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Nassau County Dem Chairman Jay Jacobs letter on Indy Party.

Nassau County Dem Chairman Jay Jacobs letter on Indy Party.

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Published by liz_benjamin6490
Jacobs thinks the state Independence Party is corrupt, wants to starve it out of existence by having GOP, Dem gov candidates reject its ballot line.
Jacobs thinks the state Independence Party is corrupt, wants to starve it out of existence by having GOP, Dem gov candidates reject its ballot line.

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Published by: liz_benjamin6490 on Mar 11, 2014
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 Jay S. Jacobs85 Crescent Beach Road Glen Cove, New York 1154
March 10th, 2014 The Hon. Stephanie Minor, Co-Chair The Hon. Keith Wright, Co-Chair New York State Deocratic Coittee Dear Co-Chair! Minor " Wright#  $! a %orer New York State Deocratic &art' Chair an( a! a c)rrent*' !er+ing Co)nt' Chair,  ha+e a*wa'! e*ie+e( that ' highe!t re!pon!ii*it' i! to proote an( en!)re the con()ct o% %ree an( %air e*ection! in ' !tate an( co)nt'. M' !econ( re!pon!ii*it' i! to (o the e!t that  can to a!!)re that )a*i%ie( Deocrat! are e*ecte( to o%%ice.  know that 'o) oth !hare that +iew.  write to 'o) to(a' eca)!e  e*ie+e that the n(epen(ence &art' o% New York wie*(! )nwarrante( power, (irect! )nwarrante( %inancia* ene%it! to it! *ea(er! an( i! a (irect threat to the concept o% /%ree an( %air e*ection!. n Na!!a) an( in other !))ran co)ntie! an( an' co)ntie! )p!tate an( in We!tern NY, the ai*it' to !ec)re a**ot po!ition on the inor part' *ine! can (eterine the o)tcoe o% what are o%ten c*o!e e*ection!. Can(i(ate! %ro oth partie! +igoro)!*' !eek tho!e cro!!-en(or!eent! to ipro+e their e*ectora* pro!pect!. n)e!tiona*', there i! !)!tantia* +a*)e in the cro!!-en(or!eent! o% the inor partie!. The %act that New York i! one o% the %ew !tate! that perit! %)!ion +oting a**owing can(i(ate! )*tip*e *ine! on the a**ot3 re)ire! that that po*ic' )!t e a!e( on !oe recognia*e p)*ic intere!t. The arg)ent ha! een that the!e partie! repre!ent the po*itica* intere!t! o% a !igni%icant !egent o% the pop)*ation a! e!ta*i!he( ' their *ine recei+ing at *ea!t 50,000 +ote! in the prece(ing g)ernatoria* e*ection. The ip*ication i! that the can(i(ate who r)n! on the!e *ine!, no atter what o%%ice, either a(here! to or a*ign! hi or her!e*% with, the phi*o!oph' an(6or i!!)e! a!!ociate( with that part'. $gree with the or not, the Con!er+ati+e, Working 7ai*ie! an( 8reen partie! repre!ent c*ear po*itica* +iewpoint!. The n(epen(ence &art', howe+er, !tan(! %or nothing. 9ecent new! artic*e!, partic)*ar*' in the NY Dai*' New!, ha+e e!ta*i!he( that an', i% not o!t o% tho!e regi!tere( in the n(epen(ence &art' (o not e*ie+e that the' are regi!tere( in an organie( part' at a**. n Na!!a), the &art' i! r)n ' 9ick :e**an(o, who wa! !e*ecte( ' State Chair, 7rank MacKa'. :e**an(o i! an ep*o'ee o% 8ar' Me*i)!, the owner o% ;heka Ca!t*e, a hote* an( catering %aci*it' in S)%%o*k. The n(epen(ence &art' operate! o)t o% ;heka Ca!t*e a! e+i(ence( ' the %act that it! eeting!, !creening! an( ai*ing! occ)r at or coe %ro the ca!t*e. Me*i)!, o!t recent*', wa! the +icti o% an attepte( /o-!t'*e hit o)t!i(e the gro)n(! o% ;heka Ca!t*e an( i! reco+ering %ro a hea( wo)n(.
