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The Unfortunate Story of Blind Faith – The 30 Jesuits and the Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Unfortunate Story of Blind Faith – The 30 Jesuits and the Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Published by cocoy777
This is a astonishing story of the souls of Catholic priest and nuns finding themselves in the beyond as not going to heaven but....
This is a astonishing story of the souls of Catholic priest and nuns finding themselves in the beyond as not going to heaven but....

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: cocoy777 on Mar 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Unfortunate Story of Blind Faith – The 30 Jesuits and the 90 Ladies of the Sacred Heart of JesusSource: Bishop Martin Sunsets to Sunrises! "hapter #9 $%&TH'( M)($"L' F&( B)SH&* M$(T)%+  $ T'ST F&( TH' M)%&()T'S $%, TH' J'SU)TS+ -Bishop Martin.: /%o ) a1 curious 1yself to 2no ho and hen this party of a thousand spirits ill e tested+ )t is unli2ely to happen inside this house4 and in the open e5ery one of the1 ould ha5e to e in a different place+ 6e are only to of us! and ) really cannot i1a7ine ho this thin7 can e handled+ ) ould not consider it 5ery difficult to distin7uish in a floc2 of a hundred sheep the one lost sheep fro1 the ninetynine 8ust ones4 ut here! there are a thousand sotosay co1pletely lost sheep and! therefore! it  ill 1ean folloin7 a thousand lost sheep+ Listen! friend! this ill e a 1ost unusual tas2! uite inco1prehensile to 1e as yet+/ -Bore1.: /Friend and rother! do not as2 too 1any uestions+ Many thin7s that at this sta7e see1 i1possile to you! are possile to the Lord+ %one of these spirits ill lea5e the house! yet still they ill! ithin the1sel5es! e transferred to different areas in all detail correspondin7 ith their inner sel5es+ $nd as e shall enter their particular sphere! they shall see us and e ale to tal2 to us+ $s lon7 as e are outside their sphere! they ill e unale to see us! hilst  e shall ha5e the1 efore us and! y atchin7 the ac2s of their heads! e shall 2no  hat they are doin7 and ho they are co1plyin7 ith the Lord;s instructions and if they are al2in7 in His paths+ Loo2! they are already in the spheres of their inner sel5es  here they elon7+ They are standin7 3 in the sa1e spot as efore and appear to tal2 to each other! ut they do not since they no can see neither each other nor us+ %o they are ein7 arran7ed in file! hich ill 1a2e it easier for us to sur5ey the1+ But they are not aare of it! 8ust as so1eone ho is sound asleep ould not e aare of ein7 carried <  ith his ed to another roo1+ They are already standin7 in file and e can see the ac2 of the head of e5ery one of the1+ "o1e here to this Minorite and see hat he is doin7+/ Bishop Martin steps ehind the Minorite and loo2s throu7h the ac2 of his head! li2e loo2in7 throu7h a 1a7nifyin7 7lass+ He sees a crod of '5es+ Hoe5er! the Minorite does not let = hi1self e disconcerted y the1! ut only teaches the1! hile his eyes are fi>ed upon a ri7ht star risin7 in the eternal east+ # -Bore1.: /This one is already sa5ed! and ith hi1 uite a crod of others+ But let us continue and see hat the Jesuits are doin7+/ They oth 1o5e ehind the file of Jesuits and loo2 at the ac2s of their heads+ $nd hat do they see? $out thirty of the1 are fi7htin7 each other for a hole le7ion of harlots! lustin7 for thenflesh+ The stron7er ones 7ra the 1ore 5oluptuous harlots! lea5in7 the others to the ea2er @
Jesuits+ The latter are e>tre1ely annoyed aout this and e7in to ithdra to so1e distance! ith the intention of or7aniAin7 a re5en7e party to attac2 and cruelly punish their collea7ues+ $nd the ea2er and less 5oluptuous harlots herd to7ether a7ainst the others! intendin7 to elaor and scratch the1 ith their sharp nails+ Bishop Martin atches this scene ithout a ord! astonished! ut also secretly annoyed! and does not 2no hat to say+ 9 -Bore1 has noticed this too! and says to Martin.: /Brother! hat do you thin2 of this si7ht?