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Rail Crossings Memo Transit March 12 2014

Rail Crossings Memo Transit March 12 2014

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Published by Jon Willing
Rail Crossings Memo Transit March 12 2014
Rail Crossings Memo Transit March 12 2014

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Published by: Jon Willing on Mar 12, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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M E M O / N O T E D E S E R V I C E
To / DestinataireMayor Watson, Members of Council and of the Transit CommissionFile/N° de fichier: From / Ex!diteur Deuty City Mana"er,City #erations $ub%ect / #b%etFallo&field 'ail Crossin" ( )dateDate: March *+, +*-The urose of this memorandum is to ro.ide Members of Council and the Transit Commission &ith an udate on the &or the City has undertaen in resonse to the Transortation $afety 0oard obser.ations resented to the City at a Technical 0riefin" &hich too lace &ith the Transortation $afety 0oard 1T$02 on Friday, #ctober **, +*3 and the T$0 safety ad.isory letters issued on Monday February +4, +*-5Council &ill recall that in the resonse to the Technical 0riefin" #bser.ations made by the T$0 on #ctober **, +*3, the City immediately too the follo&in" actions:
'emo.al and trimmin" of .e"etation in the crossin"/Transit&ay area6 'educin" the seed in both directions aroachin" the crossin" to 4 m/hour6 and, Enhancements to the si"na"e in the crossin" area57n addition to this &or, the City also undertoo a re.ie& of the feasibility of installin" an amber &arnin" si"nal 1a flashin" li"ht2 before the crossin" &hich may ro.ide enhanced notice and .isibility for northbound traffic5 $uch a &arnin" si"nal &ould otentially be coordinated &ith the crossin" li"ht si"nal5 With resect to this item, 7 can ad.ise that City staff and 879 'ail are continuin" their &or on the roosed si"nal and &ill be recommendin" otions in this re"ard shortly5#n February +4, +*-, the T$0 issued t&o safety letters to the City5 The first letter noted that the City may &ish to ut measures in lace to ensure that buses are able to sto safely in ad.ance of an acti.ated rail&ay crossin" si"nal5 $u""ested measures included re.ie&in" the by(la& that "o.erns the oerations of .ehicles on Transit&ay, re.ie&in" otential seed reductions, and installin" an amber early &arnin" si"nal for southbound traffic5 The second letter noted that #C Transo, in con%unction &ith 879 'ail, may &ish to de.elo and imlement $tandard #eratin" rocedures to ensure safe oerations &hen unusual acti.ations or malfunctions of crossin" automated rotection occur5 With resect to these $afety ;etters issued on February +4, +*-, 7 can ro.ide the follo&in" udates:
;e"al $er.ices and #C Transo staff ha.e re.ie&ed City of #tta&a Transit 0y(la& +<(+=>, $chedule 9, &hich currently "o.erns the oerations of .ehicles on the Transit&ay and ha.e concluded that an amendment to the 0y(la& is %ustified in order to create an offence similar to &hat is currently found in the
Highway Traffic Act 
 to rohibit .ehicles from crossin" at a rail&ay crossin" &hen a &arnin" of an aroachin" train is "i.en5 $taff are finali?in" the details and &ill brin" for&ard the aroriate reort1s2 and amendments in the near future6
City staff &ill conduct a comrehensi.e re.ie& of seed limits on the Transit&ay alon" the corridor from the Neean $ortslex to south of the Fallo&field $tation, includin" the aroaches to the rail&ay crossin" near Fallo&field $tation5 The re.ie& &ill consider the hysical desi"n, seed of the road&ay, the oeratin" characteristics of #C Transo buses, the si"ht line to traffic si"nals and rail&ay crossin"s si"nals, the reaction times of oerators to si"nals, and other hysical factors such as "radient and cur.ature of the Transit&ay5 The
re.ie& &ill follo& the best safety en"ineerin" ractices and also the ne&est draft rail&ay crossin" re"ulations ublished recently by Transort Canada, and &ill be conducted by @ualified en"ineers &ith assistance from City staff5Follo&in" the comrehensi.e re.ie&, staff &ill mae any re@uired ad%ustments to enhance si"na"e and to imro.e oeratin" ractices alon" the Transit&ay, and &ill &or &ith 879 'ail if any further issues are identified &ith the desi"n or confi"uration of the rail&ay crossin"5