Na!!a) n(epen(ence &art' %inancia* %i*ing! with the NYS :oar( o% <*ection! %or the pa!t two 'ear! re+ea* that ore than =0> o% the ?1=@,5AA !pent went (irect*' to ;heka Ca!t*e, :e**an(o an( MacKa'. ;% the onie! !pent on*' @.45> went towar( an' po*itica* acti+itie!. n the *ate!t %i*ing, B2> went to ;heka an( :e**an(o. $ re+iew o% the %inancia* %i*ing! (eon!trate! that the n(epen(ence &art' i! con!tit)te( an( operate( on*' %or the %inancia* ene%it o% it! %ora* $ND in%ora* *ea(er!hip. Wor!e 'et are it! acti+itie! to in%*)ence the action! o% e*ecte( o%%icia*! who h)nger %or it! *ine. The %act that the n(epen(ence &art' gen)ine*' !tan(! %or nothing, !)pport! +irt)a**' no po*itica* acti+it' an( appear! to ei!t on*' %or the %inancia* ene%it o% it! *ea(er!hip, whi*e (i!ta!te%)*, (oe! not nece!!ari*' *ea( )! to take action again!t it. t i! the corr)pt acti+itie! ' it! *ea(er!hip that,  e*ie+e, ha+e cro!!e( that *ine. The %o**owing are !oe eap*e!# 
Nassau County
 Me*i)! wa! +irt)a**' the !o*e %inancia* !)pport %or $n(rew Har(wick! e%%ort to otain a !eparate *ine to r)n %or Co)nt' <ec)ti+e. Hi! capaign trea!)rer wa! an ;heka ep*o'ee. t i! wi(e*' e*ie+e( that Har(wick, an $%rican $erican, !o)ght the *ine in an attept to !iphon inorit' +ote! awa' %ro the Deocratic can(i(ate. Har(wick! attept to petition hi! wa' onto the a**ot wa! cha**enge( in Co)rt ' the Deocratic Coittee. D)ring the tria*, a witne!!, 9an(' White, an $%rican $erican an, te!ti%ie( that he wa! pai( ?1.25 per !ignat)re in ca!h, ' Har(wick - a criina* +io*ation o% the <*ection Eaw. Har(wick (i!p)te( the charge an( the F)(ge or(ere( a** partie!, inc*)(ing White, ack into co)rt a%ter the weeken( to (eterine the %act!.;n that Sat)r(a', in an o+io)! attept to in%*)ence the o)tcoe o% the ca!e, Me*i)! ca**e( the Na!!a) &o*ice Coi!!ioner, Thoa! Da*e re)e!ting that White e arre!te( %or perF)r'. Me*i)! ha! oa!te( p)*ica**' that he recoen(e( Da*e! appointent to Co)nt' <ec)ti+e Mangano. Ha+ing no e+i(ence o% perF)r' to F)!ti%' an arre!t, the po*ice, nonethe*e!!, con()cte( a ackgro)n( check on White an( )!e( the pretet o% an o*( o)t!tan(ing ci+i* ench warrant %or %ai*)re to pa' a ?250 %ine to ha+e hi arre!te(. t i! iportant to note that =@,000 o)t!tan(ing ench warrant! ei!t in Na!!a). That e+ening, Na!!a) (etecti+e! p)**e( o+er a p)*ic )! that White wa! ri(ing on, arre!te( hi an( rean(e( hi to the Co)nt' Gai* where, it i! reporte(, he en()re( two !trip !earche! an( ca+it' check!.  $%ter White! arre!t, p*ainti%%! rai!e( the i!!)e o% witne!! intii(ation e%ore the co)rt. Har(wick! *aw'er! ie(iate*' with(rew their attack on White! origina* te!tion'. n the en(, Har(wick wa! r)*e( o%% the a**ot on the a!i! o% per+a!i+e e*ection %ra)(, a r)*ing )phe*( ' a )nanio)! $ppe**ate Di+i!ion (eci!ion. The Na!!a) D$ cho!e not to pro!ec)te an'one )t i!!)e( a report to the Co)nt' <ec)ti+e who %orce( the ie(iate re!ignation! o% Coi!!ioner Da*e an( the Chie% o% Detecti+e!.
