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Charlotte Small (b. 1785)

Charlotte Small (b. 1785)

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Charlotte Small the wife of map maker David Thompson is profiled.
Charlotte Small the wife of map maker David Thompson is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Mar 11, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Charlotte Thompson née Small.
(1785-1857)Charlotte was born in the Canadian North West in 1785. Charlotte was the Metis daughter of fur trader Patric !"all and a Cree wife. #er father left the business and abandoned his fur trade fa"il$ when Charlotte was %ust fi&e. Charlotte's father Patric !"all was a artner in the North West Co"an$ (N.W.C.). *n the fall of 178+ !"all was sent to ,le--la-Crosse to run a ost for the N.W.C. #ere he "et and "arried a Cree wo"an Charlotte's "other who would bring hi" not onl$ a fa"il$ but the suort of her entire Cree co""unit$. n !ete"ber 1 1785 Charlotte was born. Charlotte also had a sister Nanc$who would go on to "arr$ N.W.C. artner /ohn Mc0onald of arth. !e&en $ears after arri&ing in ,le--la-Crosse Patric !"all retired fro" the N.W.C. and headed bac to 2astern Canada. 3earing the re%udice that awaited his 4boriginal wife and $oung children he left alone. Charlotte Nanc$ and their "other re"ained at the ost li&ing on a ension ro&ided b$ Patric.
Charlotte !"all and 0a&id ho"son!tatue b$ 6ich 6oenisch
4t age 1 Charlotte "arried the 9 $ear old e:lorer and well nown "a "aer 0a&id ho"son on /une 1; 1799 at *le--la Crosse in the Canadian North West. he$ re"ained together for 58 $ears and would ha&e 1 children. Charlotte and children often tra&eled with 0a&id ho"son on his e:loits. 0uring their "arriage she tra&elled o&er 1;;; "iles with her husband. ho"son "aed the largest e:anse of North 4"erican than an$one else. #e retired fro" the North West in 1

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