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Kairos Issue 189

Kairos Issue 189

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Categories:Business/Law, Finance
Published by: kairosapts on Oct 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Weekly Newspaper Issue 189, Oct. 12- Oct 16, 2009
The Challenge of the WorkingSeminary Student
Bryan Law is the MATS Student Senator and a part of the SouthernBaptist church. He works full-time at the Texas Capitol.
Work and study have always gone hand inhand for me. My first job right out of high schoolwas building houses for
Habitat for Humanity
inAbilene, Texas. This was a summer job and endedwhen I left to start my undergraduate studies at theUniversity of Texas at Austin. During the span of myundergrad life I worked a total of nine jobs,including two part time jobs in one semester!
I went into seminary having the same work/school mindset with the following questions. Howdo I balance the two? How do I integrate into theseminary community with the limited time I have oncampus?
The main problem I've confronted as aworking professional and a student is the dualismthat can emerge. Do I have one foot in the worldand one in my faith? Maybe!
However, over time my worlds have startedto integrate. At the Capitol my colleagues know Iattend school at Austin Seminary and now theyknow more about the school, including, for starters,the location. I've had great opportunities to discussmy faith at work. My friends at seminary know moreabout the Legislature and the important issues facingour state.
On a personal level, I now think moretheologically about public policy issues and praymore over my work. Further, my involvement inlocal political events has allowed me to meet newpeople in the community, talk about AustinSeminary, my faith and God's calling on my life.
© 2009 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Invite to Write
 MATS student, BryanLaw reflects onbalancing work &seminary.
Page 1-2
Meet the Juniors
Find out more aboutthe new students oncampus
Page 4
Interview with theCabinet
Find out what Jack’s favorite car to rentwhile traveling andrecruiting newstudents.
Page 5
Prayer from Manna
President Ted Wardlaw gave a great openingprayer at Manna onWednesday - here it isin print!
Page 3
Free Stuff to do aroundAustin
The financial aid officeoffers activities that are free around the Austinarea.
Page 3
Student Senate MeetingNotes
Student Senate makestheir notes public.Read them here.
Page 7
There is an old saying that "religion andpolitics don't mix." I absolutely agree. Yet, forChristians I think a new saying could be that "faithand public engagement do blend." I believe thissaying is true for all of us who are working our waythrough school. I would ask my fellow Christians topray for and be mindful of those who work andattend school, specifically the challenge we face in balancing and integrating the two.
-Bryan Law
Taking time out
Christian Schmidt is a Junior MDiv Unitarian Universalist studentin the care of the Southwest Unitarian Universalist Conference.
The last two weeks were rough.Between half a dozen personality profiles andautobiographical questionnaires for my upcomingcareer counseling, and two midterms for school(have I mentioned I love your classes, Cindy and John? :) ), there’s been too much going on and notnearly enough time to do it. Not nearly enough.
And, when two different people, out of the blue, stressed self-care to me on the same day, Ithought that it might be time to take a little time formyself. And for me, being the overachiever that I am,that means volunteering.
So, I did what I had to do. I went to see Lynn.Lynn Goodman-Strauss is a Catholic CommunityWorker. She runs a house, her house, in which shewelcomes guests. Her guests are people who haveno where else to go. They’ve often been living on thestreet, many are sick, some are dying, and all of themneed a place to live.
And I, in the tiny amount of time that I canspare, volunteer there. Often that means I listen tothe residents tell their stories. Sometimes it means Imake dinner (I made a huge amount of gazpacho afew weeks ago for one meal), and sometimes I runerrands, since they only have one car themselves.But the best days, by far, are days when I get to talk to Lynn.
She’s been operating the house for almost 20years, though she sold her old house and moved to a bigger location a few years ago. And before that, sheran a ministry that provided food to day laborers,men who work hard labor each day after beingpicked up by contractors.
And before that, in the 1970s, she ran aMontessori school in East Austin that taughtchildren, mostly from low-income and minorityfamilies.
Hearing Lynn talk about her work is to hearabout God’s call. She ties it directly to her life. Whenshe’s following God’s call, she’s right, and whenshe’s not following it, she isn’t right. And for her, thisisn’t some abstract thing. She nearly died at onepoint, and became a Christian as a result of theexperience. She also gave up drinking, and has beensober for more than 30 years.
In short, if there are saints among us today,I’m pretty sure Lynn is one of them.
And it reminds me of what I need to do. Ihave to stay true to the authentic religious life,whatever form that might take for me. If I don’t,things won’t be right for me.
For me, visiting with her is replenishing. It’sinspiring, even if I can scarcely imagine myself everundertaking a ministry like that.Thanks, Lynn.
- Christian Schmidt
With midterms underway and hundreds of pages of reading under your belt, it is easy to forget there is aworld out there! Take a break from the bookswithout emptying your pocket by exploring this listof free (that’s no dinero, people!) upcoming events inthecommunity.
Take a break and explore Austin…for free!
Friday, Oct 9th
“House of Yes” performance at 8 p.m. by the AustinDrama Club at 1612 E 7th St. Austin, Tx. 78702
Saturday, Oct 10th
Guided hike at the beautiful trails of Bright Leaf Preserve,9am for 4 miles (approx. 2
Sunday, Oct 11th
Getyour abandoned bik e out of the bike barn and take itfor a ride on the Barton Creek Green belt!www.austinbike.com
Monday, Oct 12th
Visit the AIDS Memorialquilt at UT at the SSB Atrium(Open through Friday, Oct 16
Tuesday, October 13
Ruta Maya is hosting open-mic poetryat 6pm followed by open-mic music at 9 p.m.http://www.rutamaya.net/
Wednesday, October 14
UT is hosting a viewing of the 2007 movie “MusicWithin” from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Mezes Hall on UTcampus.
Thursday, Oct 15
Enjoy a performance of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-TaleHeart” at UT’s Harry Ransom Center at 7 p.m.http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/events/
Please join Prof. Arun Jones and Revs. DiegoHiquita-Arango and Sarah Henken for
Bring YourOwn Lunch
on Monday, October 12, in McCord 201,to learn more about mission in Colombia.
Rev. Diego Higuita-Arango is executive secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Colombia.
Rev. SarahHenken is the current coordinator of the ColombiaAccompaniment Program and works closely withthe World Mission office in Louisville and thePeacemaking Program. She has made six trips toColombia and before that was a YAV (Young AdultVolunteer) for two years in Argentina and Uruguay.Please RSVP with Alison Riemersma by 10/9.
Prayer from PresidentWardlaw at Manna 10/7
O God, who gives us this great big world in which to
play, and work, and rest and serve:We thank you for giving us this day, as well.We come to you in this hour ready to socialize with
friends and experience the community into
whichyou call us here.
Some of us are students, some are faculty, some are
staff.Some of us are muggles, wizards, vampires, or
shape-shifters (like Michael Jinkins).Some of us are happy, some of us sad, some of us
energetic, some of us tired.Some of us are Baptists, Methodists, Unitarians,
Presbyterians, or even undeclared.Whoever and whatever we are, or think we are, use
us today, we pray, for some holy purpose.
And make us glad that, in this moment, whatever it isthat we have told you we most want; what you give usinstead is each other, and such evidence of your being inour midst that it takes our breath away.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
From your local financial aidassistant Mary Ann Kaiser
BYOL to MissionSpeaker

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