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Pitch Preparation

Pitch Preparation

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Published by sambabs

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Published by: sambabs on Mar 17, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the person’s house: to create a more personal and inviting feel within
the documentary, making the audience feel more engaged and relate to
the character’s in the documentary. Perhaps showing fan’s products and
fan items in the background (i.e. posters) or anything relating to their hero
Deliberately positioned where the fan saw the celebrity
 e.g. the first venue where the celebrity played, where they saw them in person, or anything which relates back to a previous memory which can be discussed
Outside costume store (for Jake) to allow him to talk about how he dresses like Lady Gaga
White based background for interviews of people at the start of the documentary (for the montage)
 the location must show the difference
between our ‘superfan’ characters and arguably ‘normal’ interviewees
Style & visuals
Generally an unforced tone of approach
 not wanting to interrogate our characters by asking questions, so that we get an idea of what they tell us is all truthful and not forced and any lies
Voice of god: having a narrator so that the documentary will be able to flow easier, as well as making it clear what is being discussed within the documentary
Informal style: to conform to BBC 3 standards
there shouldn’t be a
serious feel to the documentary as the idea is that it id meant to be entertaining, however not too funny that it may look unbelievable and fake
Using a montage: having a collection of people at the beginning saying who there heroes/aspirations are, which then juxtaposes against our
characters who say there ‘surprising’ heroes. This juxtaposition should be
emphasized and there should be a clear difference i.e. change in soundtrack, difference in locations.
Tracking/panning shots showing our fan’s products i.e. posters, concert
tickets etc. This should be consistent and is used to cross two scenes together to make it flow easily and to allow the audience to understand how much they adore their celebrity heroes
Adventurist/ ‘clumsy’ sort of soundtrack: a
soundtrack, which seems informal and should be used when focusing on our super fans. An example of a similar soundtrack would be perhaps when a cartoon/animal is on an adventure (e.g. on the programme Hidden
Kingdom this is used to show the journey of a mouse’s life)
Aired at 8pm,
on a weekday. This is because our programme isn;’t explicit so wouldn’t have to be aired late, and we want as many viewers as
possible so have decided to air at peak times. It aims at a wide variety of audiences however of course more importantly focusing on the BBC 3 target audience (16-35)
Obsessive or passionate, stalkers or inspirers, people who you would think are celebrities are instead, heroes for some eyes. Watch the journeys and extremes of your unordinary super fans and their stories of h
ow celebrities aren’t jus
t celebrities, but for some are instead
 real life heroes.
Why we have chosen this
Relevant timing: there are more stories appearing recently which involves the attempts of fans trying to meet there desired fans. Particularly involving teenage girls trying to meet Boy band One Direction and Justin Bieber
Originality: hasn’t been done yet 
Accessibility: have direct access to the people we want to use. They are all local meaning easy to find and reliable sources as they are both friends. Also more likely to tell the truth and be comfortable as our group knows who they are
Research: Examples of super fans
One direction fans go to extreme measures to meet the band… including hiding in
a bin for FOUR hours:
A fan was found hidden in a dust bin as an attempt to meet one direction by waiting for security to pass so that the fan can follow the boy band through a back entrance
Jessie J: Friends with Fractures:
When Jessie J broke her foot falling off stage, a fan deliberately broke her foot as well and quoted "I will do anything to be just like you"
Drake forehead tattoo:
Following from Drake's lyrics from his song Free Spirit "Tat my name on you, so I know it's real" a fan literally tattooed the singer's name in big high school varsity font on her forehead.
Brad Pitt Stalker:
In 1999, a women was found sleeping in an upstairs bedroom in Brad Pitt's house wearing his tennis shoes, sweatshirts and shorts. The women was sentenced to 3 years probation and psychological help.
Michael J Fox: Pen Pal:
A women was charged with terrorist threats for sending around 6,000 letters to the celebrity with some containing rabbit droppings and

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