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Mart News

Mart News

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Published by jmonahan8289

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Published by: jmonahan8289 on Mar 12, 2014
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New Mexico House Democrats Have Strong Recruitment Class for 2014 Election
Campaigns and Candidates Matter 
Alu!uer!ue" NM
 – House Democrats have a strong recruitment class for the 2014 November general election. Doctors, firefighters, educators, advocates for working families, attornes, a football coach, communit activists, and  !ob creators round out the recruits to kee" the New #e$ico House %lue in the November election. New #e$ico is a diverse state, made u" of so man different communities. &ver two ears candidates from across the state file their "a"erwork to have the o""ortunit to run for
election and re"resent their communities. 'his ear, House Democrats recruited a slate of diverse candidates, as diverse as New #e$ico, well suited to re"resent the working men and women of their districts. %elow is a statement from ("eaker ). *en #artine+ -andidates and cam"aigns matter. 'he issues those candidates and cam"aigns fight for also matter./ - am so "roud of the Democrats who are running for reelection, and those who are challenging the e"ublican incumbents./ -'he have made a difference in the lives of everda New #e$icans. )hether it is fighting for working families b
fighting to increase the minimum wage, smaller class si+es and "a raises for teachers, working da in and da to create high "aing !obs,  am confident our Democratic candidates will run
strong grassroots cam"aigns that take their message to all corners of their district./ -f we learned anthing from the last two cam"aign ccles it3s that grassroots "ower means something, and the House candidates who are running will have strong grassroots o"erations that carr the da./ -)e will kee" the New #e$ico House %lue come November, and these candidates are the reason wh./ 
Here is a list of t#e to$ races an% can%i%ates running&
House District 4&
Sarah Jane-White
lives on the Nava!o Nation near the haco )ash in northwestern New #e$ico and is a longtime advocate for health living on the Nation. 
House District 4&
Harrison Todachenne
 – Harrison was born and raised in (hi"rock, served in the ir 5orce for four ears,

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