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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Published by white lies
chapter 16 to Dangerous Love
chapter 16 to Dangerous Love

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Published by: white lies on Oct 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter16Chapter SixteenAs she was walking down the hall, she heard her name mentioned. She stopped,straining to hear the conversation.Are you sure? came Sarahs voice from the family room.
I had my suspicions the day she fell from the cliff. If she had asked about
the building when we passed it, I might have figured she had never seen it, butshe pretended she didnt notice. Then today when I couldnt find her . . .
He must have been moving, because his voice faded and then became clear again.. . . found the window unlocked.
Do you think shell say anything? Sarah asked.
There was a brief pause. I dont know. Her friend called today. I thought . .
. His voice faded again. He must be pacing.
What about this boy Allen who called yesterday?
I think that possibility has been eliminated. He . . . mumbling, then
something about Len and a cell phone.Shell be going to college next month. Shell be leaving then.
There was a long pause. I dont intend to let her leave, Yancey answered
gruffly.Lisa put shaking fingers to her mouth to silence an involuntary cry. No wonderhe didnt ask her to leave. What was it he said that day in the mountains . . .
a body could be lost in those hills forever? Apparently her instincts had beencorrect when she suspected that he was trying to warn her. She should havelistened then. And Sarah was involved? It was hard to believe sweet littleSarah would be involved with anything so sinister.Now son, Sarah spoke calmly. How do you propose to stop her?
Would Sarah stand up for her? Lisa waited for his reply in tense silence, buthis response filled her with equal anger and pain.Thats just it. Ill propose.
Lisa clamped a hand over her mouth, her eyes burning with tears. So that waswhy he was so attentive. Wasnt there some law that prevented a wife from
testifying against her husband? She swallowed a sob as Sarahs response came.
And if she doesnt want to marry you?
The telephone drowned out his response, and Lisa darted to her room. If theycaught her listening into their conversation, there would be no chance to getaway. In her room, the tears flowed freely. He cared nothing about her. Hisonly concern was protecting his business, even if he had to marry someone hedidnt love. A horrible thought burst unwanted into her mind. Did he marry
Valorie for love, or because she found out about his business? Did she actually
die in childbirth?Lisa? Sarahs voice called down the hall. Someone wants you on the phone.
Lisa wiped her eyes quickly. Who would be calling her on his phone again?Surely not Howard.Opening the door, she kept her face hidden as she walked down the hallway. Shetook the receiver from Sarah.Hello? she managed through a constricted throat.
Lisa? This is Connie. Are you sick? Your voice sounds strange.
No, Im fine.
I tried to call you on your cell phone, but I didnt get an answer. We just
turned off the highway, so well be there pretty soon. Are you ready?
I suppose so.
Is he close?
Do you want to talk to Len, or Howard?
Immediately Howard was on the line. Lisa, are you safe?
I dont know. I think so. Im sorry about yesterday. I thought . . .
� �
No, you were right. I dont know what came over me to act that way. I should
have known how you felt about him.
This isnt a good time . . .
Yancey lifted the telephone from her hand. Who is this? His voice had an
edge to it. He listened for a minute and then his tone was sharp. She said it
wasnt a good time, and it isnt.
Lisa turned and started for her room. His temper was rising by the second.Shed better find a safe place until they arrived.
Lisa! His voice shot out after her and she darted for the bedroom.
Once in her room, she slammed the door and locked it against him. She couldhear voices in the hall as Sarah questioned him and urged him to calm down. Itmust have helped, at least to some degree, because when he spoke again outsideher door, his voice was controlled. Lisa. His voice sounded restrained, but
she didnt respond.
She crammed the pictures down into the suitcase. Whatever she couldnt get into
it, she would simply have to leave behind. He turned the knob and pushed onthe door. Lisa, he ordered in a calm voice. Open the door. I want to talk
to you. Youve said quite enough for one evening, she answered with equal
composure. He was quiet for a minute and she wondered if hed given up, but no
such luck. Lisa, his voice was louder and more demanding. If you dont open
this door Im going to kick it open. Its your door, she reminded him in a
cool voice. After a slight hesitation the door burst open with a cracking blow.She leaped back from the suitcase, paralyzed with fear. His face was livid, theveins standing out on his neck. He took one look at the suitcases on the bedand started toward her. What do you think youre doing? What do you care?
She backed away from him. Hopefully the fact that help was on the way wouldmake him reconsider any violent action. He stopped, staring at her. You can
ask that? She grabbed a handful of clothes from the drawer and threw them into
the suitcase. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she glared at him. I
quit! You hear me? I quit! Find yourself another sitter to boss and hollerat! His face turned scarlet and he looked away, running a hand through his
hair. Im sorry. I promise to stop yelling. He fixed a piercing gaze on
her. What happened, Lisa? We were getting along so well. He grabbed a
handful of her clothes from the suitcase and put them back in the drawer. I
dont want you to leave.
She grabbed the clothes and started for the suitcase again, and he slammed thelid down. Lets talk about this.
A sob tore at her throat, and she slung the clothes at him. Im not stupid. I
know about your secret business and I know you know I know. The words sounded
confusing, even to her.He calmly picked the clothes up and put them back in the drawer. Is that why
youre leaving?
Lisa stared at him in amazement. You dont think thats enough?
He still looked confused and then realization lifted his brows. Oh, I see.
You dont like being deceived.
How could he think she would go along with something so criminal? Oh, I can
understand why you would want to deceive people, I just dont understand how you
can involve your family in such a thing - especially Tammy!
He looked ashamed. I thought it was for their own good.
Lisa laughed harshly. Oh, come on. Thats the oldest line in the world. You
wanted nice things, so you substituted your family for a conscience.
He stared at her long and hard, his expression intent. Probably planning hisnext move. He stuck his hands in his back pockets and frowned, his gazesearching hers.What are you talking about? he asked in a perplexed tone.
You know what Im talking about, she answered in a voice more certain than she
felt. Could she have been wrong about it all?He regarded her suspiciously and then spoke hesitantly. No, I dont think I do.
As a matter of fact, I think were on completely different planets.
She could feel her face getting hot. If she was wrong about him . . . but howcould she be? She heard him talking to his mother and she heard hisconversation with the man in the black car. They wanted her out of the way, orat least silent.

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