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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Published by white lies
chapter 7 to Dangerous Love
chapter 7 to Dangerous Love

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Published by: white lies on Oct 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter7Chapter SevenThe destination of the path remained a burning mystery, but Tammy innocentlytossed fuel on the flames with a chance comment one day while they were watchingtelevision. The topic on Sesame Street was professions, which was the perfectopportunity for Lisa to ask her what Giddon did to earn a living.Tammy eyed her suspiciously. Gramma doesnt want I tell.
Lisas heart lurched painfully. Why not?
Tammy shrugged her tiny shoulders, the large blue eyes imploring her not to pry.It was one thing to ask casual questions of Giddons daughter. It was quite
another to trick her into betraying her father. Lisa let the matter drop, butshe began to pay more attention to the activities around the house - like theshiny black car that sometimes came up the driveway and followed the path backinto the woods without stopping at the house. About thirty minutes later itwould return and leave the way it had come. When Lisa questioned Sarah aboutthe car, she passed it off as a friend of Giddons, and quickly changed the
subject.What was down that path that no one wanted to talk about, and why did Giddoninsist that his houseguest should not wander around alone? What did Giddon doto afford such finery? And most important of all, was she or Giddons family in
any danger?The questions plagued her until one evening when the black car returned. Sarahand Tammy were putting up groceries when Lisa announced she was going to take awalk. Sarah apparently hadnt noticed the car. She smiled and waved a hand in
dismissal. Go ahead. We can handle this job by ourselves.
Lisa started down the driveway as if heading for the road, but once she was outof sight of the house, she circled around through the woods and made her wayback to the path. She stayed in the brush beside the trail, as she had done inher dream. Only this time the path remained clear. As the path turned, thebroad side of a metal building came into view, nestled at the foot of a cliff.She squatted behind a screen of brush and watched.The black car sat outside the building with its trunk open. After a whileGiddon and the driver emerged from the building. Giddon was carrying a woodenbox, which he carefully placed in the trunk. The driver handed him an envelopeand hopped into the car. Lisa drew further back into the brush as the car droveby.Giddon went back into the building and Lisa made her way through the darkeningwoods to the spot in the drive where she had entered. She brushed leaves fromher clothes and slowly walked up the drive. There might be a thousandexplanations for what she had witnessed, but only one came to mind. Was Giddoninvolved in a drug ring? Why else would he be so concerned about her excursionsin the woods? Had Allen been here to make a drug deal with Giddon? Was thatwhy Giddon had been so angry? What other reason would there be for telling hisdaughter not to discuss his occupation? Surely Sarah and Tammy werent
involved, but did they know? She caught her breath as another thought struckher. What would Giddon do if he found out she had witnessed his connection?She swallowed down a lump in her throat. She had to act as if she werereturning from a long walk . . . nowhere near his pick-up point. She saunteredup the drive, trying to appear casual.Giddon met her as she neared the house, eyeing her suspiciously. Kind of late
for a walk, isnt it?
She smiled stiffly. Its cooler this time of the day.
He reached out and plucked some stick-tights from her sleeve. Are the weeds
getting a little high along the drive?
Her mouth went dry and she involuntarily licked her lips. Did he guess? I saw
some flowers in the woods and went to look at them.
He studied her face with mocking eyes, and his mouth twisted into a humorlesssmile. And you didnt pick them? Youre an unusual female.
He wasnt buying it for one minute. She had to come up with something better
than that. I dont believe in picking every flower I find in the woods, she
said with feigned disdain.He nodded, the topaz eyes probing hers suspiciously. Youll have to show me
these beautiful flowers. I must have missed them.
Her face was hot and cold by turns. He wasnt sure she had seen anything, or
surely he would have accused her. She pretended to stifle a yawn. Its late,
and Im tired. She tried to step around him, but he stopped her with an iron
grip on her arm.He was standing close and she looked up into his face, acutely aware of anincreasing pulse which wasnt entirely due to the dangerous situation. His grip
on her arm loosened and she stiffened as his hand slid up to her throat. Hislong fingers traced her jaw to the hair on the back of her neck. She felt anunwelcome rush of excitement and reached to push his hand from her hair. Themasculine smell of him, the way his big hands caressed her cheek so softly . . .hands without calluses. If only she could believe he wasnt involved in
anything illegal. Unfortunately, the evidence pointed in the oppositedirection.He stepped closer, slipping his other hand around her waist, and pulled hergently against him. As strong as he was, it would be useless to resist.Besides, her lack of response in the past had been far more effective.His head bent down and warm lips claimed hers in a kiss that questioned herinterest. She waited for him to release her, but his lips moved across hercheek and down her neck with soft caressing kisses. Her heart pounded. Hecouldnt help but detect her wild pulse. His persistence was taking its toll,
and when his lips found hers again, she responded involuntarily. He groaned andpulled her firmly against his body, his kiss becoming passionate.She tried to push away from him but his embrace was too strong. He lifted hishead, his hungry gaze searching her face. As his grip on her relaxed, shestepped away from him, a flush creeping up her neck.
He smiled knowingly, his eyes mocking her. I guess the evening was a little
She stared at her shoes, remembering their first kiss by the creek. What was itabout him that she responded to in spite of what she knew about him? Did heknow she was attracted to him? The thought sent a shiver up her spine. Did hethink that it would keep her silent? There was little point in denying herattraction, but hed best learn to keep his distance. She finally lifted her
chin, meeting his amused gaze defiantly.I dont believe in fraternizing with the boss.
For a moment he looked surprised, and then he frowned. Drop the formalities.
We both know why youre here. His voice was crisp.
The words sliced through her disguise, stabbing into her heart. She steppedback and glared at him. Im here as a companion for your mother, not you!
His brows shot up and his eyes twinkled. Youre a little spitfire, you know
that? He shook his head in surrender, and his voice softened. I meant Im not
your boss. I may be footing the bill, but youre working for Mom, not me.
She bit her lip. Was she always misinterpreting his intent, or was he merelyquick-witted enough to think of a good excuse on the spur of the moment? At anyrate, he had successfully removed her barrier. It was time to fall back andrebuild another. She shrugged. Speaking of your mother, wed better go in so
she doesnt worry. She turned and started for the door, but his hand gripped
her arm again.If you want to walk this late in the evening, you need to make sure Im with
you. There are bears and other animals in the woods, you know.
Those animals were more afraid of her than she of them, and he knew it. Shesmiled up at him innocently. I guess a walk in the cool evening isnt worth
the risk of being eaten up by beasts is it?
His eyes were twinkling with humor, and something else. Why do I get the
feeling its the bears that should be concerned? His expression sobered and
the blue eyes lost a little of their warmth. Youre an interesting woman,
Lisa. I sure hate to think of something awful happening to you because of yourcuriosity.
She caught her breath. The fear his words invoked must have shown on her face.His expression softened. Stay close to me. I wont let anything happen to
you. His hand dropped from her arm and she opened the door. Was he
threatening her?In her room that night, she wrote a letter to Connie explaining what she hadobserved. There was no point alarming Connie about her situation, so she didnt
mention the conversation with Giddon that had inspired the letter. The logicalthing to do was leave, but she had a good job and she wasnt sure there was
anything untoward going on. Still, it didnt hurt to let someone know - just in
case. Giddon was obviously watching her, so calling on her telephone might betipping her hand.She re-read the letter and then added another paragraph.

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