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Nick Herbert Dossier: Ong's Hat

Nick Herbert Dossier: Ong's Hat

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Published by Joseph Matheny
The delightful legend of the Ong's Hat travel cult has been posted in the form of the Incunabula Papers since the earliest days of BBS and Internet communications. The mythos is an historical and cultural curiosity for that reason alone.
Has the great world-mind of the telecommunication infrastructure begun to breed its own myths? The elusiveness of the Incunabula's original proponents, Emory Cranston (a pseudonym) and Joseph Matheny (his real name), has spawned wild speculation that the Ong's Hat legend is nothing but a media hoax. However there is a dark side to this story that has never been fully told, which may help explain their circumspection.

What began as an heretical Islamic sect founded in the early 1900s by Black circus magician, Noble Drew Ali, evolved over the century into a techno-tantric commune whose members managed to escape this befouled world into a pristine, Edenic parallel universe, a New Jersey Pine Barrens devoid of inhabitants. This latter rag-tag group built the "Egg" - a glistening Faberge-like device that enabled trans-dimensional travel into unpopulated mirror worlds (per the Everett-Wheeler-Graham model). A special quantum-tantric feature allowed passage for two occupants while they made love, irrespective of their race, age or gender.

But wait, there's more! Add to this mix a benevolent race of humanoids descended from Javanese lemurs on a parallel Earth, capable of dimensional shift without machinery, who have been world tripping for thousands of years. You've got your chaos; sex magick; applied quantum physics; shadow conspiracy; crypto-palaeontology and enlightenment hopes all wrapped up in one neat package. What the Hell more do you want?
The delightful legend of the Ong's Hat travel cult has been posted in the form of the Incunabula Papers since the earliest days of BBS and Internet communications. The mythos is an historical and cultural curiosity for that reason alone.
Has the great world-mind of the telecommunication infrastructure begun to breed its own myths? The elusiveness of the Incunabula's original proponents, Emory Cranston (a pseudonym) and Joseph Matheny (his real name), has spawned wild speculation that the Ong's Hat legend is nothing but a media hoax. However there is a dark side to this story that has never been fully told, which may help explain their circumspection.

What began as an heretical Islamic sect founded in the early 1900s by Black circus magician, Noble Drew Ali, evolved over the century into a techno-tantric commune whose members managed to escape this befouled world into a pristine, Edenic parallel universe, a New Jersey Pine Barrens devoid of inhabitants. This latter rag-tag group built the "Egg" - a glistening Faberge-like device that enabled trans-dimensional travel into unpopulated mirror worlds (per the Everett-Wheeler-Graham model). A special quantum-tantric feature allowed passage for two occupants while they made love, irrespective of their race, age or gender.

But wait, there's more! Add to this mix a benevolent race of humanoids descended from Javanese lemurs on a parallel Earth, capable of dimensional shift without machinery, who have been world tripping for thousands of years. You've got your chaos; sex magick; applied quantum physics; shadow conspiracy; crypto-palaeontology and enlightenment hopes all wrapped up in one neat package. What the Hell more do you want?

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Joseph Matheny on Oct 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advances in Skin Science:Quantum Tantra 
An Interview with Nick Herbertby Joseph Matheny"It's always gooiestbefore it solidifies"Beverly's Ovation,Beverly Rubik Ph.d
(also see
is not just another way to get high using common objects you can find around the house...
