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Ms Word -- ShortCut Keys

Ms Word -- ShortCut Keys

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Published by Mohsin

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Mohsin on Oct 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Short Cut Keys of Ms-Word…
Change or resize the font
Press To
CTRL+SHIFT+F Change the fontCTRL+SHIFT+P Change the font sizeCTRL+SHIFT+> Increase the font sizeCTRL+SHIFT+< Decrease the font sizeCTRL+] Increase the font size by 1 pointCTRL+[ Decrease the font size by 1 point
Apply Character formats
Press To
CTRL+DSHIFT+F3 Change the case of lettersCTRL+SHIFT+A Format letters as all capitalsCTRL+B Apply bold formattingCTRL+U Apply an underlineCTRL+SHIFT+W Underline words but not spacesCTRL+SHIFT+D Double-underline textCTRL+SHIFT+H Apply hidden text formattingCTRL+I Apply italic formattingCTRL+SHIFT+K Format letters as small capitalsCTRL+EQUAL SIGN Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing)CTRL+SHIFT+Plus Sign Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing)CTRL+SPACEBAR Remove manual character formattingCTRL+SHIFT+Q Change the selection to the Symbol font
View & Copy text formats
Press To
CTRL+SHIFT+* Display nonprinting charactersReview text formattingCTRL+SHIFT+C Copy formatsCTRL+SHIFT+V Paste formats
Set Line spacing
Press To
CTRL+1 Single space linesCTRL+2 Double space linesCTRL+5 Set 1.5 line spacingCTRL+0(zero) Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraphChange the formatting of characters (
menu)SHIFT+F1 (then click the text whoseformatting you want to review)
Align Paragraphs
Press To
CTRL+E Center a paragraphCTRL+J Justify a paragraphCTRL+L Left align a paragraphCTRL+R Right align a paragraphCTRL+M Indent a paragraph from the leftCTRL+SHIFT+M Remove a paragraph indent from the leftCTRL+T Create a hanging indentCTRL+SHIFT+T Reduce a hanging indentCTRL+Q Remove paragraph formatting
Apply paragraph styles
Press To
CTRL+SHIFT+S Apply a styleALT+CTRL+K CTRL+SHIFT+N Apply the Normal styleALT+CTRL+1 Apply the Heading 1 styleALT+CTRL+2 Apply the Heading 2 styleALT+CTRL+3 Apply the Heading 3 styleCTRL+SHIFT+L Apply the List style
Delete text and graphics
Press To
BACKSPACE Delete one character to the leftCTRL+BACKSPACE Delete one word to the leftDELETE Delete one character to the rightCTRL+DELETE Delete one word to the rightCTRL+X Cut selected text to the ClipboardCTRL+Z Undo the last actionCTRL+F3 Cut to the Spike
Copy & Move text and graphics
Press To
CTRL+C Copy text or graphicsCTRL+C CTRL+C (double) Display the ClipboardMove text or graphicsALT+F3 Create AutoTextCTRL+V Paste the Clipboard contentsCTRL+SHIFT+F3 Paste the Spike contentsALT+SHIFT+R Start
F2 (then move the insertion point and press ENTER)Copy the header or footer used in the previous section of the document
Insert special characters
Press To
CTRL+F9 A fieldENTER (after typing the first few characteAn AutoText entrySHIFT+ENTER Aline break CTRL+ENTER A page break CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER A column break CTRL+HYPHEN An optional hyphenCTRL+SHIFT+HYPHEN A nonbreaking hyphenCTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR A nonbreaking spaceALT+CTRL+C The copyright symbolALT+CTRL+R The registered trademark symbolALT+CTRL+T The trademark symbolALT+CTRL+period (fullstop) An ellipsis
Select text and graphics
Press To
SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW One character to the rightSHIFT+LEFT ARROW One character to the leftCTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW To the end of a wordCTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW To the beginning of a wordSHIFT+END To the end of a lineSHIFT+HOME To the beginning of a lineSHIFT+DOWN ARROW One line downSHIFT+UP ARROW One line upCTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW To the end of a paragraphCTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW To the beginning of a paragraphSHIFT+PAGE DOWN One screen downSHIFT+PAGE UP One screen upCTRL+SHIFT+HOME To the beginning of a documentCTRL+SHIFT+END To the end of a documentALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN To the end of a windowCTRL+A To include the entire documentTo a vertical block of textTo a specific location in a document
Extend a selection
Press To
F8 Turn extend mode onSelect th enearest charactedIncrease the size of a selectionSHIFT+F8 Reduce the size of a selectionCTRL+SHIFT+F8, and then use thearrow keys; press ESC to cancel selectionmodeF8+arrow keys; press ESC to cancelselection modeF8, and then LEFT ARROW or RIGHTARROWF8 (press once o select a word, twice toselect a sentence, and so forth)

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