Suffolk County
New!(a' reporte( on March 2
, 2014, ao)t /another tro)*ing inci(ent in+o*+ing Me*i)! an( MacKa' that, at e!t, can e (e!crie( a! an )n!a+or' coinci(ence in which a  F)(ge c*o!e*' connecte( with MacKa' (e*i+ere( a r)*ing %a+ora*e to Me*i)! in a ca!e in+o*+ing the pro()ction o% ignition inter*ock! re)ire( to e in!ta**e( in +ehic*e! o% (ri+er! con+icte( o% (ri+ing whi*e intoicate(. The G)(ge, Thoa! Wha*en, i! the go(%ather o% MacKa'! (a)ghter. MacKa' i! /Wha*en! *ongtie po*itica* ene%actor.  $ccor(ing to New!(a', /Whe*an grante( Me*i)! otion . . . to %orce Gohn 9)occo, the %o)n(er o% nterceptor gnition nter*ock!, to ho*( a !hareho*(er eeting. /D)ring the contentio)! eeting, Me*i)! attepte( to noinate MacKa' to the copan'! oar( o% (irector!. Whe*an, an n(epen(ence &art' eer, who wo)*( not ha+e een on the ench witho)t the e%%ort! o% MacKa', reporte(*' cho!e not to (i!c*o!e hi! connection! to MacKa' an( (i( not rec)!e hi!e*% %ro hearing the ca!e. Me*i)! an( 9)occo /!igne( an agreeent in 2010 that wo)*( gi+e Me*i)! !hare! in nterceptor i% Me*i)! he*pe( in the enactent or aen(ent o% *aw! re)iring the techno*og' nterceptor co)*( pro+i(e. Eater that 'ear, S)%%o*k Co)nt' *awaker! pa!!e( !)ch a *aw, earning Me*i)! hi! !hare!, accor(ing to Wha*en! r)*ing. Wh' a )!ine!! owner wo)*( think to reach o)t to a *oca* caterer to get *aw! change( i! an open )e!tion. The %act that Me*i)! !ee! to ha+e engage( in /*o'ing witho)t ha+ing regi!tere( a! a *o'i!t i! an apparent +io*ation o% *aw. % New!(a'! reporting i! acc)rate, the contract)a* re*ation!hip Me*i)! ha( %or thi! *o'ing a' ha+e +io*ate( the !tate proc)reent *o'ing *aw! prohiition on contingent %ee!. Thi! wo)*( ean that G)(ge Whe*an awar(e( the !tock to Me*i)! )pon a pria %acie act o% i**ega*it'. The artic*e contin)e!# /New!(a' ha! pre+io)!*' reporte( that Wha*en acte( a! *ega* a(+i!or to MacKa' ()ring hi! ri!e to n(epen(ence &art' chairan. MacKa', in t)rn, wa! aong tho!e who he*pe( re!)rrect Wha*en! p)*ic career. /n 1B==, Wha*en cro!!e( the e(ian on the So)thern State &arkwa' an( co**i(e( with an oncoing car, !erio)!*' inF)ring a . . . an. He wa! charge( with !econ(-(egree a!!a)*t an( (ri+ing whi*e intoicate(. n !pite o% that eing hi! !econ( DW, he wa! /)*tiate*' con+icte( o% three i!(eeanor! an( a tra%%ic +io*ation. /Wha*en! p)*ic career got a oo!t in 2000 when he wa! noinate( %or a F)(ge!hip. He !ec)re( Deocratic acking a%ter the n(epen(ence &art' I hea(e( ' MacKa' I agree( to !)pport other Deocratic can(i(ate!. New!(a' reporte( on March 5
 that the S)%%o*k D$, Thoa! Spota, wa! grante( an or(er !ea*ing the ci+i* ca!e recor(! in thi! atter. t wa! reporte( that the /!ea*ing or(er contain! a ca!e n)er that re%er! to a gran( F)r' in+e!tigation.
Moreland Commission
The More*an( Coi!!ion recent*' cite( the n(epen(ence &art' a! one o% the ore egregio)! eap*e! o% !ha(ow' !pen(ing practice! noting it! *ong hi!tor' o%

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