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Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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Published by heidiyso

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Published by: heidiyso on Oct 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AHHHHHH! KOREA LOST TO SWITZ…ugh...stupid referee was so unfair. :[
Anyways, to take my mind off of the game, I’m posting another chapter. :]Thank you all for the wonderful comments.Replies:
dalilaznone: You’ll see. :] But keep in mind, Changmin’s also very confused, sinceYoochun is his best friend and they like the same girl, so it may take a little forhim to realize what he’s going to do.swtgrllubzyooh: No problem. :]//Yep, but even though Changmin knows that shedoesn’t like Yoochun, it’ll still be a little difficult for him to confess. I mean, if youknow Changmin’s personality, he’s just really shy, you know?//Haha, yea, Haeinshould go die. Hahaa.Babygurl272: Haha, you’re right. But changmin’s personality it be a little shy, youknow? It’ll be a little difficult for him.tatata: Sure thing. :]sheLLiJiElUn: Probably…Haha. :]frOsty_pAnda: Yea, her past is pretty confusing. But earlier, maybe in the pastseveral chapters, her past is explained a little in her visions/dreams. To summarize,in her past, her first love had died in a plane crash, and she hasn’t forgotten himstill. More details will come later in the story. :]dakoreanhamster: Haha, yea, I feel kind of bad for Yoochun. =/aznsweetie143: Haha, Changmin can be kind of shy, and slow. Haha. :]coolieever: He could confess, but it’ll probably still be hard since Yoochun still likesMinkyong, you know?sw33tieVTgrl: Hopefully, it’ll progress. But I may take some time since Changmin isreally shy. =/ But something will come up, don’t worry. Haha.baybee ll loveLy: Haha, she should’ve. Haha.//THANKS FOR PUTTING MY FANFIC INYOUR SIG. :]xchink: Haha, more like relieved. :]i_LessThanThreeYou: Changmin probably will go after her, but it may be a little hardfor him since he’s pretty shy and all, you know?//yea, Yoonah’s cute. More likeADORABLE. I wish I had a little sister like her. :]sAkUrA * sTaR : Minkyong and Heejin’s conversation wasn’t exactly a big thing heresince it was only telling her about what happened between her and Changmin. Butlater in the story, things will start getting more intense and Heejin will also becomemore involved in all this. (just a heads up) :]//Haha, if Yoonah wasn’t there, first of all, they’ll probably wouldn’t be at a park, more like a coffee shop, and then they’llalso probably be wayyyyy more uncomfortable. Or at least, that’s how I picture it.Haha.hiien: haha, partial…maybe. Haha. I guess he just feels relieved since he knows nowthat she doesn’t like Yoochun.lookitzty: Maybeee…Haha, all her feelings and thoughts will all be revealed REALLYsoon. It’s very close, so sit tight. :]xkiseki: oooo like a misunderstanding. Well, all their thoughts are revealed verysoon, so sit tight. :] But yea, Yoochun will NOT be happy if he finds out. =/hippofatamus: You’ll see. :]xjuyonx: It comes out soon. :]nhoc_ti_91: haha yea.//My chapters will gradually become longer so don’t worry. Idid sense that my chapters were kind of short, so I’m increasing them. :]RisingSun: Yea, the girl is adorable. I wish I had a little sister like her.//Changmin isreally confused right now, so it’ll take a little time for him to figure things out. Butdon’t worry, things will start moving faster.CheekY_bAnaNa: Changmin is in a tough situation, so he probably doesn’t knowwhether to help him or not. He wants to tell Minkyong, but then again, he can’t gobehind Yoochun’s back you know? Tough stuff. Haha. :]
stardust_x: YAY! New reader! :] I’m glad you’re enjoying it!//yea, Haein gets oneveryone’s nerves. She’s the evil one.//Yep, both guys like her, but that only makesthings more difficult. =/ THANKS FOR PUTTING MY FANFIC IN YOUR SIG. :]sam.e.fo.eva: Haha, I know, she is. :]krisabelle: Haha, more like relieved.
-------------------------------Chapter 37Changmin’s POV
“ Ahhh…”I stepped out of the bathroom after my hot relaxing shower. All the stress and worriesthat’s been forming these last few days seemed to drain out and wash away. Drying mywet hair with a towel, I made my way towards my bed.Sprawled across my bed, I replayed what Minkyong said earlier this afternoon aboutYoochun.
 Flashback “ Of course I like him.” She answered.“ As a friend.” She added. “ He seems like a really sweet guy, you know?” End of flashback 
“ Ugh.”Confusion swept over me as I lied there on my bed. I turned over onto my side, pulling anextra pillow towards my chest to hold.
‘ She obviously doesn’t like Yoochun…at least not in the same way he likes her. So what am I supposed to do? Convince her?’ 
It’s not like I wanted to separate Yoochun from her, but just the idea of them together made me upset. Obviously, I had developed some special feelings towards Minkyong, but just haven’t completely figured them out yet.I felt an argument start inside of me.
‘ Is it because I like her?’ 
One part of me asked myself.
‘ Well, durrrr…just take Minkyong to yourself. You saw her first. Anyways, Yoochundoesn’t deserve her.’ 
The other side of me argued.
‘ But Yoochun likes her so much, and I DID tell him I would help…’ 
The other sideargued back.
‘ You’re hopeless Changmin. If you’re like this, you will NEVER, I repeat NEVER get a girlfriend.’ 
“ I am not hopeless.” I said out loud.“ What’d you say?” I saw Yunho appear through my door holding some bowls.“ Huh?” I quickly sat up in my bed. “ Oh…god Hyung, you scared me.”“ Haha, did I?” He came over and sat in front of me. Making himself comfortable, he puta pillow between us and placed the bowls on top of it. Scooping ice cream into the bowl,he asked me.“ How was your day with Yoonah?”“ Huh? Oh, it was okay. Long time since I’ve hung out with a little girl, you know?” Ireplied taking a bowl. I stuffed scooped a spoonful into my mouth, tasting the sweetfudge in my mouth.“ I see. Yoonah tells me you two had tons of fun. Plus, you met Minkyong on the way.”He said, putting another pillow behind him to rest his elbow on.I stopped mid way scooping ice cream. My spoon hovered over my bowl.“ Um…yea.”Yunho looked up from his ice cream.“ So?” He asked raising an eyebrow at me.“ What?” I asked.
‘ Is he accusing me of something?’ 
“ Changminah. I’m not stupid.” He replied setting his spoon down.“ Um, I know you’re not.” I replied setting mine down too.He shook his head as he sat up straight to look at me.“ No, that’s not what I mean. I’ve noticed something different from you lately. It’s just aweird feeling when I see you with Minkyong. I mean, when we met Yoochun andMinkyong at the ice cream shop with Yoonah, you didn’t say anything the whole time,you just sat there in wonderland. Also, when we all ate lunch with Minkyong and Haein,I saw you staring at Minkyong the whole time.”I sighed. Burying my face in my hands, I groaned.Sensing my irritation, Yunho sat there quietly patiently waiting for a reply.I looked up.“ I…”

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