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March Newsletter 2014

March Newsletter 2014

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Published by Mary Kretzmann
Reiki and Kriya Yoga
written by Mary Kretzmann
Director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry
Reiki and Kriya Yoga
written by Mary Kretzmann
Director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Mary Kretzmann on Mar 12, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry Newsletter 
 See Divine Mother blessing us all in Her Love
 2014 Newsletter 
Dear Ones,
I thought that some of you would be interested in reading my recent article answering this question on
 Kriya Yoga and Reiki
 that I receied for the column!
 Ask an Expert.
"s an aside # we are all somewhat ta$en abac$ by that title # but we do feel ha%%y to humbly share what we hae learned oer the years as sincere see$ers& I share this now as general healing information, and since I feel it is a good answer to this question, I may want to share it again sometime& 'osting it as a blog here creates a handy archie that can be used by myself and others, if this question eer comes u%&
God bless you all! Thank you for your service through prayer...
Mary Kretzmann
(ritten by the late )imothy *ret+mann, storyteller, for use at "nanda eents for families& )im had a way of bringing de%th and s%iritual %ower to his storytelling, and the whole room would be still -e would meditate for hours before telling his story, to feel the s%irit of it dee%ly& -e said he $new the story was ready when it brought tears of diine loe to his eyes I also added a few stories in the same s%irit&
“Ask an pert" #uestion$
 Dear brothers and sisters in One Re!ently " read #A$tobiography% and " really &elt in lo'e with the a(a)ing g$r$ Yogananda. "n (y heart " &eel a  strong desire to &ollow Hi(. My *$estion is+ " a( Reiki pra!titioner &or (any years ,"-( Reiki Master/ea!her0.  Reiki helped (e 'ery ($!h with (y health !ondition b$t (ost with (y spirit$al growth. "s it ok to pra!ti!e  Kriya yoga and Reiki1 " owe Reiki so ($!h and " don-t &eel ready to abandon it./hank yo$ in ad'an!e &or yo$r ti(e and e&&ort2 3ohn ,"taly0

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