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The Philadelphia Renaissance Part 2

The Philadelphia Renaissance Part 2

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Published by Adam Fieled
A second pdf exploring the Philadelphia cultural and artistic renaissance of the Aughts in 2014.
A second pdf exploring the Philadelphia cultural and artistic renaissance of the Aughts in 2014.

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Published by: Adam Fieled on Mar 15, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is a key difference to what I’m doing in a pdf
from what the writers of manifestos in the arts generally do. A manifesto is generally written
in medias res 
, rather than after the fact; is written in a boldly declarative style, rather than thoughtfully, scrupulously, and with an eye and ear for raw candor; last, and, perhaps, most importantly, most manifestos aim to separate the artistic cabal they represent from history, while what I am attempting to do for Aughts Philly, the Philly Free School, and the Philadelphia Renaissance in general, is to connect linkages from us to the rich history of the arts, both the fine arts and the popular. A manifesto generally adopts a rhetoric which assigns blame to lax and/or incompetent artistic cabals which have come before, especially immediately before; here, though the tone I adopt towards post-modernism is a niggling one, I respect that no work of art, and certainly no cabal of avant-artists, can be entirely new, or even close. Why manifestos usually fail, and become obsolescent almost immediately after they are written, is that their creators tend to forget this, and claim such an extravagant degree of novelty for themselves that mature audiences will instantly spot the discrepancies between what is claimed and what is accomplished. Do I make some extravagant claims for the Philadelphia Renaissance and its artists here? I do; but, in contradistinction to a manifesto approach (manifestos are often used as a tease), much of our best art is right here on display. Audiences are encouraged to look at what we have to offer and judge for themselves if we have accomplished anything important, and what that accomplishment may be, or mean. The age of the Internet has its own kind of extravagance, towards allowing an unusual degree of autonomy to creators willing to put time and effort into it. The construction of pdfs in 2014 is very avant indeed; and, over the next twenty to thirty years, we may see more Internet dissemination forms arise which will reinforce and consolidate the gains in autonomy that artists are now beginning to enjoy. It is especially engaging for me to be involved in an avant discipline which offers multi-media possibilities
 vistas open to combine prose, poetry, and images in new ways, to (hopefully) create startling and uncanny effects. I do wonder sometimes if people are finding Aughts Philly astonishing; it was certainly an astounding time to live through, for someone raised in such a way as to suggest that finding kindred spirits would be difficult to impossible. But I did find kindred spirits in Aughts Philly; we all did; and the communal vibe was strong enough to grant me a solid backbone of determination and unflagging energy behind it amidst the recessional detritus of 2014. Adam Fieled 3-11-14

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