: Practicing Q.T.before you understand Bell's Theorem of interconnectveness is like walking into the Amazon jungle without a map." - Alternate Dimensions. Jabir ibn Hayyan (also see 
Journal entry:October 13,1992I finally get a line on INCUNABULA. Following a lead from a culture- jamming club in San Francisco (MediaKaos 415-789-8350), I arrive inthe small
town of Ong's Hat. The address that I have forINCUNABULA is a P.O. Box. The local postmaster/general storeoperator was very helpful. Almost too helpful! He told me thatCranston and INCUNABULA books had fled the area one night abouta month ago. I gained access to Cranston's P.O. Box key while theowner had his back turned and returned later to examine thecontents. All I found inside were overdraft notices from his bank andsome solicitations from a church of geniuses in Dallas, Texas orsome such nonsense. Another dead end.October 14, 1992I arrive in New York City, get a room, restock supplies and think. I call
information to get the phone number for the Ong's Hatgeneral store and post office so I can ask the postmaster a few morequestions. I am told by the inbred boob on the other end of the linethat there is no such town listed in
, and after a long andheated debate, we terminate the phone call by mutually insultingeach other's gene pool. God, I hate the phone company.October 16, 1992Two days (and two bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label) later, Ifinally get lead on one of the most intriguing authors listed in theINCUNABULA Catalog, Nick Herbert, author of
Quantum Reality,Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics 
, and of course,the legendary
Alternate Dimensions 
.Herbert was a former SDI scientist turned renegade researcher. Hispast areas of renegade research involved pleasure dometechnologies,
(the Egg Yoke method), Time andDimensional travel theories, and gelatinous substances.I'll give you a little background on Alternate Dimensions (A.D.). It waswritten in 1989 by Herbert, but was suppressed by the publisher,Harper & Row, for unexplained reasons in 1990. INCUNABULA wasoffering bound, uncorrected galley copies for $100.00 each, or atleast they were, until Cranston disappeared with the whole kit-n-kaboodle. In A.D., it seems that Herbert gave away the inner secretsof a Tantrik-dimensional travel cult based in northern California.Using techniques that combined Herbert's own theory of
, and hardware technology, consisting of an egg-shaped craftof some sort, members of the cult were able to penetrate into otherdimensions. There were also intense visualization techniques, andTantrik-Egg-Yoke postures involved, but the Xerox copy I hadpurchased from MediaKaos seemed to be missing some of the keytechnical portions.Herbert was now hiding out in the backwater town of Boulder Creek,CA, deep in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains.I hopped aboard a plane to San Jose, and drove a rental car up toBoulder Creek. About a mile away from Herbert's farm house, I calledhim on my cellular phone. Surprisingly enough, Herbert was verycordial, and agreed to meet me in town for lunch and conversation.He suggested Adelita's Mexican Cantina, gave me directions, andpromised to meet me there in an hour.I drove into town and went over my notes while I waited. About anhour later, Dr.Herbert appeared in the parking lot driving a electricStutz Bearcat kit car. I recognized him instantly from his book jacketphotos, even with the recently acquired beard. Was he attempting tochange his appearance? Was he preparing to flee, like Cranston had30 days ago?I casually reached into my jacket and activated my pocket recorder. Iwaved him over to my table, and after shaking hands we settled downto a lunch of Dos Equis and Gorditas."Okay" I said, after some pleasantries about the weather, "let's startwith the obvious question: What is
?""Well, psychology has used a lot of classic metaphors to explain themind, like the hydraulic metaphor of urges building up, an even whenrepressed, they'll find some way to spurt out to the surface. We're toldthat releasing your repressions will relieve the pressure, and you'llbecome healthy. That's a very classical metaphor. Now we have thismarvelous new way of thinking called quantum mechanics, and itseems right to use these metaphors to explain human behavior. So,what's the most interesting human behavior of all? Sexual, of course.That's the idea, to use quantum mechanical metaphors to exploresexuality, to look at it through the lens of quantum physics. I wouldconsider Q.T. successful if we could find new things to do that neverwould have been thought, of using the old metaphors. I mean, ofcourse, pleasant things. (laughter). The core idea of Q.T. stems fromHeisenberg's statement that "atoms are not things." So, Q.T. naturallyextrapolated that statement into "well than people are not things,either." People are not things in the same way that atoms are notthings.""What are things?" I asked"Things are entities that have attributes, whether you look at them ornot. They're big, they're solid and such. You can list their attributes.Non-things, or Quantum objects, like atoms or molecules, don't haveattributes. They are basically clusters of oscillating possibilities, thepossibilities not even being well-defined. It might reward us to lookthat way at people, as oscillating possibilities." He took a long drawoff his Dos Equis, and signaled the waiter for another." So, try and think of what the essence of quantum theory is," hecontinued,"Three adjectives: Randomness, thinglessness, andinterconectiveness. Randomness I associate with the spontaneity thatis within people. Uncertainty is the very essence of romance. It's whatyou don't know that intrigues you." "Now, thinglessness is even morerenunciatory'" he went on. "The notion of treating people likepossibilities rather than fixed structures is a healthy one, I think.""Interconnectiveness is the most fantastic feature of Q.T. Things areconnected in the quantum world in such a way that only did we notthink of it before the discovery of quantum mechanics, but I don'tthink we could have thought this way at all. It's so strange. Theterrestrial belief system that comes the closest to