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Iowa - 03 18 14

Iowa - 03 18 14

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Published by Scott Dochterman

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Published by: Scott Dochterman on Mar 18, 2014
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 An interview with:THE MODERATOR: We'll open up the floor for questions for our student-athletes.
Q. This question is for Dev. When you look at what McRae's done on video, what do you see and how does he compare to yourself and are you oin to !e the one that looks like you're oin to have to defend him quite a !it"
RO DE!" MAR#$E: %ordan M&Rae is a ood uard. ( thin) our a*es rese*+le ea&h other a little +it. He's as)ed to &arr, a lot of the s&orinload for that tea*and ,es ( will +e uardin hi*.
Q. Devyn, is it interestin to you that you're playin a Tennessee team that you very nearly could have faced in the #attle for $tlantis, and does it help or hurt" What are the !enefits of playina team that you uys pro!a!ly scouted and ot a chance to see, play in person earlier this season"
RO DE!" MAR#$E: ( don't )now if it's an, +enefits or advantaes or an,thin li)e that +ut it is a tea* that we were prepared to have to fa&e li)e ,ou said in Atlantis. And the &oa&hes have done a ood o+ in )eepin us fo&used and &on&entratin *a)in sure we have the riht a*e plan oin into it.
Q. #oth %ach and Melsahn, it's !een four years for you uys to et to this point. Does tomorrow's ame and the preparation for tomorrow's ame feel any different than any other ame in your career"
/A0H M00A#E: ou )now o+viousl, it's a +i opportunit, +ein in the "0AA Tourna*ent and an opportunit, to pla, and ( thin) we ust have to fo&us li)e an, other a*e ust ta)e it li)e we've +een doin in our routine ever, a*e ea&h ,ear and stuff li)e that. 1o we ust have to +e prepared and fo&used and +e read, for a reat tea* in Tennessee.ME$1AH" #A1A#E: To pi,+a&) what /a&h said ( ive &redit to 0oa&h M&0affer, and the &oa&hin staff. We're prepared at an elite level for ea&h a*e whether it's a preseason s&ri**ae or non-&onferen&e or an, a*e we treat as a ver, i*portant a*e. 1o o+viousl, the stae is a +i stae and this is eli*ination settin +ut as far as our preparation ,ou )now the &oa&hes have +uilt the &ulture of us alwa,s +ein dilient and fo&usin no *atter who ,ou pla,.
Q. $ll three, and &'ll start with Melsahn on this one, defense has o!viously !een an issue down the stretch in some of these losses, !ut also seemed to !e kind of lack of communication on defense, not really the hih tides or whatever that were there earlier in the season. &s that ust a perception, or is there some truth to that, that may!e there's not either as much intensity on defense and the chemistry isn't as stron as may!e it was !efore (e!ruary, !efore you played Wisconsin"
ME$1AH" #A1A#E: (t's not per&eption +e&ause o+viousl, the nu*+ers show that we haven't +een defendin to our &apa+ilit,. $i)e ,ou said we were a reall, ood defensive tea*. The last two ,ears we've +een one of the ood defensive tea*s in the &ountr,. ('* oin to sa, as a senior ('* oin to start off +, lettin *, voi&e +e heard. ( )now Dev,n and /a&h will do the sa*e thin and let it &arr, out throuhout the tea*.
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March 18, 2014
We're ust oin to pla, defense the wa, we're &apa+le of pla,in./A0H M00A#E: (t's la&) of fo&us ( thin). "ot doin what we need to do. And ( *ean it's )ind of ust )illed us the last &ouple of a*es. We  ust otta et +a&) to the +as)et+all we were pla,in pla,in toether as one unit and otta et that +a&).RO DE!" MAR#$E: ( thin) we've +een a+le to *a)e so*e adust*ents. We're &o**uni&atin +etter as far as pra&ti&e leadin up to this point. ( thin) ,ou'll see a hiher ener, level. (f this doesn't e2&ite ,ou and eneri3e ,ou as a pla,er then ( don't )now what will.
