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Six Days Shalt Thou Labor.

Six Days Shalt Thou Labor.

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EXODUS, XX. Six days shalt thou labor.

EXODUS, XX. Six days shalt thou labor.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Mar 18, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Six days shalt thou labour.
EXODUS, XX. Six days shalt thou labour. We have two great ends to accomplish in all that we do in this world — to avoid [n\-nishment, and to obtain reward, if reward can be claimed by performances so im-perfect, as, in their best state, to require the added merits of a sinless propitiation ! Every forbearance should have the one, and every action should have the other, of these motives to sanctify it. Short, at the longest, as is our time of probation, and uncertain, as we are, whe-ther the next moment may not end ir, we might suppose, if our wants and our foHy did not interfere, that man would have but one species of employment — the service of God, varied only by the alternative of acts of devotion and deeds of charity ; and could the inhabitant of another world sur-
vey our occupations, we must be deemed c 3 30 -SERMONET VI, Jower in understanding than the brutes tliat perish, when we are discovered either idle or vainly employed. The commandment including the prohi-bition of labour on the sabbath, is seldom referred to as containing a positive injunc-tion to labour on the other six days of the week : we read it in the sense of, " Jfyon labour on six days, do not on the se-venth." But surely, "Six days shalt thou la-bour," is a commandment distinct from, that ordaining rest on the sabbath. And as all (he tcnour of the Gospel admonition, all the .exhortations of the Apostles, and all that advice which is founded on tlic expe-rience of mankind, are in favour of labour
and industry, as preventing evil and lead-ing to good, it is fair to suppose this a re-petition of that sentence, which, at the fall, was denounced against sinful man. The necessity of labour was imposed; it became a duty, and he who should have refused to fulfil it, would have appeared as much a re-bel as Adam himself. The chanfrine: fashion of the world seems to have dispensed with this law as to one SEKMONETv VT. SI half of its inhabitants; but let us beware how we niisunderstand the dispensation. We may be allowed leisure ; but the stigma is not removed from idleness : are we quite sure that the punishment of it will be .found attached to only a dormant law, which the wisdom or mercy of our Judge will certainly not now put in force?

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