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Data Structure in c

Data Structure in c

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char char
char char

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M. Campbell© 1993 Deakin University
Module 815
 Data Structures Using C 
Module 815Data Structures Using C
Page 813-1
After working through this module you should be able to create and usenew and complex data types within C programs.
Learning objectives
After working through this module you should be able to:1.Manipulate character strings in C programs.2.Declare and manipulate single and multi-dimensional arrays of the Cdata types.3.Create, manipulate and manage C pointers to data elements.4.Create and manage complex data types in C.5.Use unions to define alternate data sets for use in C programs.6.Allocate memory to variables dynamically.7.Manipulate characters and bits.
Strings.Arrays.Pointers.Data definitions – Structures.Data definitions – Unions.Dynamic allocation of dataCharacter and bit manipulation
Learning Strategy
Read the printed module and the assigned readings and complete theexercises as requested.
Completion of exercises and the CML test at the end of the module.

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