quantumconnectiveness is VooDoo.""Sympathetic magick?" I queried. This was getting good."Yes, sympathetic magick," he replied."Of course, the VooDoo conception is naive in comparison to Q.T.'sconnectiveness. In VooDoo, you do something like burn someone'shair to give them a headache. The Quantum connection isn't thatcrude. It has more to do with timing. In the Quantum world, you burnsomeone's hair, and maybe they miss an appointment. TheNewtonian world view emphasized control over the world, whereas,the Quantum world view doesn't emphasize control so much astiming. You could say that the Newtonian view emphasized force,where the Quantum world emphasizes finesse." "One analogy isordinary, steerable dish radar versus phased array antennae.Steerable dish physically moves the whole antenna structure. In thephased array antennae, you have a whole array that are all fixed.None of them move, but by changing the timing on these antennae,you get a virtual antenna that's pointed in any direction. That's anexample of finesse, rather than force. Quantum connection is likethat. It is set up like VooDoo by having something that the otherperson has interacted with, some sympathetic object.""But what does this have to do with sex?" I asked.Herbert was quick to answer."I'm getting to that. In Q.T., the tantra part has to do with sex as wellas religion. Every religion has their symbol. The Christians have thecross, Islam has the crescent and star, the Pagans have thepentagram, the wheel for Buddhism, and so forth. Q.T. has it'ssymbols, also. One of them is this fork."He picked up a salsa-encrusted fork, and stared at it rapturously."It reminds us to see the world as possibilities," he continued, "In theNewtonian world, starting from now, only one thing could happen.Q.T. sees the future as open possibilities, like the tines of this fork.Actually, if this fork were fuzzy, like Man Ray's fuzzy cup andspoon..."I was beginning to understand. That or the Dos Equis was kicking in. Ifelt lightheaded."So the borders would not quite be defined..." I replied."Yes," he said, eyes twinkling in the candlelight."The possibilities are defined only by your intentions, by how youconstrue the moment. Quantum possibilities are not quite as definedas dice possibilities, even. With a die, only one of six numbers willcome up, whereas with Quantum possibilities, it depends on how youlook at the moment, and that again, is part of thinglessness. All ofthese elements have resonances in popular literature. Like the talk ofthe inexplicable chemistry that occurs between two people, or thisnotion of 'it's bigger than both of us'. The type of connectivity that'spossible in quantum theory allows two connected entities to be inindefinite states , but allows the couple itself to be in a definite state!The mathematics on this are clear. As Heisenberg said, 'quantumtheory has changed our way of thinking completely,' and it's changedin such a way that it didn't dissolve into some unclear, fuzzy fog, butinto this absolute clarity of a new mathematics. Now the mathematicsdescribe the fog in a very precise way. So, it's this kind of veryprecise unclarity.""You're talking like a lot of mystics I know!" I scoffed.He replied laughing, "Except, this is found in ordinary physics! This isstuff that was discovered 75 years ago, it's not new stuff at all. It'sonly now beginning to permeate popular culture. So, we have thissystem where each member of the pair, say, a man and a woman, ora man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or whatever, aredefined. They've gotten themselves into a state where theirindividualities are not as clear, but the couple itself as an entity, isbetter defined than the individual members of the set. We usesymbols, like the fork, to remind ourselves of these things, becausethe human mind is not yet used to thinking in parallels." "Our datarate is miniscule, compared to say, television data rates equivalent tomegabits per second, or telephones, which are equivalent tothousands of kilobits per second. Morse code is about 10 bits persecond, and that's pretty close to our attention rate! I mean, whenwe're not on robot, when we do come to attention, we don't bringmuch to this moment in terms of quantity. It's been estimated at about16 bits a second. So, people need simple graphic symbols, like thefork, or the cross, or the crescent, to remind themselves that they'reMoslems, or whatever. So, one symbol I've invented to epitomizeRandomness, Thinglessness and Interconnectiveness is the trinity ofWhite, Hot and Sticky. White corresponds to Thinglessness, Hot toRandomness, and Sticky to Interconnectiveness. By white, I meanlike white light, all the colors together, all human sexual potentials.Thinglessness is wrought with possibilities. As David Finklestein, theinventor of quantum logic said, 'We are all white light, in the sensethat we are all possibilities.' Hot has to do with newness, spontaneitythat we can bring to the moment to remind us that the moment can beever new. That's a hard thing to live up to, sexually, and otherwise.Sticky, of course, typifies the new kind connectiveness. A metaphorfor achieving stickieness, are objects that you break in two, and eachpartner keeps one half. The fracture is unique, that I will only matchone other person in the whole world! Quantum objects help toenhance this two-person white, hot, sticky state. And music is theconnection in this technology.""Why music?" I asked."Because, these possibilities are vibratory." he answered. 'In thephysical world, every atom, or possibility is vibrating at a certainfrequency. The higher the energy level, the higher the frequency orpitch of the vibrations. We can't hear, smell, see, or taste any of thesevibrations except indirectly. I'm doing more research with solid statetechnology, sound sequences.""Ok, now what about Alternate Dimensions, the egg craft, the travelcults, Tantric-Yoke techniques, I mean, what about all this stuff!" Ifinally blurted, unable to hold back any longer."Young man, I have no idea what you're talking about. All I can say isthere are some questions that you should not ask directly, and someanswers that may come as a result of finesse over force. Thisinterview is now concluded."