With resect to the su""estion made by the T$0 of installin" an amber early &arnin" si"nal for the southbound Transit&ay traffic, 7 can confirm that staff are conductin" the en"ineerin" re.ie& re"ardin" a southbound si"nal5 7 can also confirm that senior 8ia 'ail and City staff ha.e met to imro.e information sharin" and to establish communications rotocols bet&een the t&o or"ani?ations5 7nte"rated and comrehensi.e rocedures are bein" finali?ed and &ill be imlemented shortly5 9s an interim measure, all arties in.ol.ed ha.e confirmed contact numbers and rocesses for notifications
 9s noted in my memorandum of February +=, +*- to Members of Council the re.ie& of #C TransoAs rocedures for rail crossin"s is on"oin" &ith &or bein" finali?ed by our external en"ineerin" firm MMM Brou5 9n udate to the Transit Commission is exected for 9ril +*-5 7n addition to the &or related to the T$0, 7 &anted to ro.ide udates on the follo&in" &or that is also bein" undertaen:
The City recei.ed a direction from Emloyment and $ocial De.eloment Canada 1E$DC2 in anuary +*- that ad.ised us that in their officerAs oinion, #C Transo had not sufficiently identified and assessed the &orlace health and safety(related ha?ards at rail&ay crossin"s &here oerators are re@uired to &or5 While all of the rail&ay crossin"s meet the alicable safety standards for desi"n and maintenance, the E$DC direction re@uires the City to assess the crossin"s in a different &ay  that is, as art of the &orlace for transit oerators ursuant to the
Canada Labour Code
5 The City has retained safety en"ineerin" consultants from MMM Brou, and their subcontractors Flood Murray 7nternational and uman Factors North, to re.ie& this matter5 The consultants &ill assess the er"onomic considerations for transit oerators at rail&ay crossin"s and the current #C Transo oeratin" rocedures, and define assessment methods that can be used consistently into the future5 This &or &ill include a re.ie& of Canadian and international best ractices, an assessment of human factors such as dri.er &orload, and on(site hysical re.ie&s under both summer 1full folia"e2 and &inter 1bare trees2 conditions5Follo&in" this safety en"ineerin" assessment, staff &ill arran"e for any necessary chan"es to oeratin" rocedures, bus confi"uration and road confi"uration and &ill also &or &ith the rail&ay comanies &ith resect to any issues identified that are &ithin their resonsibility5Finally, #C Transo has taen additional measures &hich include:
Written directi.es to oerators remindin" them to:
Follo& the
Highway Traffic Act 
 and exercise safe and defensi.e dri.in" ractices6
Watch for rail&ay crossin" flashin" li"hts 1si"nals25 7f the li"hts are flashin", sto safely and &ell before the rail&ay tracs6
 9l&ays follo& the osted seed limits and, &hen aroachin" the rail&ay crossin"s, slo& do&n, ho.er o.er the brae edal and &atch for train mo.ement in both directions of the rail&ay tracs5 roceed &ith caution6 and,
 9l&ays be reared to sto5
Daily internal radio announcements to oerators to remind them to exercise caution &hen aroachin" a rail crossin", and to adhere to the osted seed limits6
Transit $uer.isors and $ecial Constables ha.e undertaen roacti.e seed monitorin", and conduct routine monitorin" of bus oerations at this and other locations5 This oeration is erformed throu"hout the year at .arious locations on our system, as art of our safety ro"ram, 7n addition #C Transo secial constables &ill roacti.ely enforce seed comliance on the Transit&ay6
'ail safety is co.ered in all Ne& 0us #erator Trainin" includin" a minimum of three .isits to rail crossin"s6
 9ll ne& bus oerators .isit the Transit&ay crossin" at Fallo&field as art of the rail and Transit&ay trainin"6
;icensin" testin" for all oerators is sanctioned by Ministry of Transortation and includes a field test o.er a rail&ay crossin" to ensure comliance &ith all re"ulations and trainin"6
The imortance of adherin" to and bein" familiar &ith all asects of rail crossin" rocedures is addressed &ith oerators in all emloyee assessments6
$ecial Constables and Fare 7nsectors ha.e been certified to resent #eration ;ifesa.er resentations for the ublic, &hich is a rail safety education ro"ram &ith the "oal to re.ent collisions bet&een trains and motor .ehicles6
#eration ;ifesa.er, 'ail $afety #erations ro"ram or an e@ui.alent is bein" assessed for oerator trainin"6

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