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LNG Export PresidentObama Climate Letter31814

LNG Export PresidentObama Climate Letter31814

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Published by jdlouhy3911
Environmentalists' letter to Obama on LNG exports
Environmentalists' letter to Obama on LNG exports

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Published by: jdlouhy3911 on Mar 18, 2014
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 Center for Biological Diversity
 Center for Health, Environment and Justice
 Chesapeake Climate Action Network
 Earth Day Network
 Energy Action Coalition
 Environmental Action
 Environment America
 Food and Water Watch
 Friends of the Earth
 Green America
 Sierra Club
 Waterkeeper Alliance March 18, 2014 The President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President, We write as Americans who are grateful that you have taken steps to elevate the urgency of the climate crisis over the past year. We agree with you that, as you said in your June 25
 climate action speech at
Georgetown University last year, “the question now is whether we will have the courage to act before it’s too late
 However, we are disturbed by
your administration’s support for hydraulic fracturing and, pa
rticularly, your plan to build liquefied natural gas export terminals along U.S. coastlines that would ship large amounts of fracked gas around the world. We call on you to reverse course on this plan and commit
instead to keeping most of our nation’s foss
il fuel reserves in the ground, in line with the
recommendations of most of the world’s leading climate scientists.
 And as a good-faith test case in this direction, we ask you to hold your Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accountable to completing a fu
ll Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed “Cove Point” LNG export
facility, located just 65 miles from your home on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Lusby, Maryland.
Cove Point is emblematic of the irrational and fast-track strategy of the gas industry to export U.S. fracked gas and then ask questions later. The truth is that Cove Point, like other proposed LNG export terminals, will raise U.S. gas prices
 harming virtually all Americans
 while becoming a historic catalyst for more fracking across the mid-Atlantic and triggering a huge new pulse of climate pollution. Yet despite all this, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
 part of your federal government
 does not intend to even conduct a full and customary Environmental Impact Statement on the $3.8 billion project. Please, Mr. President, demand that FERC conduct an EIS. Given a full and fair accounting of the facts, we believe the clear economic and climate reality will become clear to you and the nation: Cove Point an
d the general push for LNG exports is NOT in America’s best interest or the world’s.
 The life cycle of exported fracked gas
, from drilling to piping to “liquefaction” to shipping overseas and
eventual burning, results in huge levels of carbon emissions and widespread leakage of methane, a
greenhouse gas much more powerful than CO
. Emerging and credible analyses now show that exported U.S. fracked gas is as harmful to the atmosphere as the combustion of coal overseas
 if not worse. We believe that the implementation of a massive LNG export plan would lock in place infrastructure and economic dynamics that will make it almost impossible for the world to avoid catastrophic climate change. In a report published in 2011 by the International Energy Administration, experts referred to plans for a major expansion of natural gas production and usage worldwide
: “
This puts emissions on a long-term trajectory consistent with stabilising the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at around 650 ppm, suggesting a long-term temperature rise of over 3.5°C.
(Are We Entering a Golden Age of Gas?, June 6, 2011)
Given that the world’s nations have agreed that we need to limit temperature rise to no more than 2
degrees Celsius to have a decent chance of making a successful transition to a low-carbon economy, we call upon you to immediately change course when it comes to LNG export terminals. Such a course would be consistent with the public statements made by your Secretary of State John Kerry in recent weeks. In Jakarta, Indonesia on February 16 he stated that: "Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction. ... Industrialized countrie
s have to play a leading role in reducing emissions.” And
just a few days ago, in a personal message to State Department
personnel, he wrote, “
The scientific facts are coming back to us in a stronger fashion and with greater urgency than ever before. This challenge demands elevated urgency
and attention from all of us.”
 President Obama, exporting LNG is simply a bad idea in almost every way. We again implore you to shift course on this disastrous push to frack, liquefy, and export this climate-wrecking fossil fuel. As a first step, tell FERC to drop its shameful and unacceptably weak permitting process for Cove Point in Maryland. Demand a full Environmental Impact Statement for this massive $3.8 billion project just a short drive from your house. An EIS will put more facts on the table and, we believe, will persuade you and the nation that a pell-mell rush to export gas is a pell-mell rush to global climate ruin. Instead of a gas rush, we ask you to double down on your ongoing efforts to improve energy efficiency and expand wind and solar power nationwide. Let that be your legacy, not a reckless dash to gas that will harm all future generations. We need your leadership, President Obama. Sincerely, Bill McKibben Co-founder and President 350.org William Snape Senior Counsel Center for Biological Diversity

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