Egg Physics 101
(also see
Doctor Jabir 'abd al-Khaliq
dear joe--have been thinking about how one might really go about building atantric egg to travel to other universes. Unlike quantum tantra wherewe are seeking to maximally entangle ourselves with the things andbeings of THIS world while for egg travel what you want to do isDISCONNECT from this world and float free.It would be interesting to collect fantasies that people use to lullthemselves to sleep at night. My trainer often imagines himself backin ancient Rome and tries to feel that reality as realistically and in asmuch detail as he can. I usually don't have any trouble falling asleepbut sometimes I use a meditation that's related to egg research. Itgoes a bit like this:What you want to do for D-travel is to disconnect so the egg issuspended in a magnetic field inside a as good a vacuum as can beachieved on earth and shielded from electromagnetic radiations too.Gravity can penetrate of course but that's no problem because gravityis a uniform field and does not entangle you. If gravity were a problemnothing on earth would be coherent--lasers would be impossible.Now even tho you have disconnected from Earth1 you are still phase-connected to all the things you've touched in the past (Bell'sTheorem). However these phase connections are so randomized thatthey can be ignored. With respect to these objects the egg and itscontents are in what is technically called a "product state"--that is, noentanglement.So you are now quantum-disconnected but you may still beclassically connected, that is the insides of the egg may still becausally dependent (Newton's Laws) on what is happening on theoutsides. That's why you've brought along some quantum-randomsources which you procede to use to make decisions about theplacements of objects, dial settings, rotational position of the egg, etc.Now that the egg has been isolated from the rest of the universe it issubject to schroedinger's equation--the egg is a kind ofSchroedinger's Cat. So now the egg is taking all possible paths,spreading out into all alternative universes without you having to do athing. Most of these universes are very similar to Earth1 but thelonger you wait before disembarking the stranger will be thealternative worlds you will be exploring. Waiting increases thestrangeness.Meanwhile outside the Egg the World can be considered also a (big)isolated Schroedinger Cat which is spreading out in probability spaceexploring all possible configurations--configurations that are not in theleast bit entangled with your own isolated quantum evolution.Recipe for dimensional travel: Isolate Egg, Wait, Reconnect, thenopen the hatch.You may wish to call the world into which you exit "Earth2" but mostof the inhabitants believe it's the only world there is.And about returning to what you previously called Earth1?No way, Jose. 
addendum to egg physics 101
:Of course the Simple Isolate & Wait Egg will only take you touniverses that have branched from our own at or after the time youbegin the isolation--namely voyages to universes you might have gotto anyway by normal means. Access to universes that have branchedlong before the egg was constructed will require more sophisticatedtravel arrangements.happy trails
The MadScientist EggingMe On
 (March 2001)
 (also see
 Last week the mad scientist, known also as
finally coughed up the goods. I'd beenpestering him to show me his quantum tantra sex toys and introduceme to his friends, an interworld travel cult. The night began with ashindig with the boys. I was encouraged to take as much of whatevermind-altering substance was to my taste. Later I'd learn why. Inretrospect, I realized this was what passed for an initiatory hazing forthis fringe-science travel cult.The boys turned out to be hackers, but the kind of hackers who'dbeen hacking before computers were invented, even beforeagriculture or the wheel. In aboriginal times they would have beencalled shamans. But now they were hackers, real hackers, the kindwho stride the inner mysteries of computers like familiar jungle paths.Just as the mad scientist is a real scientist, the kind who acceleratesparticles and writes numbers like words. If this had been fiction Iwould have felt more at home. I was like a fictional device, the guythe audience is supposed to identify with, because like them, hedoesn't understand a word that these brainy bastards say.To be fair, in spite of their drunken carousing and salutary advanceson our waitresses and women at neighboring tables, peppered with atechnobabble of hacker jargon that made my vision blur, the boyswere very polite and friendly towards the lowest commondenominator, yours truly. I'd often wondered what the mad scientistsaw in me, and occasionally I asked him, carefully, since having amad scientist as a friend was too good to screw up by appearing asstupid as I really am. He patiently explained to me that by hisestimations and "scans" he had determined that my habit, or "knack"as he called it, for constantly seeking, and imagining a betterpornography was potentially a real boon to the science community.He was constantly trying to