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Kennzeichen D Report: False Flag Terrorism in Italy (English Subs)

Kennzeichen D Report: False Flag Terrorism in Italy (English Subs)

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Published by Operation Gladio
translation kindly submitted by reader

Video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqCFYC6nF7I
translation kindly submitted by reader

Video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqCFYC6nF7I

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Published by: Operation Gladio on Mar 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[00:00.00] … officials and military, even those who moved in terrorist circles.[00:05.00] On his crusade against the red menace.[00:08.00] Whether money by check or in cash, Franz Josef Strauss[00:10.00] brought it personally.[00:12.00] Egmont Koch and Oliver Schröm have been following the traces [00:15.00] for years in the course of their Kennzeichen-D research.[00:19.00] Rome. Stefano delle Chiaie, the man with the crutch,[00:22.00] leaves with his circle of comrades[00:25.00] the office of his neo-fascist movement.[00:28.00] Since more than thirty years he is held responsible [00:30.00] for multiple murders and bomb attacks.[00:33.00] Time and again he was able to get out of a tight spot.[00:37.00] Prominent prosecutors claim, the "Carlos" oft the fascists,[00:40.00] is still under political protection.[00:44.00] Delle Chiaie, proven by these newly surfaced documents,[00:48.00] was head of a guerilla operation operating worldwide.[00:52.00] During the 60s and 70s Western secret services used[00:57.00] the right-wing band for bloody terror attacks.[01:00.00] In their fight against communism, mercenaries and agents[01:04.00] disguised themselves as a press agency called "Aginter Press".[01:11.00] "Back then we thought violence is justified, because we were [01:14.00] steadily confronted with acts of violence by the communists."[01:17.00] "We were in total opposition towards the state,[01:20.00] because it wanted to prevent us from realizing [01:22.00] our political goals. We thus fought[01:26.00] against communism, the civil state,[01:28.00] and democracy, who took away our freedom."[01:30.00] "And we were convinced, violence was necessary[01:35.00] in our fight."[01:38.00] On December 12th, 1969, the first bloody attack occurs in Milan.[01:42.00] In a bank on Piazza Fontana[01:44.00] a bomb explodes. 17 humans were blown up.[01:50.00] The objective of the operation: Communists should be blamed[01:54.00] for the attacks.[01:57.00] The neo-fascist and Aginter agent Guido Giannettini is considered[02:01.00] to be the one of the masterminds behind the devastating attack.[02:07.00] "We found unambiguous reports and evidence[02:09.00] that reveal a collaboration of Giannettini and delle Chaie[02:14.00] with several Italian secret services[02:16.00] and reveal their joint responsibility for the attack in Milan.[02:21.00] According to that, Giannettini was delle Chiaie's liaison[02:24.00] with the secret services, who helped him escape after the attack[02:27.00] on Piazza Fontana."[02:35.00] Aginter agent Giannettini was also working with the CIA and BND.[02:39.00] His Task: to destabilize the political system with attacks.[02:44.00] Right-wing terrorism that should appear as terror from the left.[02:50.00] Shortly before the attacks on Piazza Fontana, Giannettini[02:53.00] is guest of the arms manufacturer Krauss-Maffei, is allowed to inspect[02:57.00] inspect a tank type "Leopard", which is still held under strict secrecy.[03:00.00] Furthermore Giannettini is allowed to visit an army academy in Hamburg,
the Heeresoffiziersschule,[03:04.00] and is even received in the Ministry of Defence.[03:08.00] Officially he is considered a journalist, an employee of Aginter-Press.[03:13.00] But behind the scenes his secret service background is known.[03:16.00] For its real objectives, the front organization Aginter needs[03:22.00] logistic and financial support.[03:26.00] The now surfaced papers show close contacts to Marcel Hepp,[03:30.00] back then the right-hand man of chairman of the CSU, [03:32.00] Franz-Josef Strauss.[03:36.00] One Aginter agent was even in direct contact with Strauss.[03:40.00] The documents contain a long list of cover names.[03:45.00] They reveal ominous german sponsors, cover name: “Industry”.[03:52.00] 4th of August, 1974: The terror continues. An attack on the[03:57.00] express train from Florence to Bologna leaves 12 dead and 48 wounded.[04:00.00] Again Stefano delle Chiaie is suspected.[04:03.00] He leaves for Spain using a forged pass port[04:07.00] and an Aginter press card with the name Martelli.[04:10.00] In the meantime Aginter-Press has built up a worldwide network.[04:13.00] With delle Chiaie's escape the bloody terror[04:18.00] shifted to Spain. Declared enemies are all those[04:24.00] who act against dictator Franco.[04:27.00] "Aginter was to put up resistance against communism,[04:30.00] mainly by propaganda. At that time it was a civic duty[04:33.00] to counter the communist threat, such as the ETA. [04:37.00] I took part in this struggle. [04:40.00] And what means violence? Violence came from the communists[04:44.00] and we reacted with counter-violence of course.[04:48.00] That was the only language they understood."[04:53.00] He was among the financiers oft he ultra-right wing in Europe.[04:57.00] Franz-Josef Strauss. He supported his political friends in Spain and Italy[05:01.00] repeatedly with cash in thick envelopes.[05:05.00] His close employee, Dieter Huber, was serving as money courier, here shown on the left.[05:11.00] Sometimes Strauss hands over the money personally.[05:14.00] For Payments, up to 100.000 Mark, the chairman of the CSU obtains[05:18.00] donation receipts. The money possibly came from the [05:22.00] budget of the BND.[05:26.00] Madrid: With the death of dictator Franco, the fascist [05:30.00] terror group Aginter-Press has lost its Spanish supporter.[05:34.00] During a raid in February 1977, weapons cache of [05:39.00] Stefano delle Chiaie was busted. Seven of his comrades were taken in custody,[05:43.00] among them Italian neo-fascist Mario Tedeschi.[05:48.00] Tedeschi, shown on the left visiting an art show together with Marc Chagall,[05:52.00] was promptly released and returned back to Rome.[05:55.00] He wants to found a new right-wing party and is seeking [06:00.00] support from Germany. Via the deputy of the CSU-linked foundation[06:03.00] "Hans-Seidel-Stiftung" Joachim Schilling.[06:09.00] Schilling, a friend of Italian right-wingers, establishes the contact between

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