Q. $ll three of you, this is the first *+$$ Tournament &owa has played in since '-. ave any former &owa players reached out to any you, sort of ivin you advice or offerin their hand at all oin into this ame"
RO DE!" MAR#$E: ('ve tal)ed to Matt re&entl,. He rea&hed out to *e. ('ve also sta,ed in &onstant &o**uni&ation with u,s li)e Ar&hie and E. Ma, and %arr,d 0ole. 1o the,'re all supportin us and we appre&iate it and the,'ve iven *e different words of en&ourae*ent that ('ve definitel, ta)en into &onsideration./A0H M00A#E: eah sa*e prett, *u&h. ('ve +een rea&hed out +, Matt 4atens and %arr,d 0ole and Eri&. And 5indis&erni+le6 a&tuall, te2ted *e and ust told *e to pla, ust et our tea* read, to o pla, with ener, stuff li)e that and leave no rerets out on the floor.ME$1AH" #A1A#E: ( have spo)en to Devon Ar&hie as well as %arr,d 0ole +ut ( alwa,s spea) to the*. The,'re li)e *, +i +rothers. And then a&tuall, Dev's dad even thouh he was pla,in in the '78s he's +een a *entor person ( tal) to a lot so that's a for*er pla,er that ( was spea)in to ust a+out the stae and how it wor)s.
Q. Dev, your coach is in a touh spot with his personal situation. Do you see that as !ein any kind of rallyin cry for this team, or are you ust oin to !e there and support him !ehind closed doors, let it o at that"
RO DE!" MAR#$E: ou said so*ethin a+out rattlin9
Q. e's in a touh spot personally with /atrick. &s it a rallyin point, not rattle, rally !ehind him"
RO DE!" MAR#$E: eah of &ourse. 0oa&h M&0affer, is our u,. We love hi*. We're all li)e fa*il,. at is a u, that +asi&all, at pra&ti&e with us ever, da,. He's li)e our little +rother. 1o ( thin) as a unit we will rall, +ehind it and hopefull, we ever,thin oes well for the*. The,'re all in our pra,ers.1o ( )now li)e ,ou said he's in a touh spot so we're ust tr,in to *a)e this as si*ple and eas, for hi* as possi+le.
Q. This one's for %ach and Mel. Tennessee has a pretty ood inside player in 0arnell 1tokes. What have you seen of him on video and what's your challene oinup aainst him"
THE MODERATOR: /a&h first and then Mel./A0H M00A#E: O+viousl, a +i +od,. 4u,s we haven't seen in our leaue. The,'re ver, ood offensive re+ounders and ust on the lass &onstantl,. 1o it's so*ethin we haven't seen. #ut ( thin) we're prepared. We )now what we need to do. The,'re reat pla,ers and the, +rin a lot of ener, to the a*e. 1o we ust otta *at&h that and +rin even *ore than we have in the past. 1o it's ust a *indset a*e and we ust otta +e aressive with that.ME$1AH" #A1A#E: O+viousl, %arnell is a ver, talented pla,er. #ut li)e ( said the #i Ten has +een prett, ood *, four ,ears here so ('ve seen ever,thin fro* 1ulliner to Dra,*ond 4reen and Adreian a,ne and #randon Dawson and all those u,s. 1o ('* used to &o*petin aainst hih-level +i *en. And he presents his own &hallenes +ut ( thin) as lon as ,ou pla, the* &orre&tl, and +rin the proper intensit, and ,ou've ot to reali3e when that shot oes up it's oin to +e a war for the re+ound ( thin) we're a+le to et it done. We ust otta have &onfiden&e in our own e2perien&eour own a+ilit, while respe&tin our opponent as well.
Q. %ach, not to harp on the #attle for $tlantis, !ut you uys played well in that tournament. ow would you compare how you played at that point to these last few ames you've !een in" Do you think you can et !ack to that point in another tournament settin"
/A0H M00A#E: eah ( *ean definitel, it's a different t,pe of environ*ent there and tourna*ent settin and ( usuall, pla, *, +est in tourna*ent settins.
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1o ust otta sta, &onfident +elieve in *, shots stuff li)e that ust ettin in a rh,th* and  ust pla, the +est ( &an. "owthat tourna*ent was a reat tourna*ent for *e and ( hope ( &an &ontinue to pla, li)e that in the "0AA Tourna*ent.