tease the pornographic visions from myhead. Truly, I have some good ideas for pornography that no one hasdone. And surely, they would sell. And really, I don't care if I do themor someone else does, since all I want is good porn, and acomfortable world that is more conducive to hedonism. So I'm happyto share my dream-inspired sex visions, in a nutshell or expanded totree size. In a nutshell, I fantasize about all the enlightened immortal womenthat I'd read about in my religion books ganging up on humans andbanging them into samadhi. Men watching these luminous fuckscenes would get their chakras lit up from the comfort of their homesand the stories would be chock full of educational materials, ready tofeed the newborn and ravenously hungry higher chakras, but neverfor a moment interfering with the good fucking, which is what theaudience thinks it's paying for. So I happily gave everything I had tothe travel cult, and they were polite and adjusted their hackerese toaccommodate my religious lexicon, substituting words like God andEnlightenment for whatever are their hacker equivalents, and willinglywent down the yellow brick road of tantric sex with me, pointing outmany new sights I'd never noticed along the way. Later, when I waswell sloshed, the mad scientist shuttled me away with winks at theboys. "I know it's late, Kelly," he said, "but there's something I'vebeen wanting to show you."We drove out of Santa Cruz and into the mountains, proceeding frompaved road to dirt, from smooth to rutty. We passed the GoddessTemple, where the saint said he often stopped to take in a bellydance or kundalini session. The mad scientist's secret lab was waybeyond that, past nightmarish hells of rusty car skeletons and NoTrespassing signs ominously holey from bullets. He explained that hisreal estate choice was partly due to financial considerations, andpartly because all the meth labs, grizzly gun-toting Okies and VietNam vets served him well as a front for his secret experiments."They're almost as good as an army," he explained."But the first lines of modern defense are always information mazes,media blinds, propaganda traps. And anyone nerdy enough to getpast those is usually pretty easily scared by an old man with a gunand a dog." "Are you working on anything a government or terroristgroup might want or fear?" I asked."Ah," said the madman, arching his brows significantly. "The methlabs are simply a moat. They are not the last line of defense."Finally we arrived, the wheels of the car balancing like tightropewalkers on the ridges of ruts so deep they would have swallowed thewheels of a SUV like the hungry swamp blob in an old sci-fi movie.The mad saint's secret lab looked like a shack, but the floor openedand led to a cavernous basement that, even when flooded with brightlight, still faded at the far end into darkness."Of course you know," he said, literally jabbing me in the ribs with hiselbow, "that now you can never leave."I laughed dutifully and not a little nervously. The place was full of allkinds of mysterious equipment, some of which he pointed out as weproceeded briskly towards the darkness."There's the ecto-typewriter. That's vintage mad scientist stuff.There's my sex toy, Claire, the AI." Sitting on a chair was a stunninglybeautiful woman, seemingly frozen in time, like a 3D photo. I goggled.Here was all this stuff I'd believed were only fictional devices.Perhaps I myself was real as well!"I'd like to give HER a Turing test," I ventured lamely.He snickered and we passed a huge cloaked blob, with all sorts ofroundy and jabby things concealed."What's that?" I asked. "That's not ready to show," he said quickly,picking up his pace. "It's a prototype of the zazzomatic.""The telepathy machine?""Yes.""But it's so big!""Just like early computers. Commercial models will be much smaller.Like all truly revolutionary technology, size is not what matters. It'ssneaking past the meter-maid snipers. You have no idea how manyreally wonderful devices that could have helped humanity and otherspecies have been shot down because they would have underminedglobal, meterable systems."Now we'd reached our destination. My eyes must have looked likesaucers. It was something else right out of fiction. A myth not yetvisible in popular culture, only as rumor whispered around campfiresby neo-shamans "high on a vine," or a molecule, a tribe well-knownfor cloaking the ineffable in allegorical terms, so that their storieswere rarely true at face value.But there it was, a real Egg! It was surrounded by panels that lookedlike jet airplane dashboards.The controls were mostly the old-fashioned toggle and dial type. Andthere were exposed tangles of wires connecting various panels whichwere apparently being constantly added or disconnected, sometimesset in boxes of nailed-together plywood or haphazardly soldered hereand there. I took it all in like a kid in a candy shop."Wow, a real live Egg," I said in the hushed tones that invariably issuefrom the lips of religious zealots or sports fans adoring their idols."What is all that stuff?""You've been asking why I found you so interesting," the saint's