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Sex Positions

Sex Positions



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Published by Mzukulu

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Published by: Mzukulu on Oct 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Great Sex Guide:Sex Positions
Over the centuries various sexual positions (ways in which couples physicallyposition themselves for sexual intercourse) have been used. In ancient texts itreveals that it was an art form among certain cultures, as in the Indian
and Arabic
Perfumed Garden
.There are many sexual positions which are mostly variations on a few basicpositions. As with any other desire you have to find the positions that are mostenjoyable to you and your partner. Everybody's needs are different. Somecouples are very innovative, some prefer the standard missionary position(manon-top). The aim of lovemaking, however, should be measured by fulfillment andsatisfaction for both partners
The sexual positions a couple uses depends on a variety of factors:
physical comfort
inhibitions about experimenting with different positions
prolonging or hastening orgasm may determine the position
circumstances, such as time available, location, etc.)
may find one position more satisfying
Some Sexual Positions are:
Man-on-top (missionary position)
Leapfrog Position
Cross Position
Cuissade Position
Armchair Position
Furniture Position
Head to toe
Lap Dance
Split level Position
Spoon Position
Standing Position
Standing and Carrying Position
Swimming Position
Spontaneous Position
Anal intercourse (practiced by some heterosexual couples andsome gay men)
You can vary these positions by performing them:
lying down
combination of theseThere are many different ways of enjoying sex and countless sexual positions.Some positions offer:
chance to embrace and kiss more with all-over body contact
deeper penetration
greater intimacy
more excitement and tension as they are quite difficult to maintainLovers will always find variations of their own. The important thing is to exploreeach other's feelings and needs and enjoy yourself.
The Man-On-Top Position/Missionary Position
The Man-On-Top Position/Missionary Position is named after the 19th centuryChristian missionaries who believed that the man on top was the only natural andproper position for intercourse, and preached to their converts to give up theiranimal positions in favor of the man-on-top position.The missionary position is the most common lovemaking position because:
it is comfortable
it allows a great deal of body contact
it allows good depth of penetration
you can kiss and hold each other at the same time
How to Do
In the man-on-top position:
The woman lies on her back with her legs spread and her knees raisedwhile the man enters her vagina with his penis
The man can either lie flat on the woman if he is not too heavy in weightand it is not uncomfortable for her, or he can support some or all of hisweight on his elbows, hands or knees (sometimes the weight of the manon them can restrict a woman's pelvic movement)
The woman can wrap her legs around the man's hips, back, or over hisshoulders, the higher her legs the deeper the man may penetrate with hispenisThe woman can use her hands freely to caress the man or stimulate her clitoris asthe man has limited use of his hands, but it is a good position for being able tosee each other and for kissing and to caressing.Some women do not like the deep penetration of this position.
The Woman-On-Top/Astride PositionHow to Do
In the woman-on-top/astride position:
The man lies on his back and the woman sits on his erect penis
Facing him, she may squat on her haunches
Facing him, she may kneel, supporting herself with her hands, making iteasier to lean forward and kiss his mouth.
Sitting on top, facing away from him, increases the depth of penetration
Lying with her whole body along his increases the intimacyOn top the woman can control the pace of lovemaking and regulate the depth of penetration and the rate of thrusting of the penis.The woman-on-top position allows:
for maximum indirect stimulation of the clitoris by the penis
some women to reach orgasm more easily
freer hand movements for caressing
couples to see each otherSome women do not like the deep penetration of this position. This can beregulated by limiting how far down they lower themselves onto the erect penis.Due to the vigorous movements the penis can slip out of the vagina which cancause frustration.

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