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Final Project Report Plastic Bottle Manufacture

Final Project Report Plastic Bottle Manufacture



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PTA Manufacture. Pack Bottles used in bewerage industry!
PTA Manufacture. Pack Bottles used in bewerage industry!

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Published by: askaridumbo on Oct 16, 2009
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A Project Report Presented toMr. Nasiruddin Shaikh(Project Instructor)
In Partial Fulfillment of Requirement for the Degree of Bachelors of Chemical Technology
ByHassan NiazM. Umair FarooqueMadiha Ismail KhanSurrayya Shafuq Siddiqui January 2009
Plan a system for the Melt-Phase Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) production, provided that the viability report has already beenspecified signifying the suitability of the plan. The plan report must include the Block Flow Diagram of the production facility, Generalized Process Description of the system and justification by Energy and MassBalance, Process Flow Diagram and Detailed Designing of a single unit (equipment) in conjunction with the Preliminary Piping and Instrument Diagram. The details must also present the reaction mechanisms and catalyst selection.The report is submitted in partial fulfillment of the Degree of Bachelorsof Chemical Technology, as the final year project report. The report isintended to deal with specified information of a continuous PEmanufacturing process. The information of the variables on theoptimum design, which has been used to turn out the aim, had been provided by the project instructor.
Synthesized polymers are used increasingly in our daily life, and industrial applications have contributed to their expansion. They arereplacing metals in different walks of life because of their distinctive properties. Current studies involve new methods of polymer manufacturing, their reaction mechanism, factors that influence their  properties, new methods to improve the product quality and processcost minimization.Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used for melt-spun polyester fibers,films, injection molded parts, and a multitude of plastic objects such assoft-drink bottles. As a widely used and fast growing polymer,economical production of PET is of great importance.Pursuant to the goal of economical and efficient production of PET, thisreport models the PET formation, and its process conditions. Themanufacturing process plan is modeled using two-stage process, i.e.esterification followed by poly condensation to produced PET by PTAProcess (which includes Ethylene Glycol & Pure Terephthalic Acid asraw materials). The model takes into account the product degree of  polymerization (DP) and diethylene glycol content (DEG). The production unit is designed to produce 100 tonnes / day Bottle gradePolyethylene Terephtalate (PET).The processes that form a part of our design are shown in the Block Flow Diagram and the Process Flow Diagram shows the processscheme to simplify the visualization of process plant that we design.The design preferred for the project plan is the three reactorscontinuous process in series: one esterifier reactor & two polymerization reactors. The operating temperatures for the threereactors in the series are 258, 270°C and 280°C, respectively. Thereactor type specifications are CSTR, CSTR and DRR respectively. Theoperating pressure for the first reactor is relatively low (0.88barr,guage), for the next two reactors in series are 15mbarr and 1.5mbarr,absolute, respectively. The volumes of the first two reactors in theseries are relatively large suggesting that large volume reactors tend to reduce the effect of volume level fluctuations on the product DP.Molar ratio of EG to TPA is 1.2. The polymerization catalysts, which areincorporated with the EG feed stream in to the mixer, comprises of asystem that includes about: 300ppm of Antimony Trioxide, Sb
,40ppm of Zinc or Cobalt, and 50ppm of at least one of Magnesium or Manganese.The Recovery Unit consists of a multi-stage distillation column, whichrectifies the vapors from the process reactors. The column removes

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goodwork boss i want to start pet bottle plant could u please help me and send this project to my mail
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