voicecame from behind me as if from a discarnate entity, a voice-over ofthe images panning before my documentary camera eyes."Yeah," I continued talking in an absent-minded way, "I thoughtmaybe I was sort of like a lab rat, but" (I recovered enough presenceof mind to tack on some etiquette) "I always considered you a 'good'scientist. You know, you were kind to your rats, gave us lots ofcheese and stuff.""Well, I guess in a way you were not that far off. You see, I've beenmodifying this travel device somewhat, according to yourpornographic rants. I've been milking you like you were a psychicchannel plugged into a spring of future science. If I was a really goodfriend, I would have counseled you to sign an NDA before givingaway your ideas. Pure gold. And speaking of NDAs..."The saint produced a big machine-rolled joint."This is better than any NDA. Also it's not safe or effective to operatethis Egg while you're straight."He got it lit and passed it my way. Good shit! I was in doper heaven!"So what do you mean," I said, speaking while inhaling, "that you'modified' the Egg?""Well, in the original Eggs, you had to be fucking a tantrika--asexually skilled woman--in order to make it work. And if you could getit to work, you ended up on a parallel Earth. Then you couldn't getback unless you could do it without an Egg. As you can imagine,frustrating even for 'initiates,' and nothing close to marketable.""Sex is still critical to the travel process. And as you know, it's not justtravel that interests me—travel's just another form of escape--but thedirect mind-to-mind connection that facilitates this kind of travel. So Itook your ideas of scrolling through women, and wondered if it couldbe applied here. "And I should add, it was not just your ideas thatintrigued me. More importantly, I thought you might make a good testpilot. It takes a certain type, you know...""A Sputnik Egg dog..." I said contemplatively, taking another hit."Yes. Anyway, inside you will notice three concentric circular screens.The two outer screens target systems deeper than ego. On thecentral screen you will see the "new and improved" pornography, thatyou've been pining for. It's not the canned stuff--this is real-timeactual fucking...""Where?" I muttered, "how?""I'm glad you asked that, Kelly. Now, look out here. This is a panelthat controls that orgone antenna on top of the egg. Receptionstrength and range are partly determined by the receptivity of thetraveler. On the central screen you'll see the sex scene that you aretuning in on, and all around suggestive variations on the themes thathave caught your attention. That's the basics." "However, there aremany settings you can tune from out here before you begin your trip.This dial, for instance, determines the number of chromosomes of theorganisms you'll see fucking...""You mean you can get interspecies pornography on this thing?" "Ofcourse. And here's a toggle that determines if the life forms you'll tunein are even DNA based or not. The default settings are for earth-typehumans...""I think that's where I'd like to start," I said, agog. "Most people haveto. You'd have to be pretty damn advanced to tune in to squid sex, orfuck a molecule or a sun spot. Human sex is like training wheels forReal Sex. Now, pay attention. Here are the dials that determine therange. Do you want to tune in to sex in your home town, your country,your world, nearby worlds--or shoot for other galaxies? And here's atoggle that determines if the orgone antenna will seek signalshyperdimensionally. That's how you get to the parallel earths. Andhere's a dial that can scale you up to higher dimensions or down to'flatland.'" "I'll stick with 3-D...""I wouldn't let you try anything else, safety considerations, ya know.And speaking of safety, that's one thing that's really a quantum leapbetween this new Egg and the old ones. With the old Eggs it was sinkor swim, teleport to Java 2 or just cum in the magnesium salts andhave to clean up and go home to the same old world.""But with this new Egg, when you get a good resonance with acertain fuck, your consciousness will piggy-back on theconsciousness of the chosen fucker...and you will ride around in hisbean, seeing and feeling what he sees for a little while, before yournatural affinity for your own "self" will automatically return you here, toyour body floating in this Egg..."Can I be a woman if I'm a man?""Good question. Thanks for reminding me. Here's a toggle thatdetermines sex. Always start with your own, for practical purposes. Ifyou're a man you'll see the fuck from the man's point of view. It'squite a neural tweak to do transgender, but it is possible, in theory.There's even a switch here to turn the male/female toggle totally off,since, as you might suspect from a casual look at nature, there arespecies that do not use that system...""Like if I wanted to fuck a flower or a worm...""You might be in an amoeba-like one-sex situation...or in many casesthere are more than two sexes, and even more than one speciesinvolved in sex. You might be surprised to know that many of thesebizarro modes of copulation are easier to navigate