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JSC v Goolsby Answer

JSC v Goolsby Answer

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David Goolsby and the Junior Gold Academy of Hilton Head, Inc.'s answer to the Oct. 7, 2013, complaint filed by Junior Sports Corporation, Inc. The answer is dated Nov. 22, 2013.
David Goolsby and the Junior Gold Academy of Hilton Head, Inc.'s answer to the Oct. 7, 2013, complaint filed by Junior Sports Corporation, Inc. The answer is dated Nov. 22, 2013.

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Published by: Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette on Mar 18, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 E O OUH COLN TY F AFRT JUNIOR OR CORPRON IC an
    N H COU O OO PLE (Case No 203CP0702589  NWE
    ) )  
  DAD SY an  ) GF ACADMY F IT HD    NC
. · 
he Defendants David D. Goosby (herein Mr Goolsby" and unior Gof  Aademy of in ead In. (herein GAI)answer the omplaint by respetfully  alleging the folowingFR A FRS DFS (Denia   ach  and every allegation of the Complaint not herein aer expressy  admitted is denied  2  he Defendants lack inormation sufficient to form a beief with respect to
( o
 the aegations of paragraph 1 of the ompaint therefore deny them and demand strit  proof thereof Further answering paragraph  the Defendants would show that the internet site  for the outh Carolina eretary of tate has no listing to establish the organization or  authorization to do business of an entity known as unior Spors orporation Inc" or  of an name substantialy similar thereto
 
 e efenn     
  e n   s t M sy ss  n  sn n u un Sut  Crolna but te Defendants den that he was prvou an emploe of JSC" fo two  sns ) T ssus wt    Pn's nn   s fr n  pragaph 2 of ths Answ and (b the fat that th Deendants pa subs eet tht  hs mpnsan ws p y Intnatna Jun f Tu (hen IJT Suth n pn at m wt JT Ausn mpny n My  007 and  susuently was admnstratvy dsslvd b the Sr of Stat n tb
The aegatons of paagaph 3 of the Complant re admtted  5 Th eatns f pgaph
 f the Cmpn stat nly nusons f  lw whh  dne
Th legatns f pgph 5  th mpn a dend n the same  mnn nd to th same xtnt s s st rh n paagphs though
 f ths Answe  7 h egtons  pagph
  th ompnt a m 8  Subet to the denals n paragaphs 2 and 3 of ts Answe the Dennts admt s muh  pgph 7 f h ompnt as mpos r mpes hat,  pr to Apl of 203, M oosby was empoye as a oh fr junr golfers eth b IJT  by Intnn Jun  Aamy (hen IJA"thouh hs humn  rsoures fle lsts hs jb ttle as resdenta nstutr"  9 The Defendants admt s muh f paragraph 8 as mports  mples tht M osb beame uante wth he systm of nstutn used at IJA, whh t  th me was the ank aney mth, n th h eam uanted wth sm  2
sudes, especially hose whom he
 aut as
with their
and that
 e  knesome managers ohe coaches and aculyo eriage Academy and oerise  u he eendans deny he remaining aegaions o paragraph , and hey expressly  deny any implicaion ha Mr. Goolsyas a edeerrained gol coach in any manner  no eaches he ank aney mehod, no uilies any technique similar o he JGA  orm o managemennoplaces sdens in an academic curriculum even remoely  similar o ha of eriae Academy or otherise emulaes G and JGA n any  maerial ay. 10 The allegaions o paragraph 9 o he Complain are laly denied and he Deendans ould sho ha here ere no rade secrets of hic Mr Goolsy as  inormed or ha he shold reasonaly have knon 11 he efendants admit so much of pararah 10 of the Comlain as  impos or implies ha Mr Goolsy as no suec o a rien conrac o employen  a secrecy agreemen a noncompee agreemen or any oher form o agreement hat ould have impeded or imaired his fuure employmen or he use in such employen  o he experience ha he had gained during his orking life aou he mos appropriae  metod o teaching unior golfers bu the Defendants deny the remaining allegatons of  paragrah 10 12 The allegaions o paragraphs 11 and 12 of he Comlain are denied 1  e allegaions o aragraph  o he Complain ae denied in he same  manner and o he same exenas is se orh n aragraph 1 hrough 11 o his Anser 14  he Deendans adm so much of aragah 14 of the Comlain as  impos  or imlies ha GA has conracual relaionships ith he arents o some o 3 

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