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middle ages notes

middle ages notes

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Published by mrsfox

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Published by: mrsfox on Oct 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Middle Ages
12 Applied

1. 1066, Battle of Normandy
- William of Normandy defeated King Harold of England, last Anglo-Saxon

- Normans never left England again
- William the Conqueror declared the throne as rightly his

2. Normans spoke French but William did not care to change the Anglo-Saxon
language so English developed as a result of the mixing of French and the Anglo-
Saxon language

3. Normans brought an emphasis on law and order and united the 2 cultures
4. William made the Domesday Book \u2013 big ledger of every piece of property,
animal, building in England
- people could be taxed on what they owned
5. Fuedalism developed \u2013 new social system
- caste system, property system, and military system

- based on hierarchy
1. God was supreme overlord
2. King was a vassel of God and had \u201cdivine right\u201d
3. King appointed barons and barons appointed vassels
4. Knights and serfs were at the bottom

- did not always work but carried with it mannerism and form evident in lit
and art of the time
- code of chivalry developed
6. Knights \u2013 boys trained at an early age to become warriors, dubbed a knight and
called \u201cSir\u201d
- becoming a knight meant being loyal to a certain baron and king
7. Women

- No political rights
- Father/husband\u2019s social standing determined the respect she commanded
- Peasant women \u2013 childbearing, housework, and fieldwork

8. Chivalry \u2013 system of ideals and social codes governing behavior of knights and

- Certain loyalties, rules of warfare, and adoring a particular lady
9. Courtly love \u2013 flirting but no touching \u2013 gift giving and talking
10. The Crusades \u2013 European Christians vs Muslims, with Jerusalem and the Holy

Land as the prize

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