than a manbecoming a woman."Anyway, we'll start you out as a human male...""Thanks, but, you know, I'm starting to have second thoughts. I'mhappily married, you know.""That's another good point. Eggsex is clearly not "cheating". Andthat's not mere rhetoric. The sex really is happening between totallyother people. At worst, the Egg traveler could be called a voyeur. Itreally is just innocent old pornography, but with a new twist..."Now get in, and stick this on your dick. If you were a woman, you'duse the dildo version. This is your sexual feedback interface. It's yourmeans of tuning the sex scenes. You can scroll through fucks andfocus in on the one that arouses you the most. This is also a goodway to start practicing for inter- species sex. Once you get your libidorevved up on humans, you can let the sexual momentum carry youacross the chromosome gap."I improved this dick device too. Actually Sony Corp did. A Japanesefriend in their R&D department smuggled it out to me. As long as Idon't use it commercially, it doesn't matter. What it is is a virtualreality sex toy, for hi-tech phone sex. You view your partner onscreen or in goggles or whatever, and as you get turned on, this thingheats up, and makes a nice simulation of thrusts using peristalticcontractions. Your partner would feel corresponding sensationsthrough her "smart dildo". I've modified it so that it syncs up with theimage on the central screen and reads the flow of your orgone in yourbody, across the viewscreens, and beyond."How does this orgone thing work? "Another good question. But why do I get the feeling you're stalling?Strip. Get in. And I'll explain it to you some more while you get jackedin. There's an internal speaker and mike for communication."Once I was afloat and strapped into the Sony sex toy the screensflickered to life. A porn movie on the center screen. And I recognizedit! Zazel. A good one. I started to get erect, and suspicious. This wasall some kind of elaborate practical joke!"Hey, that's not nice, getting me all worked up like that," I said. "Thisis not an orgone antenna thing, is it? That's just a porn video.""Of course it is, you jerk. How do you expect to tune orgone signalswith a limp dick? The dick is just the tip of the iceberg, you know...thelimp dick, that is. The erect penis is the tip of an endocrine flame thatlicks towards orgone like oxygen. So just shut up and enjoy the show.When your mind starts hungering for reality, for the dimensions of sexthat the pornographic movie cannot convey, you'll start tuning in toreal sex scenes..."So I watched the copulations and strip teases with increasing interest,and between a brain fine-tuned to respond to pornographic imagesand pulsations of the Sony cybercunt I was fully erect in no time. Onthe central screen, the movie dissolved into an interlocking array ofamateur porn scenes like a fly's eye view of some cosmicwhorehouse. The outer screens were filled with pulsating psychedelicvariations on the cosmic whorehouse theme—a disturbingly intenseabstract sexuality that was bypassing my conceptual censors andsucker-punching my id."Wow," I said into the pitch darkness. "All I can say is, wow. That, andyou're gonna be rich! Even if this is just pornography, even if I'm a joke butt, I don't care. This is like nothing I've ever seen, or felt,before." I focussed on a woman's face and her image filled thescreen, wreathed by a circle of copulating bodies like the sculptureson the sides of some Hindu sex temple in the middle of the jungle.She was a stranger--a woman I'd never seen before--in the throes ofdeep passion, her face transfigured, as I'd seen happen to many anordinary female, in my premarital days of sewing my oats, into theface of divine beauty. I've never seen pornography do that! You hadto have had to have been there. And I was indeed experiencing thiswoman through another man's eyes, not via the conventional cameraangles that can be so distracting in pornography, swiveling andpanning around the fuckers, zooming in on the penetration site orcutting away abruptly to some unrelated situation. I was indeed atsomeone else's whim, just as with pornography. Only in pornography,it was the whim of the cameraman or the director none of whom isactually turned on during the film making. Now I was at the whim ofthe desire-driven male mind on whom I was "piggy-backing". I lookedwhere he looked. And I began to sense his thoughts, syncopated withmy thoughts, sometimes our two waves fusing together, sometimesapart. At the moments when our minds meshed, I got a rush of thesensations he was experiencing.It was already getting intense, so I tried disengaging myself from theaction by closing my eyes and just listening to the sound track. Mymind was mostly my own again so while I had a moment of beingable to "think for myself," I spoke against the moaning darkness intothe mike."How's this orgone tuner thing work?"The voice that came to me through the ether was like God orsomething...a God that seemed incredibly beneficent in my arousedstate, a friendly God singing me a gnostic lullaby."Orgone is another name for the divine. A sort of