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Tortoise Diet

Tortoise Diet

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Published by littleacorn
A Free Diet that much gentler and easier to stick to than most. OK so it's a little slower too, but speed isn't the issue because with the tortoise diet once it's off it stays off
A Free Diet that much gentler and easier to stick to than most. OK so it's a little slower too, but speed isn't the issue because with the tortoise diet once it's off it stays off

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Published by: littleacorn on Mar 14, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Tortoise Diet
The free version of the final solution diet
© T Wood 2014  Who Shares Cares
 You may share this book with anyone you wish as long as no alterations are made you can share the link  http://www.scribd.com/doc/212419432/Tortoise!iet "n #acebook$ Twitter or anywhere else you wish. % recommend you use a &'( shorten like bitly.com. You can also copy and share the book directly pro)iding you download the latest copy *rom the link abo)e
(osing weight and keeping it o**$ is really +uite simple with the right attitude and approach. ,ll you need is consistency. %* you consistently$ keep doing the right things$ and a)oid doing the wrong things. You will lose weight and once it-s o** it will stay o**.%t-s about making the right decisions or choices day in day out and that  what this book is all about teaching you how to make the right decisions and helping you lose weight and keeping it o**.The Tortoise !iet can be broken down to a simple three part *ormula  with the *ollowing acronym T.(.T(.Y.(.T.% let-s look at each part in turn.
Think Like A Tortoise
The *irst part o* the *ormula is
think like a tortoise
. % bet you-re thinking this guy is cray$ well please 0ust bear with me *or a *ew minutesit will all make per*ect sense  promise.%-m not talking about 0ust any$ young tortoise about town  heck no$ some o* those guys are 0ust plain stupid.
%-m re*erring to ,esop-s wise old tortoise$ o* the *amous race. e all know ,esop-s *amous *able the hare and the tortoise The arrogant boast*ul hare challenges the wise old tortoise to a long race. ,s soon as they start$ the hare dashes o* at a *erocious pace. 5e +uickly  becomes e6hausted and stops *or a nap  gi)es up.7eanwhile the wise old tortoise$ 0ust plods along at an un)arying steady pace plod$ plod$ plod.... 5e soon pasts the sleeping hare and goes on to  win the race$ the prie and all the accolades.There are se)eral )aluable lessons to be learned *rom this one simple *able and the one we-re concerned with$ is learn to pace yoursel*.(earning to pace yoursel* is an important li*e skill in many areas and is particularly important when it comes to losing weight. 8ace is the down*all o* too many dieters. 7any people become *rustrated with their weight and start looking *or a new diet. The problem$ is in their eagerness to lose weight most people look *or a way to lose weight in *astest possible time.7ost o* the diets that promise and occasionally deli)er rapid weight loss$are *ar too harsh and restricti)e. ,nd the most likely outcome is most dieters will drop out and come o** their diet$ +uite early on. , *ew o* course will persist and reach their goal weight and then come o** the diet and that-s when the real problems start. , harsh and restricti)e diet$ gi)es the body +uite a scare and in order to protect itsel* goes on a massi)e *at grab all the weight and more 0ust comes back  o*ten in terri*yingly short time.ome people 0ust carry on like this year a*ter year. ,nd$ the more success*ul they are at losing weight initially the *atter they become.The Tortoise !iet is less harsh and restricti)e than most harebrained diets. ,nd as such is much easier to stick to and the weight doesn-t come  back.
 ecause it not as harsh and restricti)e there no need to come o** the diet. "nce you ha)e reached your goal weight and a calorie de*iciency is unnecessary you can 0ust rela6 a little and let it morph gently into a sensible healthy li*elong eating plan."* course it-s slower than the rapid weight loss diets which at *irst glance seem to hold so much promise. ut the real issue is not how *ast  you lose weight but$ the *act that
once it's off it stas off!
% know your wondering how slow %s it worth it ith the Tortoise !iet  you can e6pect to lose 11;lb per week  maybe 2lb at a stretch. <ot tooshabby when you only ha)e to lose each lb 0ust once
 ,bo)e you can see a simple graph *ollows thee6perience o* two *ellow dieters the harebrained7r. lue and his *riend the budding tortoisedieter 7rs 'ed. 7r. blue$ with great personal sacri*ice reaches is goal weight =green line> +uickly$ but then come o** his diet. ,nd$ begins to put weight back on$ +uickly passing 7rs. 'ed who-s on her slowly$ but surely on her way down.7r. lue then$ starts the ne6t *ad diet. This time he doesn-t +uite get his goal it-s 0ust too hard and he gi)es up. 5e )ery +uickly passes 7rs. 'ed =who-s *eeling )ery smug> on his way back up. Then starts a new diet =the latest *ad> and again is initially success and then 0ust short o* goal weight gi)es up because it-s too hard and starts gaining again.  ,s we go o** the edge o* the timeline he has started diet number three and is on the way back up  *or how long 7eanwhile 7rs. 'ed has reached her ideal weight and is managing to keep it +uite easily.
"nce it's off it stas off #
she-s )irtually gloating.7rs. 'ed$ despite obser)ing 7r. lue initial success managed to keep

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