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Published by cocoy777
Not long ago, God talked to Neale Donald Walsch about the doctrine of reincarnation, in a very clear manner
Not long ago, God talked to Neale Donald Walsch about the doctrine of reincarnation, in a very clear manner

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: cocoy777 on Mar 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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– thru NDW Conversations with God
NDW: We’ve covered a ot here! "o#$ we’ve rea# covered a ot! Can we%a&e another shi't( Are )ou read# to *o on(GOD: Are #ou(NDW: )es$ I’% roin* now! I’ve 'ina# *otten on a ro! And I want to as&ever# +uestion I’ve ,een waitin* three #ears to as&!GOD: I’% o&a# with that! Go!
The doctrine of Reincarnation
NDW: Cooness! So I woud i&e now to ta& a,out another o' the esoteric%#steries! Wi )ou s-ea& to %e a,out reincarnation(GOD: Sure!NDW: .an# rei*ions sa# that reincarnation is a 'ase doctrine/ that we *eton# one i'e here/ one chance!GOD: I &now! That is not accurate!NDW: How can the# ,e so wron* a,out so%ethin* so i%-ortant( How canthe# not &now the truth a,out so%ethin* so ,asic(GOD: )ou %ust understand that hu%ans have %an# 'ear0,ased rei*ions whose teachin*s surround a doctrine o' a God who is to ,e worshi--ed and 'eared!It was throu*h 'ear that #our entire Earth societ# re'or%ed itse' 'ro%the %atriarch# into the -atriarch#! It was throu*h 'ear that the ear#-riests *ot -eo-e to 1%end their wic&ed wa#s2 and 1heed the word o'the 3ord!2 It was throu*h 'ear that churches *ained$ and controed$their %e%,ershi-!One church even insisted that God woud -unish #ou i' #ou did not *oto church ever# Sunda#! Not *oin* to church was decared a sin!And not 4ust an# church! One had to attend one -articuar church! I'#ou went to a church o' a di''erent deno%ination$ that$ too$ was a sin!This was an atte%-t at contro$ -ure and si%-e$ usin* 'ear! Thea%a5in* thin* is$ it wor&ed! He$ it sti wor&s!NDW: Sa#$ )ou’re God! Don’t swear!GOD: Who was swearin*( I was %a&in* a state%ent o' 'act! I said$ 1He6itsti wor&s!2 7eo-e wi awa#s ,eieve in he$ and in a God who woud send the%there$ as on* as the# ,eieve that God is i&e %an6ruthess$ se'0servin*$ un'or*ivin*$ and ven*e'u!In da#s -ast$ %ost -eo-e coud not i%a*ine a God who %i*ht risea,ove a o' that! So the# acce-ted the teachin* o' %an# churches to
1'ear the terri,e ven*eance o' the 3ord!2It was as i' -eo-e coudn’t trust the%seves to ,e *ood$ to acta--ro-riate#$ on their own$ 'or their own ,uit0in reasons! So the# hadto create a rei*ion that tau*ht the doctrine o' an an*r#$ retri,utiveGod in order to &ee- the%seves in ine!NDW: Now the idea o' reincarnation threw a %on&e# wrench into a o' that!How so( What %ade that doctrine so threatenin*(GOD: The church was -rocai%in* that #ou’d ,etter ,e nice$ or ese6andaon* ca%e the reincarnationists$ sa#in*: 1)ou’ have another chancea'ter this$ and another chance a'ter that! And sti %ore chances! Sodon’t worr#! Do the ,est #ou can! Don’t ,eco%e so -ara#5ed with'ear that #ou can’t ,ud*e! 7ro%ise #ourse' to do ,etter$ and *et on with it!2Natura#$ the ear# church coudn’t hear o' such a thin*! So it did twothin*s! 8irst$ it denounced the doctrine o' reincarnation as heretica!Then it created the sacra%ent o' con'ession! Con'ession coud do 'orthe church*oer what reincarnation -ro%ised! That is$ *ive hi%another chance!So then we had a setu- where God woud -unish #ou 'or #our sins$uness #ou con'essed the%! In that case #ou coud 'ee sa'e$ &nowin*that God had heard #our con'ession and 'or*iven #ou!)es! "ut there was a catch! This a,soution coud not co%e direct#'ro% God! It had to 'ow throu*h the church$ whose -riests-ronounced 1-enances2 which had to ,e -er'or%ed! These wereusua# -ra#ers which were re+uired o' the sinner! So now #ou hadtwo reasons to &ee- u- #our %e%,ershi-!The church 'ound con'ession to ,e such a *ood drawin* card thatsoon it decared it to ,e a sin not to *o to con'ession! Ever#,od# hadto do it at east once a #ear! I' the# didn’t$ God woud have anotherreason to ,e an*r#!.ore and %ore rues6%an# o' the% ar,itrar# and ca-ricious6,e*anto ,e -ro%u*ated ,# the church$ each rue havin* the -ower o'God’s eterna conde%nation ,ehind it$ uness$ o' course$ 'aiure wascon'essed! Then the -erson was 'or*iven ,# God$ and conde%nationavoided!"ut now there was another -ro,e%! 