Q. %ach, you said you play your !est in tournament settin. &s there somethin different a!out sort of that format, for all three of you, that makes it easier to elevate your play"
/A0H M00A#E: %ust )nowin it &ould +e ,our last a*e. Ever, a*e after that there's nothin to prepare for after that if ,ou lose. 1o ust +rins ,ou full &ir&le what we need to do to win.  And it's a +i opportunit, for us in the "0AA Tourna*ent. And we loo) to oin on a run and sta, aressive and +rin ener, li)e we have at the end of the season.
Q. This one is for any of you three, doesn't matter which one who wants to address it, !ut after halftime the last four ames you uys have iven up si3a!le runs. &s there anythin, any common element in the locker room at halftime that & uess 44 kind of a lack of intensity riht off the !at" 5r what is the common element as far as ivin up those runs riht out of halftime"
ME$1AH" #A1A#E: (t relates to us ettin awa, fro* who we are in the first half of those a*es. ( &an't re*e*+er the e2a&t nu*+ers +ut we was doin what the &oa&hes had told what we had to do and we were pla,in reat tea* defense pla,in up to our &apa+ilities. ( thin) when we start ivin up runs and stuff we start oin awa, fro* what has *ade us su&&essful and what we're &apa+le of. 1o that sa*ple of what ,ou ust tal)ed a+out those spurts ust relate to the whole +od, of the stret&h whi&h is not that we're not &apa+le where we're ettinawa, fro* the thins that *a)e us su&&essful. 1o ( thin) we need to whenever when we o into halfti*e ust -- the &oa&hes send their *essae repeat what ot ,ou here in the situation when we are up and if we're down re*e*+er o)a, what ets us out of the hole and what's oin to help us win this a*e. ( thin) that's it.THE MODERATOR: An, other questions for our student-athletes9 All riht MelsahnDev,n and /a&h ood lu&) to*orrow niht. We're now +einoined +, ;ran M&0affer, the head &oa&h of the (owa Haw)e,es. 0oa&h an openinstate*ent and then we'll open up the floor for questions for ,ou.0OA0H M00A;;ER: This has +een an in&redi+le ourne, for our tea* and we're ust thrilled to +e here. ('ve +een here +efore pla,in in the "0AA Tourna*ent. (n&redi+le venue here at Da,ton. And ('* ust so e2&ited for our u,s to have this opportunit, to pla, in the tourna*ent. We've prepared well. ( li)e our professionalis* in ter*s of how we approa&h ettin read, for this a*e. And that's a+out it.THE MODERATOR: <uestions for 0oa&h9
Q. (ran, in your e6perience as a coach and especially tournament time, what's your take on the importance people place on point uard play"
0OA0H M00A;;ER: ( don't )now that ( would loo) at it an, differentl, in ter*s of this ti*e of the ,ear or an, other ti*e of the ,ear. ( view point uard pla, as in&redi+l, i*portant. ou loo) at this a*e in parti&ular and ,ou sa, well it *iht +e re+oundin +e&ause the,'re so ood in that area. (t &ould +e transition. The, run we run. (t &ould +e an, nu*+er of thins. #ut ( thin) when it's all said and done the u, that's ot the +all *ost of the ti*e and his a+ilit, to *a)e de&isions is oin to +e &riti&al in ter*s of who wins and loses the a*e.
Q. +oach, watchin the !racket, pops up you play Tennessee, is there a !enefit, anythin ood a!out playin a team that you ot a chance to pro!a!ly scout and see over at the #attle for $tlantis tournament earlier 44
0OA0H M00A;;ER: ( don't thin) there's an, +enefit +e&ause +oth of us thouht there was a real ood &han&e we were oin to pla, ea&h other. (f we +oth won or we +oth lost we were oin to pla, ea&h other in the se&ond round. 1o ('* sure the, have a s&outin report on us. We have a s&outin report on the*. #ut that was so lon ao. ( re*e*+er wat&hin the* and wat&hin the* re&entl, and sa,in ,ou )now how i*pressed ( was with how the,'ve &ontinued to i*prove how their tea* &a*e toether. At that ti*e of the ,ear ,ou're sort of not sure where are we oin to end up. #oth tea*s o+viousl, &a*e into the season with reat e2pe&tation. We +oth have e2perien&e. And
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