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Draft resolution in blue: Ukraine

Draft resolution in blue: Ukraine

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Draft resolution in blue on Ukraine to be voted on by the UN Security Council on 15 March 2014
Draft resolution in blue on Ukraine to be voted on by the UN Security Council on 15 March 2014

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Published by: UK Mission to the UN on Mar 15, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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United Nations
Security Council
Provisional13 March 2014Original: English
United States of America: draft resolution
The Security Council 
 the o!ligation o" all States #nder $rticle 2 o" the United Nations %harter to re"rain in their international relations "ro& the threat or #se o" "orce against the territorial integrit' or (olitical inde(endence o" an' state and to settle their international dis(#tes !' (eace"#l &eans
 its (ri&ar' res(onsi!ilit' #nder the United Nations %harter "or the &aintenance o" international (eace and sec#rit'
 that no territorial ac)#isition res#lting "ro& the threat or #se o" "orce shall !e recogni*ed as legal
 the 19+, -elsin.i inal $ct o" the %on"erence on Sec#rit' and %oo(eration in E#ro(e and the 1994 #da(est Me&orand#&
 the i&(ortance o" &aintaining an incl#sive (olitical dialog#e in U.raine that re"lects the diversit' o" its societ' and incl#des re(resentation "ro& all (arts o" U.raine
 the contin#ed e""orts !' the Secretar'eneral the Organi*ation "or Sec#rit' and %oo(eration in E#ro(e and other international and regional organi*ations to s#((ort deescalation o" the sit#ation in U.raine
 Noting with concern
 the intention to hold a re"erend#& on the stat#s o" %ri&ea on 1 March 20141
 its co&&it&ent to the sovereignt'inde(endence #nit' and territorial integrit' o" U.raine 5ithin its internationall' recogni*ed !orders62
 all (arties to (#rs#e i&&ediatel' the (eace"#l resol#tion o" this dis(#te thro#gh direct (olitical dialog#eto e7ercise restraint to re"rain "ro& #nilateral actions and in"la&&ator' rhetoric that &a' increase tensions and to engage "#ll' 5ith international &ediation e""orts63
 Calls on
 U.raine to contin#e to res(ect and #(hold its o!ligations #nder international la5 and to (rotect the rights o" all (ersons in U.raine incl#ding the rights o" (ersons !elonging to &inoritiesand in this regard 5elco&es the state&ents !' the transitional govern&ent in U.raine a""ir&ing its co&&it&ents to #(hold the rights o" all U.rainians incl#ding those !elonging to &inorities and to an incl#sive national (olitical dialog#e6
14023+ 8E9

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