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Published by cocoy777
This letter sheds light to the long confusion about our political and economic conditions in the Philippines
This letter sheds light to the long confusion about our political and economic conditions in the Philippines

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: cocoy777 on Mar 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 16, 2014Dearest Franky,Happy dawn.Would you kindly try to ask Ms Patricia ori !or an e"ook #ersion o! her "ooks$ %a&e purpose' ( ha#e the& &ore accessi"le to !riend as e"ook, e.)., send to their e&ails as well as !or &y writin) purposes, *#ery easy to +uote i! it is already typewritten and also ( &ake it now &y task to post at Face"ook e-cerpts !ro& this kind o! "ooks, then, at the end, ( place the na&e and location o! the source !or their !urther readin).he political condition here in the Philippines is &ore seethin) as &ore hu)e corruptions at on)ress are e-posed "ut appear to "e /railroaded *that is, the attorneys o! the accused are &aneu#erin) to &ake their clients ac+uitted and this &akes the people an)ry.lon) with this is the continued increase o! ta-es that do not return to the people in ter&s o! increased )o#ern&ent ser#ices.he hu)e corruptions that are now e-posed ha#e &ade it clear to the people that our ta-es are  "ein) stolen "y corrupt o!!icials.%o the people are not only unwillin) to pay the increased ta-es they are an)ry. !riend o! &ine told &e yesterday that i! there is no solution to paci!y the people3s seethin) e&otions, these would turn "ad !or the )o#ern&ent.e#olt or re#olution is the word.%o the )o#ern&ent has to clean up its na&e or clean up on)ress and restore the people3s trust a)ain. 5r else, it won3t "e lon) when the people will protest as a )roup. For the &o&ent, only the Manila &ass who are pro!essionals and ha#e access to the national &edia are e-pressin) their discontent. he pro#inces are still silent.ut this lon)7standin) dissatis!action a&on) the people all o#er the country is only waitin) !or so&eone who can unite the& a)ainst the )o#ern&ent a"uses.Most o! the ordinary &en ( con#ersed with, know only o! one end7scenario as !ar as cleanin) the )o#ern&ent e!!ecti#ely' re#olution8 and they &ean "loody.hey do not trust that patience can do the trick. ( &ean' 9ust allow the old do)s to lea#e the world in a natural way, and then, let there "e "etter youn)er ones to replace the&.%o, it &eans educatin) the youn)er ones !or a "etter )o#ernance8 to put their will under the Will o! the l&i)hty.his &eans that 5: P;5P<; M:% 5M; 5 =>5W H; ;?(%;>; 5F @5D3% :; M;%%@;% >D :; ;H(>@% which show us all the way in e#ery aspect o! li!e and society, e.)., &arria)e, !a&ily, work, "usiness, )o#ern&ent, education, etc.
( ha#e told the& that !orcin) out a chan)e, e.)., "loody re#olution, &ay re&o#e the "ad apples e-ternally, "ut the )er& *"ad attitude would pro"a"ly creep into the new youn)er successors i! the true Messa)es and eachin)s o! the <ord would not "e &ade known. For so !ar, the Filipinos ha#e the i"le as our )uide, "ut sadly, they still do not know that the o&an atholic and Protestant churches and translators ha#e already introduced so&e 2A0,000 errors to it, 2A0 o! which are deadly ones, to suit the a)enda o! %pain7Batican, our !irst !orei)n oppressor and now to suit the a)enda o! &erica, our current suppressor.hey do not know the W(<< 5F @5D, H(% ;H(>@%, H(% M;%%@;%, H(% WC%. hey need to "e in!or&ed "ecause the i"le has "eco&e a dull two7ed)ed sword, which can no lon)er cut asunder the hidden cra!tiness o! the decei#ers and it can no lon)er de!ine /sins or /wron)  "eha#ior correctly.s a &aor e-a&ple which ( keep on repeatin) so as to &ake the people aware, the land was ne#er intended "y @od who )a#e it !ree to our ancestors to "e co&&ercialiEed, that is, sold and  "ou)ht, or leased and rented, it has no co&&ercial #alue accordin) to @od, and its purpose alone is to "e e+ually di#ideddistri"uted a&on) all !a&ilies so that no !a&ily would "e landless and  "eco&e poor, and !orced to )et scattered, or !or one o! its &e&"ers to "e !orced to )o !ar away &issin) !a&ily ust to !ind the inco&e they need.Cou cannot !eel it Franky, hierry, how a pain!ul /curse is what the )o#ern&ent calls a "lessin) !or the Philippine econo&y, na&ely' 5FWis& G the pheno&enon called 5#erseas Filipino Workers.