on Je+yll *sland, on he eor!ia coasline& * was founded in
 when members of an incorporaed hunin! and recreaional club purchased he island for B15,000 from John u!une du #i!non& .he ori!inal desi!n of he Je+yll *sland %lubhouse, wih is easily idenifiable urre, was compleed in January 1888& .he club hried hrou!h he early 0h cenury wih an e"clusie limied membership consisin! of many of he world/s wealhies families a he ime, mos noably he
Morgans, o!ke"ellers, and #anderbilts$
 .he club lased 5 years, closin! a he end of he 19 season due o complicaions from Corld Car **& *n 197, afer 5 years of fundin! a saff o up+eep he lawn and coa!es, he island was purchased from he club/s remainin! members for BD75,000 durin! condemnaion proceedin!s by he sae of eor!ia&hp<??amen&infidels01&com?abou1&hmlE FEionis il:an!elis Fnied aboeurs 3;;3abiual lusie ;o!isical ;iars6andoraGs #o" acually a Jar .ianic acually 4lympic insurance scam sync +illin!  birds wih one sin+ hp<??en&wi+ipedia&or!?wi+i?ran!e@%ase@of@2r@Je+yll@and@Hr@3ydeeenson re:wroe he sory in hree o si" days& A number of laer bio!raphers hae alle!ed ha
eenson was on dru!s durin! he franic re:wrieI for e"ample, Cilliam ray/s reisionis hisory
 A  Literary Life
 (00) said he used cocaine, while oher bio!raphers said he used er!o&
 Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
 is he ori!inal ile of a noella wrien by he coish auhor ober ;ouis eenson ha was firs published in 
& .he wor+ is commonly +nown oday as
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
 Dr. Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde
, or simply
 Jekyll & Hyde
 * is abou a ;ondon lawyer named abriel John Ferson who inesi!aes sran!e occurrences beween his old friend, 2r& 3enry Je+yll,
 and he eil dward 3yde&.he wor+ is commonly associaed wih he rare menal condiion ofen spuriously called spli  personaliy, referred o in psychiary as dissociaie ideniy disorder , where wihin he same body here e"iss more han one disinc personaliy&
 *n his case, here are wo personaliies wihin 2r Je+yll, one apparenly !ood and he oher eilI compleely opposie leels of moraliy& .he noella/s impac is such ha i has become a par of he lan!ua!e, wih he ery phrase Je+yll and 3yde comin! o mean a  person who is asly differen in moral characer from one siuaion o he ne"&
r!oism is he effec of lon!:erm er!o  poisonin!, radiionally due o he in!esion of he al+aloids produced by he %laiceps purpurea fun!us ha infecs rye and oher cereals, and more recenly by he acion of a number of er!oline:based dru!s& * is also +nown as er!oo"icosis, er!o poisonin! and ain Anhony/s ire& r!o poisonin! is a proposed e"planaion of bewichmen&Hedical e"planaions of bewichmen, especially as e"hibied durin! he alem wich rials  bu in oher  wich:huns  as well, hae emer!ed because i is no widely belieed oday ha sympoms of hose claimin! afflicion were acually caused by bewichmen& .he repored sympoms hae been e"plored by a ariey of researchers for  possible biolo!ical and psycholo!ical ori!ins&Hodern academic hisorians of wich:huns !enerally consider medical e"planaions'ciaion needed o e"plain he  phenomenon& #esides, i/s belieed ha he accusers in alem were moiaed by social facors – Kealousy, spie, or a need for aenion – and ha he e"reme behaiors e"hibied were counerfei, as conemporary criics of he rials had suspeced&.he o"ic er!oline deriaies are found in er!o:based dru!s (such as mehyler!omerine, er!oamine or,  preiously, er!oo"ine
)& .he deleerious side:effecs occur eiher under hi!h dose or when moderae doses inerac wih  poeniaors such as eryhromycin& 3isorically, eain! !rain  producs conaminaed wih he fun!us %laiceps purpurea also caused er!oism& inally, he al+aloids can also  pass hrou!h lacaion from moher  o child, causin! er!oism in infans& %onulsie sympoms include painful seiLures and spasms, diarrhea,  pareshesias, ichin!, menal effecs includin! mania or  psychosis, headaches, nausea and omiin!& Fsually he !asroinesinal effecs precede cenral nerous sysem effecs&6sychosis (from he ree+  MNOP psyche, for mind?soul, and :QRST :osis, for abnormal condiion or deran!emen) refers o an abnormal condiion of he mind, and is a !eneric  psychiaric erm for a menal sae ofen described as inolin! a loss of conac wih realiy& 6eople sufferin! from psychosis are described as psychoic&.here is eidence' of er!o poisonin! serin! a riual purpose in he riual +illin! of cerain  bo! bodies&'5 A bo! body (Hoorleiche in erman
) is a human cadaer ha has been naurally mummified wihin a  pea bo!& uch bodies, someimes +nown as bo! people, are boh !eo!raphically and chronolo!ically widespread, hain!  been daed o beween 9000 #% and he econd Corld Car &'1 .he unifyin! facor of he bo! bodies is ha hey hae been found in pea and are parially preseredI howeer, he acual leels of preseraion ary widely from  perfecly presered o
mere skeletons$

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