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Parent Bulletin Issue 27 SY1314

Parent Bulletin Issue 27 SY1314

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Parent Bulletin Issue 27 SY1314
Parent Bulletin Issue 27 SY1314

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Published by: International School Manila on Mar 14, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MAP Tesng
ISSUE # 27
SY 2013 –2014
Weekly Publication for Middle School Parents
Friday Bulletin
Inside this issue:
Events & Acvies:
ISM Upcoming Events
Admissions & Advancement
Athlecs & Acvies
Superintendent’s Oce
High School Guidance
Service Learning
No Impact Week
 Grade 5/12 All Strings Concert
Led Conferences
Student Led Conferences
MAP Tesng
Treasury Department
MARCH 17 TO 21
Dear Parents:
Today we held Robolucion, a robot maker fair, in the Lile Theater for our Mid-dle and High School students to showcase the robots they constructed and pro-grammed during class. Seeing the students and robots in acon was amazing. There were dogs walking, elephants picking up a bar, robots climbing stairs and games to be played…just to name a few. The atmosphere of excitement was a clear indicaon that lots of learning had taken place over the past weeks, and a posive sign that our edgling robocs program has taken hold of student in-terest and creavity. Thanks to Mahew Chadwick and Ringo Dingrando, the Middle School and High School Robocs teachers, for organizing this event.
This week the second round of MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tesng began. In the event that your child misses a tesng session, we will hold make
up sessions on Wednesdays starng at 7:30 A.M. If your child requires a make
up session, the MS Oce will nofy you and we ask that you make the neces-sary arrangements to bring your child to school early on Wednesday. On Thursday, March 20 students will be released early at 12:00 noon, and we will have an aernoon of Student
Led Conferences, which provides an oppor-tunity for students to share their learning with their parents. Informaon was emailed to all parents about the aernoon, quesons you can ask your child during the conferences, and a goal seng sheet. On Thursday aernoon parents will accompany their child to each class for ap-proximately ten minutes and have the opportunity to discuss samples of work. There will be two sessions, 12:30 – 2:30 and 3:00
 5:00, with students divided according to the alphabet. It is recommended that students with surnames A
K aend the rst session, and students with surnames L
Z aend the second ses-sion; however, this is exible. If you are unable to aend the recommended session me, you are welcome to parcipate in the alternate session. For stu-dent
led conferences, parents will not need to schedule appointments. Please note that if both parents are unable to aend the student
led conference, your child is expected to go home at dismissal and not remain on campus. On Friday, March 21 the Middle School will join the Elementary School Interna-onal Day and watch the ag ceremony in the morning. Our aernoon assem-bly will also highlight other cultures. On Friday students are encouraged to dress in are that represents their home country. We look forward to every-one geng involved and celebrang the diversity of the ISM community.
At this point of the semester we oen see students who are starng to get red and stressed and are ready for a break from school. This is oen evident in their moods and the tensions that may arise with friends and other peers. We recognize that this is part of the natural cycle of the school year and watch out for students who may be showing signs of fague or anxiety. If you noce any of these signs in your child, please take some me to connect with them and talk about how they are feeling. Somemes all it takes to get a child back on track is a listening ear from a trusted adult.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Yours in Educaon,
Simon Gillespie
Clarissa Sayson
Middle School Principal
Middle School Assistant Principal
Grade 5/12 All Bands Concert
 Grade 5/12 All Choirs Concert
Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to our Middle School student-led conferences. We hope that you find this time together sharing your learning to be a worthwhile experience. The purpose of this student-led conference is to provide stu-dents with an opportunity to share their learning with their parents and teachers in their classrooms. The goals of a student-led conference include the following: Encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning and progress. Help students recognize and take ownership for the things that interfered with their learning success. Teach students the process of self-evaluation.
Facilitate the development of students’ oral communication skills and self 
-confidence. Enhance communication between student and parents. During the afternoon of March 20, you will take part in one of two sessions (12:30
 2:30 p.m. or 3:00
 5:00 p.m.) together with your child going around to each of their classrooms. The schedule for each session is included in this program guide. We encourage you to attend the first session if your surname begins with the letters A-K, and the second session if your surname begins with the letters L-Z (If you need to attend the other time because of conflicts, this is acceptable). During each class that you visit your child has prepared a presentation of their learning for you. They will be sharing work samples and their reflections, and we encourage you during this time to engage in a con-versation. Included in this guide are some suggested questions that you may ask your child to facilitate the process. On the back page of this guide is a worksheet for you and your child to complete at the end of your session. This time is an opportunity for you to sit down and reflect together on the afternoon and to set goals for the remainder of the school year.
Thank you for taking time to participate in your child’s learning during our Middle School student
-led con-
ferences. We hope that this has given you additional insight into your child’s learning, and an opportunity
to understand what happens on a daily basis in our classes at International School Manila. Yours in Education, Simon Gillespie Clarissa Sayson Middle School Principal Middle School Assistant Principal
Please attend one of the following two sessions
 2:30 or 3:00
 5:00 p.m. You will begin in
your child’s advisory where an overview will be provided. Then go in order of your child’s schedule
spending approximately 10 minutes in each room (the time is flexible). Your child should know their schedule and where to go, but if you need an individual copy of their schedule or a map of the Mid-dle School, please stop by the Middle School Office. Guiding Questions for parents to ask students during and after the conference: 1. What has been the most difficult part of this class? 2. What has been you favorite assignment this year? 3. What assignment did you learn the most from this year? 4. Which subject do you feel is the most difficult for you? Why? 5. How do you think I could help you in this subject? 6. Do you feel that I am helpful to you, in your studies? 7. How do you manage your time when you have assignments that are large? 8. What inspired you to.....? 9. When you're given a choice, what type of assignment would you choose? 10. How do you communicate with your teacher for help? 11. Do you use the tutorial time after school? 12. Do you challenge yourself to try new things? 13. Do you take risks with your assignments? 14. How do you learn best? 15. What study habits do you need to improve? Why? 16. How will you use what you know about your learning styles to improve? 17. How well do you manage your time? What do you need to work on?

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