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English (RBSE)10th Solution_13!03!14

English (RBSE)10th Solution_13!03!14

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Published by Nilesh Gupta
English (RBSE)10th Solution_13!03!14
English (RBSE)10th Solution_13!03!14

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Published by: Nilesh Gupta on Mar 15, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SECTION-A (Reading)
( Marks: 15)1.
1. The banyan tree is found in Southern Asia.
(1 mark)
2. It is unique in the way it grows and the extent of shade it gives from the scorching sun.
(1 mark)
3. Birts, bats and monkeys deposit banyan seeds.
(1 mark)
4. The roots that reach the ground choke the host tree by preventing its trunk from enlarging.
(1 mark)
5. The two species are the Indian one and the Chinese one.
(1 mark)
6. The word
 means in the air.
(1 mark)
7. The opposite of
 in the passage is unique.
(1 mark)2.
1. Classroom life is defined by the norms, values and customs of the school.
(1 mark)
2. Classroom is a social system because it has its own structural arrangements, cultural ideas andfunctional purposes.
(1 mark)
3. A variation in the interaction of children with teachers is caused by the type of teacher, that isvolunteer, co-ordinator, tainee etc. Setting like classroom, grounds, dining hall, meditation etc alsocontribute to this variation.
(1 mark)
4. Children upto 6-7 years old do not react differently to teachers of different kinds according totheir status but the children of older groups 7 to 10 years react to teachers according to theirofficial status.
(1 mark)
5. The status of the teacher affects the quality of interaction between the students and the teachers.Children give more weightage to senior teachers and less weightage to trainee teachers.
(1 mark)
6. Teacher
s job includes co-ordinating, training, teaching and taking care of every aspect of the
(1 mark)
 means to mark.
(1 mark)
8. The opposite of
 is constantly.
(1 mark)
SECTION-B (Writing)
(Marks: 15)3. (5 Marks)
Our New Principal(4 m marks)
The destiny of a ship depends upon the captain who mans it. The same is true of the school. Itssuccess and failure depends upon the principal. Shri Mahadeo Sharma is our new Principal. He is anM.A. He is an experienced hand.
A good principal is a boon to the school. Our new principal is able andhard working. He is very noble and honest. He takes great interest in his work. he is the friend, philosopher and guide of the students. The students regard him as their
. He is not only a good administratorbut also a good teacher. He teaches us English. He is specially interested in poetry.
He is famous for hismethod of teaching. He teaches us so nicely that we follow whatever he teaches us. In his hand Englishhas lost its dullness. If we do not understand any point he makes us understand clearly.Our new Principal believes in strict discipline. He attaches great importance to orderly behavior and goodmanners. He sees that students come in school uniform. He himself is very particular about his dress.
5.Good Health Habits (6 marks)
A proverb has it that
Health is Wealth
. To keep healthy is to keep free from disease and anxiety. Good
health is proper functioning of all body organs. it is also feeling well both in body and in mind. People ingood health are active, cheerful and happy. If you are healthy, you can be happy and can help others insociety as well.To keep in good health we should be careful about hygiene. The rules and practices of keeping goodhealth are called hygiene. We must practice the rules of hygiene. Proper food and nutrition, physicalexercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness and proper medicare are essential for good health. To maintain goodpersonal health, we should follow some important rules. Such as balanced diet, personal hygiene, clean-ing household, taking clean food and water, taking regular exercise etc.In order to maintain a good health, you have to follow the rules of health. At first, you have to eat abalanced diet. Because one cannot keep fit without eating a balanced diet. Then, you have to sleep asound sleep and take proper rest. For this you have to avoid mental anxieties. Next, you have to takephysical exercise regularly. It is essential for all to keep fit. After that, you must be careful about thehygiene of food. You should avoid unhygienic food or any kind of stale food. Over eating causes indiges-tion. So don
t over eat. Drink plenty of clean water. Taking food in time is also important. Form the habit