/ -Bishop Martin.: /&h! 1y dearest friend and rother! really! ) ould ne5er ha5e e>pected this of these hypocritical scoundrels+ They are eha5in7 orse than you ould e>pect do7s or 1on2eys C0on earth to eha5e+ )f ) had your poer and isdo1! ith hat ) a1 feelin7 at present! )  ould send a 1illion flashes of li7htnin7 into this crod+ &h! you outandout scoundrelsD Loo2! rother! there is also the rascal ho as urnt to death eteen to stone slas in "hina for treason+ Loo2 ho he tortures the eautiful "hinese CC  o1an  ho he tears the poor thin7 to pieces li2e a 5ultureD But this is afulD By Eod!  e 1ust not allo thisD/ -Bore1.: /Friend! this is only the e7innin7+ 6e 1ust not interfere+ The situation ill soon e Cre5ersed+ Loo2! the "hinese o1an is escapin7 and ill soon ha5e help+ Then she  ill ta2e terrile re5en7e on the 5en7eful Jesuit+ Loo2! she is standin7 and screa1in7 in front of a 7rotto! and fro1 it a lar7e crod of the 1ost atrocious 1onsters is strea1in7+ They are no spreadin7 and surroundin7 the 7roup of Jesuits on all sides+ They are still unaare of hat is in store for the1+ %o they are all encircled y the 1onsters+ The "hinese o1an! her s2in torn to shreds! and ith a scepter in her hand! approaches the crod of Jesuits! ho are still occupied ith the na2ed harlots+ %o atch this! and tell 1e hat you see+/ -Bishop Martin atches for a short hile! then recoils and says! deeply stirred.: /Ho terrile! oh! ho terrileD The "hinese o1an! in a redhot fury! steps in front of our Jesuit and see1s to say! ;,o you 2no 1e! you retch?; The Jesuit loo2s an7ry and ostinate! and says! ;es! you retchD My curse shall e ith you fore5erD; He orders his collea7ues to a7ain 7ra the o1an and tear her to pieces+ But at this 1o1ent! she shouts! ;Bac2 ith you! you cursed seducers of all C3the orldD our 1easure is fullD %o 1y 5en7eance is upon youD; Folloin7 her ords! ) no see a hole le7ion of hu7e! atrocious 1onsters thro the1sel5es on our Jesuits! and they are tearin7 the1 to s1all piecesD The "hinese o1an is ta2in7 the head of our Jesuit! the one ho had ori7inally attac2ed her! and flin7s it into an ayss! fro1 hich a laAe is sprin7in7 up+ %o she flin7s the other re1ains of hi1 after it+ $h! if that is not real hell! ) could not i1a7ine a orse picture to represent itD Shouldn;t e! perhaps! inter5ene in this case?/ -Bore1.: /&h noD The Lord ill handle this Hi1selfD 6e are 1uch too ea2! anyayD But!  hile they are still standin7 efore us in ran2 and file! they are not lost for 7ood+ &nly if so1e of the1 should 5anish fro1 this file! ould it 1ean that e ha5e nothin7 further to do ith the1+ C<But one thin7 ) can tell you: these are not far fro1 hell+ '5erythin7 you ha5e 8ust seen is ta2in7 place in the 1inds of these spirits! not in reality+ Hoe5er! if a 1ind has co1e to e li2e this! reality is not far off+ ou ha5e no seen hat is in the hearts of these 1en+
Than2s to the Lord! e can atch all this safely! fi7urati5ely! and dra1atically+ %o e 2no hat these ein7s are li2e! and e shall see C=hether they heed all the arnin7s they ha5e recei5ed and chan7e their dispositions and their attitudes! folloin7 this de1onstration infused into their 1inds as a sort of counter5en7eance y the Lord Hi1self+ Bein7 torn to pieces y the 1onsters represents a 7reat hu1iliation! hich should rin7 the1 to C#their senses+ Soon e shall see the1 once 1ore as hole ein7s! and then e shall find out hat i1pression this de1onstration has 1ade upon the1+ C@Loo2! the hole Jesuit crod is no cli1in7 out of the ayss into hich the "hinese  o1an had flun7 the one dis1e1ered 1anD/ -Bishop Martin 7lances at the scene! and says.: /True! they are all co1in7 ac2 in one piece a7ain+ ) onder hat they ill do no? $h! their attitude see1s to ha5e i1pro5ed+ Maye they Ccan e sa5ed after all4 So1e e5en appear to co11ence prayin7! 8ud7in7 fro1 the e>pression on their faces+ ) ould re8oice ith all 1y heart if they ould all chan7e for the etterD / -Bore1.: /6hat see1s i1possile to hu1ans! can e achie5ed y Eod+ The first test has had 1ore or less fa5orale results+ %o others ill follo and e shall then see ho they ill e C9passed+ ) can assure you that the ne>t test ill e 1uch harder than the first+ 6atch no! the second act ill e co11encin7 i11ediatelyD/

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