7eo-e 'i*ured out that this %ust%ean the# coud do an#thin*$ as on* as the# con'essed it! Thechurch was in a +uandar#! 8ear had e't the hearts o' the -eo-e!Church attendance and %e%,ershi- dro--ed! 7eo-e ca%e to1con'ess2 once a #ear$ said their -enances$ were a,soved o' theirsins$ and went on with their ives!There was no +uestion a,out it! A wa# had to ,e 'ound to stri&e 'earinto the heart a*ain!So -ur*ator# was invented!NDW: 7ur*ator#( GOD: 7ur*ator#! This was descri,ed as a -ace so%ethin* i&e he$ ,ut noteterna! This new doctrine decared that God woud %a&e #ou su''er'or #our sins even i' #ou con'essed the%!9nder the doctrine$ a certain a%ount o' su''erin* was decreed ,#God 'or each non -er'ect sou$ ,ased on the nu%,er and t#-e o' sinsco%%itted! There were 1%orta2 sins and 1venia2 sins! .orta sins woud send #ou ri*ht to he i' not con'essed ,e'ore death!Once %ore$ church attendance shot u-! Coections were u-$ too$ and
es-ecia# contri,utions 0 'or the doctrine o' -ur*ator# aso incuded a wa# one coud ,u# one’s wa# out o' the su''erin*!NDW: I’% sorr#6( GOD: Accordin* to the church’s teachin*$ one coud receive a s-eciaindu*ence6,ut a*ain$ not direct# 'ro% God6on# 'ro% an o''icia o'the church! These s-ecia indu*ences 'reed one 'ro% the su''erin* in-ur*ator# which the# had 1earned2 with their sins6or at east -art o'it!NDW: So%ethin* i&e 1ti%e o'' 'or *ood ,ehavior(2GOD: )es! "ut$ o' course$ these re-rieves were *ranted to ver# 'ew!Genera#$ those who %ade a cons-icuous contri,ution to the church!8or a rea# hu*e su%$ one coud o,tain a -enar# indu*ence! This%eant no ti%e in -ur*ator# at a! It was a nonsto- tic&et strai*ht toheaven!This s-ecia 'avor 'ro% God was avaia,e 'or even 'ewer! Ro#at#$-erha-s! And the su-er rich! The a%ount o' %one#$ 4ewes$ and and*iven to the church in echan*e 'or these -enar# indu*ences wasenor%ous! "ut the ecusivit# o' a this ,rou*ht *reat 'rustration andresent%ent to the %asses0no -un intended!The -oorest -easant hadn’t a ho-e o' *ainin* a ,isho-’s indu*ence0and so the ran& and 'ie ost 'aith in the s#ste%$ with attendancethreatenin* to dro- once a*ain!NDW: Now what did the# do(GOD: The# ,rou*ht in the novena candes!7eo-e coud co%e to the church and i*ht a novena cande 'or the1-oor sous in -ur*ator#$2 and ,# sa#in* a novena ;a series o' -ra#ersin a -articuar order that too& so%e ti%e to co%-ete<$ the# coud&noc& #ears o'' the 1sentence2 o' the dear# de-arted$ etricatin*the% 'ro% -ur*ator# sooner than God woud otherwise have aowed!The# coudn’t do an#thin* 'or the%seves$ ,ut at east the# coud -ra#'or %erc# 'or the de-arted! O' course$ it woud ,e he-'u i' a coin ortwo were dro--ed throu*h the sot 'or each cande it!A ot o' itte candes were 'ic&erin* ,ehind a ot o' red *ass$ and a oto' -esos and -ennies were ,ein* dro--ed into a ot o' tin ,oes$ in anatte%-t to *et .e to 1ease u-2 on the su''erin* ,ein* in'icted on thesous in -ur*ator#!NDW: Whew= This is un,eieva,e! And )ou %ean -eo-e coud not seeri*ht throu*h a that( 7eo-e did not see it as the des-erate atte%-to' a des-erate church to &ee- its %e%,ers des-erate to do an#thin*to -rotect the%seves 'ro% this des-erado the# caed God( )ou%ean -eo-e actua# ,ou*ht this stu''(GOD: >uite itera#!NDW: No wonder the church decared reincarnation to ,e an untruth!GOD: )es! )et when I created #ou$ I did not create #ou so that #ou coudive one i'eti%e6an in'initesi%a -eriod$ rea#$ *iven the a*e o' theuniverse 0 %a&e the %ista&es #ou were inevita,# *oin* to %a&e$ thenho-e 'or the ,est at the end! I’ve tried to i%a*ine settin* it u- that

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