sea of fields,electromagnetic, genetic, and mind fields all amalgamated into a seaof bliss. People and beings of all kinds are like droplets of this sea,held together by the force (evaporation) that separated them in thefirst place, combined with circumstance, where they fell as rain, whatriver they rolled into, what animal drank them, what cell filled withthem, and so forth.""No matter where any droplet (person, being) may be, there remainsalways a direct, trans-spatial way in which they are intuitivelyconnected back to the sea. Sex. Sex is one key. At that moment ofunion and division, the personality membrane of the droplet opens inthe "direction" of the divine orgone sea. That's the interfacial wave theorgone antenna surfs, the momentary openings that spontaneouslyappear between seemingly discrete selves and the no-self sea ofendless orgasmic bliss..."The saint's soothing Lullaby of Truth rose and fell in volume as Iopened my eyes again, and entering once more the cosmicwhorehouse I scrolled through couple after couple eagerly, gettingthe hang of the tantric Egg rig."AHHHH," I began to moan... "They're all...sooooo beautiful.UNGGG. UMMM. yeah, what a tight wet one. .O my God, this onesmells like a new breed of animal flower. OOO, how can they ALL beso FUCKING sexy?""Every sex act more or less opens the fuckers to the divine. But thebetter the sex, the deeper the love, the stronger the arousal, the moreintense the signal. An erect penis is a dowsing rod towards aparticular brand of Truth. Some day every body part will be assensitive as the dick to hot new worlds. A side benefit of Egg travel isthat the traveler is training his whole body to sexually embrace theordinary world—the tantalizing world outside the Egg.""A shortcoming, no pun, is that the fucker often falls asleep right aftercoming and you're "left in the lurch". With practice you can hone in onthe more alert types. Look for signs like fucking somewhere otherthan a bed, the taste of coffee or some other stimulant, daylight, andso on."As if on cue, I lost it right then.Weirdest orgasm I'd ever had. Empty hands full of fleshy globes,body slippery with sweat and the salt bath. I was here and there. Ihad lost it in a syncopated moment, and was still oscillating back andforth between my mind and the other guy's, quivering with the postorgasmic shivers.I rolled off a goddess girl feeling deeply in love, and really fuckingtuckered out. I looked at the ceiling speckles in a trance, my visionfluttering, my mind sinking into a featureless drowsiness."Oops," said the disincarnate voice. "Don't worry, that's what usuallyhappens the first time. You got a sleepy one. Takes practice. I guessI forgot to tell you, the thing is, when you decide who you want to be,you ride them right to the point of orgasm, then pull out pronto. That'sthe time when his Reichian body armor seals back up, right aftercoming, with you inside. It's sort of like a vortex trying to suck you in,so you gotta avoid the orgasm moment until you've learned to handlethe turbulence. Avoid the orgasm—that even sounds kinda tantric.""NOW you tell me. I hope these Sony sex toys are cleanable.""Naturally. But I can read right here on the panel that you didn't come.It was only your target. If you come you will loose your link. Or in arare case, coming in exact time with your target, you could get stuckin them.""Fuck! I thought you said this was safe?""SafeR. No guarantees in life. Now, it occurs to me that it's gettingpretty late, and your wife will probably be really pissed.""I didn't want to say anything.""Don't worry, I take good care of my lab rats. You see, there are acouple of controls I've installed that were turned off for your first trip.One limits your travel to current time, it screens out time travel. If youhave time travel toggled, you also have to screen out your own self,or you'll almost always gravitate towards your own fucks. Especiallythe good ones. Now, when was the last time you and your wife madelove?"This sounded like the classic newlyweds question. It was alwaysembarrassing for newlyweds who hadn't fucked much. Sometimesthey'd lie about it. But, in my case, no need to lie. We fucked justyesterday.""Was it good?""Monogamous marital sex has remained surprisingly good, after somany years, even improving in many unexpected ways. Andchanging. Of course, there are always variations. But deep down, Ihave cultivated this sense that, even when I look at womenpornographically, really they are all in essence my own wife. Maybeit's just my superego struggling to integrate the dissonance of mypolygamous id impulses...""OK, Kelly, shut up. I've set the time travel parameter to include aweek in the past, and turned off the self censor. Are you still hard?""As a rock.""Good. You should end up in your own fucking self the moment I flipthe switch. If you let go in orgasm, you'll get stuck in yourself. Do that,and you'll literally be able to tell your wife that on your night out withthe mad scientist, he got you home before you left. Don't worry, I'llclean up the Sony. Enjoy yourself." 

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