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Pre Existing Civilizations. Edgar Cayce

Pre Existing Civilizations. Edgar Cayce

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Published by simona simion

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Published by: simona simion on Oct 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Edgar Cayce Readings
Continent and Culture of Atlantis
Readings Extract - Pre-existing CivilizationsREADING: 364-4
In that early Atlantean period, THEN the South Pacific, or Lemuria, began its disappearance - even beforeAtlantis, for the changes were brought about in the latter portion of that period, or what would be termedten thousand seven hundred (10,700) light years, or earth years, or present setting of those, as set byAmilius, or Adam.
ALSO IN: Reference to Time Periods of Events
READING: 436-2
The entity was in that land that has been termed Zu, or Lemuria, or Mu. This was before the sojourn of peoples in perfect body form; rather when they may be said to have been able to - through thosedevelopments of the period - be in the body or out of the body and act upon materiality. In the spirit or inflesh these made those things, those influences, that brought destruction; for the atmospheric pressure inthe earth in the period was quite different from that experienced by the physical being of today.
READING: 5118-1
Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land when there were those groups being set in other lands for various purposes and activities. The entity was among those of the group that came into Egypt. With theestablishing of the Temple of Sacrifice, the entity set about to use the tenets and truths that had been apart of the experience in Atlantis, of the children of the Law of One. These were used as suggestions inthose periods, with the elements and drugs used as sedatives, for activities in the Temple of Sacrifice or for the surgery, in preparing individuals for definite services, by the removal of those things that wouldcause one to become different-minded because of the relationships to the activities in a pre-existence or pre-period of materiality.
ALSO IN: Atlantean Contact with EgyptALSO IN: Technology, Science, Architecture
READING: 1473-1
Entity was in the land now called the Atlantean. There the entity was a priestess. For the entity was of thepeoples of the Law of One, and with the breaking up of the land itself and the beginning of the exodus of those peoples, the entity was among those that journeyed to what is now called the Yucatan land - or theIthmus land. And with the building up of those activities, the establishing of the temple service, theapplications of the temple's activity to the commercialization - or those activities in which many of what yecall in the present new discoveries, these were but a portion of the entity's associate's activities duringthat experience. And when there became the heresaying, yea in those periods when there became anactivity in which those portions of the land were discovered from what was left of Lemuria, or Mu -in whatis now lower California, portions of the valleys of death, the entity journeyed there to see, to know. Andduring those experiences much was set up that may be of interest to the entity, that will be a part of thediscoveries of natures or natural formations in what is now the Canyon Island. For THIS was the entity'splace of the temple. For the entity then was a priestess that made for the correlating of tenets of allportions of the earth, for the unifying of the activities of spiritual understanding, and the application of spiritual laws - not as for material but for the harmonious and the peace of the peoples.

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