(t is an undesired dispersion o! the Filipino !a&ily due to e-tre&e po#erty at ho&e. here is o". here is not land to till. Hu)e tract o! plain !ertile lands are in the hands o! the hacienderos.Cou &ake a round tour around >e)ros, and you will see #ast plains o! su)ar cane !ields owned only "y a #ery !ew rich !a&ily. 0I o! the >e)ros people are tenants, landless people workin) in these haciendas at #ery &ea)er wa)es and no real houses, only s&all huts and no !uture e-cept the cycle o! sla#ery, i)norance and po#erty.(n ohol, there is less hacienda, and the land are so&ewhat &ore di#ided a&on) the !a&ilies "ut this is so "ecause o! the un!ertile condition o! the land, no one is puttin) his eyes on ohol land they pre!er >e)ros and the &ore !ertile land in Mindanao.here is now an increased interest o! the central plains in ohol thanks to the irri)ation, and so, the rich &en here spearheaded "y lturas ha#e started to )ra" the poor !a&ilies3 lands throu)h #arious &eans, such as educational loans to !a&ilies, !ertiliEer loans to !ar&ers, etc. leadin) to the point where the "orrower has to )i#e up his s&all !ield used as collateral. Whether the people and o!!icials here reco)niEe this trend or deny it, it is what is happenin). %&all lots, still !ertile as rice !ields especially, are "e)innin) to )et &er)ed "y "i) land "uyers like lturas and no sooner than you think, ohol will turn into a pro#ince o! !ew owners and "i) haciendas, like >e)ros, like <uEon.What is their &oral7spiritual ri)ht to do that$
( ha#e read the i"le countless o! ti&es, and there is not i&plicit co&&and&ent to authoriEe the  poor to sell his lot, or to authoriEe others to "uy lands.(! they would use the #erses in o&ans 1J as &eans to tell the people that they are to include a"uses o! )o#ern&ent as well as sins a)ainst @od3s will and co&&and&ents as part o! the respect and o"edience Paul wanted the& to )i#e to the authorities, "oth the people and leaders &ust re#iew their understandin).o& 1J'1 Kni#L;#eryone &ust su"&it hi&sel! to the )o#ernin) authorities, !or there is no authority e-cept that which @od has esta"lished. he authorities that e-ist ha#e "een esta"lished "y @od.Kk#L<et e#ery soul "e su"ect unto the hi)her powers. For there is no power "ut o! @od' the powers that "e are ordained o! @od. o& 1J'2 Kni#Lonse+uently, he who re"els a)ainst the authority is re"ellin) a)ainst what @od has instituted, and those who do so will "rin) ud)&ent on the&sel#es.Kk#LWhosoe#er there!ore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance o! @od' and they that resist shall recei#e to the&sel#es da&nation. o& 1J'J Kni#LFor rulers hold no terror !or those who do ri)ht, "ut !or those who do wron). Do you want to "e !ree !ro& !ear o! the one in authority$ hen do what is ri)ht and he will co&&end you.Kk#LFor rulers are not a terror to )ood works, "ut to the e#il. Wilt thou then not "e a!raid o! the power$ do that which is )ood, and thou shalt ha#e praise o! the sa&e' o& 1J'4 Kni#LFor he is @ods ser#ant to do you )ood. ut i! you do wron), "e a!raid, !or he does not "ear the sword !or nothin). He is @ods ser#ant, an a)ent o! wrath to "rin)  punish&ent on the wron)doer.Kk#LFor he is the &inister o! @od to thee !or )ood. ut i! thou do that which is e#il, "e a!raid !or he "eareth not the sword in #ain' !or he is the &inister o! @od, a re#en)er to e-ecute wrath upon hi& that doeth e#il. o& 1J'A Kni#Lhere!ore, it is necessary to su"&it to the authorities, not only "ecause o! possi"le  punish&ent "ut also "ecause o! conscience.Kk#LWhere!ore ye &ust needs "e su"ect, not only !or wrath, "ut also !or conscience sake. o& 1J'6 Kni#Lhis is also why you pay ta-es, !or the authorities are @ods ser#ants, who )i#e their !ull ti&e to )o#ernin).Kk#LFor !or this cause pay ye tri"ute also' !or they are @ods &inisters, attendin) continually upon this #ery thin). o& 1J'N Kni#L@i#e e#eryone what you owe hi&' (! you owe ta-es, pay ta-es i! re#enue, then re#enue i! respect, then respect i! honor, then honor. *<o#e, !or the Day is >ear Kk#Lender there!ore to all their dues' tri"ute to who& tri"ute is due custo& to who& custo& !ear to who& !ear honour to who& honour.

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