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Customer Delight is a Key to Success (the Assignment)

Customer Delight is a Key to Success (the Assignment)

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Published by swhrtpp

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Published by: swhrtpp on Oct 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Customer delight is a key to success”. Do you agree? Discuss thisstatement.Customer delight is a key to success, I agree.
Customer satisfaction is defined as:
“Satisfaction is a judgement of a pleasurable level of consumption-relatedfulfilment including levels of underfulfilment or overfulfilment”. (Mcgraw Hill) A satisfied customer is valuable for the company in terms of its profitability of getting up from their competitors.“we can’t say to managers that performance on a particular set of dimensionleads directly to customer satisfaction or makr statements like product quality leads to satisfaction without examining customer experience”.(Mcgraw Hill)
Customers are the special particulars of the company that can be defined asabove mentioned. The companies are anly rely on the product quality andthe service functions. Customer is also looking for the good quality productsso that the company reaches to the expectations of the customer and thecustomer is satisfied. Different customers make different satisfaction aboutthe same product so the company can figure out it by segmentation.Although satisfying consumer is the basic need of the companies.
Customer delight can be defined as:
“The result of delivering a product or service that exceeds customer expectations”. [1]
Customer delight is a key to success. Customer delight refers to if thecompany reaches beyond the expectations of the customer and the
customer exceeded quality, then the customer is delighted. Customer cannotbe delighted if he/she is not satisfied, the factor of delightness comes afterthe factor of satisfying cunsumer need. The delighted customer is morevaluable for the company as It will help to the companies to compete thecompetitors. A delighted customer finds the largest percieved value-costgap.
Customers are moving towards services and quality. Delightedcustomer can do a lot in the favour of a company. On the other hand, adissatisfied customer.
It is not enough we satisfy the customer, basically customer delight haveimmportance to manage the quality of product and assumption state(Edwards Deming 1986).Customer delight and satisfaction were not the same because delight to takepleasure in which satisfaction means how we agree the person that willpurchase the product or not. So the both gives different meanings.Including the meaning of consumers of the product and services featuresthat describe the product is having the common center in the customermind. When the product is center target of the product function , we can saythe product is neccessary attribute which must be provided. These featuressatisfy the customers. Some time the customer is not satisfy of the productfeatures, as the example: the availability of gasoline is a must, cleanliness of the rest of room satisfies, where as a concession area might be a delight.According to Kano (1993), the product feature which customer satisfied anddissatisfied must in the same way as namely, producta feature, delivery andmust be available.Oliver (1997) described the two concept of behavioral consumption andpsychological consumer bahavior. Pshchology literature include positiveemotion and negetive emotion which is the combination of joy and surprisetrait refers to delight. Behavioral concept consist of the satisfaction and theperformance which consumer judge these products.In short, a delighted customer is more likely to remain the customer of anorganization then those who are merely satisfy.
 The perspective that why delighting the customer is refers that it is the mostfactor to be cosider. A delighted customer can remain loyal, can repeatedbuying, a good word of mouth. A delighted customer can increase the profitrate tents to over the life of it. A new acquired customer can cost five timesof a remained delighted customer.
Importance of customer delight
 The most successful businesses have discovered a formula that goes beyondproduct and service. Their business is providing delight to their customers byunderstanding their specific personal interests, anticipating their needs,exceeding their expectations, and making every moment and aspect of therelationship a pleasant or better yet, an exhilarating experience. These days, it takes a lot more than satisfaction to stand out from the packand keep clients/customers eagerly coming back for more.A retailer in Raleigh, North Carolina understands the relationship betweenenjoyment and achievement. Talking to him, you can see that he enjoyswhat he does. He attributes his success to an incessant focus on the value of customer service. "Customers are our best friends. They are always right. You have to try to exceed their expectations. Its really fun to try." Amongother things, he sends fruit baskets to customers who buy big systems. Sincehe founded his company in 1978, he has never had a down year. Sales wereup 25% in 1995 and another 34% in 1996. His profits are strong too.[2]
How to keep customer delight?
When it comes to marketing, the ultimate target of every company is todelight the customer. The basic reason is to stay in the market and earnprofit as well. Companies can earn profit and can stay in the market bysatisfying customer needs and also by delighting them. The customer can bemore loyal to the company products just by the fulfilment of the expectationsby the customers. So that, companies apply such tools and comprehensivesto delighiting the customers. The tools are defined as follows:
Complaint and suggestion systems:
companies create suchsystems that the customer can evaluate the company products andgive the feedback. Not only the positive feedback but the negative too. The companies are also looking for the better suggessions by thecustomers if any of interested.

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