of cleanliness and early rising. You must give up any kind of bad habit or addiction. To keep fit mentally,you should control your emotions. Avoid tension and always take care of health. Never take medicinewithout consulting a doctor. Finally, the best way to keep fit is to follow the rules of health. It does not haveany alternative.
(Marks: 15)6.
1.delivers 2. was examining 3. has begun 4. will remain 5. spent 6. threw 7. had landed8. is going
( 4 marks)7.
1. The money was snatched out of his hand.
(1 mark)
2. It was a large and lovely garden.
 1. The woodcutter cut down the old tree that was planted by my grandfather.
( 2 marks)
 2. Anil supported the movement that was supported by his friend.
1. Rita asked Amar if he had seen her diary.
( 4 marks)
2. Amar aske her if it was the one with a brown cover.3. Rita replied to Amar affectionately in the affirmative.4. Amar told Rita that he had seen that lying on the new shelf in their drawing room.
(A) was supplied
( 2 marks)
(B) is published
1. could 2. might 3. can 4. may
( 2 marks)
SECTION-D (Text Book)
(Marks: 35)12.
1. He asked for paper and ink to write a letter to God. (1 m)2. His brow was wrinkled because of the efforts he had to make to pen down his ideas.
( 1 mark)
3. He didn
t want money to be sent through the mail as he thought that the employees at the post office
were dishonest people.
( 1 mark)
 is the word that means all the fingers of hand clenched together.
( 1 mark)13.
1. The legend in the passage is that tea plants grew out of the eye lids Bodhidharma.
( 1 mark)
2. Bodhidharma was an ancient Buddhist ascetic.
( 1 mark)
3. The tea plants grew out of the eye lids of Bodhidharma.
( 1 mark)
4. Ascetic means a saintly person.
( 1 mark)14.(i)
When the narrator asked the women in the control centre about the pilot of the mystgerious blackareoplane who helped him in landing safely, thw looked at the n arrator strangely, because there wasstorm and no aeroplane was flying in such a bad weather there. There was no other aeroplane and pilotover there in teh sky. She saw only narrator
s aeroplane on the radar.
( 4 marks)15.(i)
Natalya does want to start a quarrel again.In the course of talks on a light matter.Lomov starts talkingabout his dog.Natalya tries to prove her dog superior to Lomov
s dog.Now they start quarreling over their
( 3 marks)OR(ii)
Natalya comes to known that Lomov had come there to propose to her. When she quarrels with Lomov,she doesn
t know it. Later on when her father tells her this, she becomes restless and asks him to call
Lomov back.
These lines have been taken from the poem 'For Anne Gregory' composed by Irish nationalistpoet W.B. Yeats.
The poet informs Gregory that she will be loved for her exterior.
 The people love you for your beauty and qualities, but there is no one who loves or can loveyou for yourself. The poet here tells Anne that her lover loves her for her beautiful hair but not for herself.It is impossible for human lovers to uncondtionally love you even in the absence of your beauty orqualities.Gregory says that she can get her hair dyed in brown or black or carrott. She wants the youngman to love her for herself alone and not for her yellow hair.
( 4 marks) ORReference--
 These lines have been extracted from Robert Frost's poem, 'Fire and Ice'.
The poet tries to give his own opinion about how and by whom world will be destroyed.
According to the poet, there are two ways in which the world will be destroyed. Some saythat it will be destroyed by fire, whereas others consider ice to be its destroyer. But, the poet holds theview that favours 'fire' to be the cause of destruction of the world. He takes 'fire' in a wider sense. For him,it is the fire of man's desire that will cause all the conflict and violence in the world. So, it is man's desirethat will destroy the world.
Custard was a coward.So Belinda used to tickle him mercilessly.Ink,Blink and Mustard used to sit in thelittle red wagon and laugh at custard.They rudely called him Percival.The dragon showed great courage infacing the pirate.He jumped up and snorted like an engine.He made different sounds.He attacked thepirate like a robin at a worm.
(3 marks)OR(ii)
 Fog comes quietly on its haunches, spreads over harbour and city and then moves away silently. Simi-larly, humans can also learn to pursue their goals quietly and thus enjoy affinity with nature. The poetsays that fog comes quietly on its haunches, spreads over ur and city and then moves away silently asa little cat does. The poet here uses the metaphor of cat for 'fog'.
Whitman explains that not a single animal is discontented or mad about materialistic collection. Not asingle animal pays respect to the other living today or in ancient times. There is no discrimination of

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