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The biggest bank robbery in history

The biggest bank robbery in history

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(This is a non fiction creative interpretation of true history)
(This is a non fiction creative interpretation of true history)

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Mar 20, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The biggest bank robbery in history
(This is a non fiction creative interpretation of true history)
%he biggest ban$ robbery in history too$ multiple conspirators years of deceptive deadly planning to achieve.%his was it& the big one.So now this 'afia mob gang had to go out and grease some palms to get some fellow low lives involved.%hose that were approached would be let in to inner circles of this empire of insanity.(ut upon being told the evil insane plans & if the individual started s)uirming with a bit of conscience.%he evil masterminds of death who were staging this huge ban$ robbery would have to $ill this s)uirming individual. *o chances were being ta$en for any lose lips in this evil caper.%his ban$ robbery is going to be so big that it will ta$e many conspirator thieves to carry and then run off with all the loot.+n the days when this was being planned& there was no +nternet&telephones were on party lines and not secure with the operators always listening in so they could$now when the conversations ended so to disconnect the call from the networ$.%he only way to communicate was to meet in dar$ s$ull and bones windowless secret tombs of death and deception.%his ban$ robbery was planned by the most insanely evil pieces of filth this planet ever produced. *othing was going to stop them. *ot a cop that is for sure.%his ban$ heist plan was very well funded and too$ many years to wor$ out. *ow all these greasy palmed conspirators had to be put in the right positions& be they the beat cop&the teller& or who ever had to be greased to ma$e sure this heist was never going to bestopped by anyone with a moral conscience.%his ban$ robbery is so huge that it eventually led to ,ort -no being emptied.(ut this ban$ robbery was much bigger then robbing ,ort -no.%hese robbers were so evil.%hey did not steal the ban$s money.h no.%hey stole the whole ban$& printing presses and all.So that they could for ever $eep producing as much fa$e money as they wanted. *ow they would have all the money they would ever need to $eep greasing anyone they wanted.r wanted wac$ed& waed& fried& coo$ed& or 0ust buried.%his ban$ robbery was to lead all of humanity on this planet down a very slippery slope of human waste.%o the eventual decay of the very soul and morality of most earthlings.%hey would now have the money buy the very souls of humanity whether humanity reali1ed it or not..So now they got the stooges they put in high places at the top of this slimy slope high places3 to write up
some fa$e acts some believe are laws to ma$e this ban$ heist appear legal and to pretend that it was all legitimate.So these low lives had to ta$e some long train rides to their secret place on this e$yll +sland.%here they sat and wrote up this conspiracy.%hey had to give their new ban$ a legitimate sounding name.%he name created was from the combining of the two ingredients that went into the ma$ingof this most sinister destructively insane plan.%hey combined these two words 5cooperation and corruption6,or they $new eactly that this was what they were doing.So the word 7R8R9%+* was born and they added to this&the name of the other place that was in cooperation with this corruption.%hey added the word ,ederal.So now the new name for this ban$ was to be %he ,ederal Reserve6So now in !;!" they created the first 7R8R9%+* to ta$e over the planet.%his earth destroying disease was now created and unleashed on this planet.8lanet earth was now infected with a deadly fast spreading destructive disease $nown as 7R8R9%+S'.,rom the ,ed was spawned more and more bigger and bigger absolutely deadlyand destructive diseased 7R8R9%+*S.'ore and more mega corporations spread to every part of this planet.%he 7R8R9%< disease is now destroying this planet.%he only thing that can stop this disease now is for humanity to start spreading the cure.hen humanity spreads the seeds of truth.9 healthy tree of life will grow from those seeds.9 new forest will grow.%his forest will provide healthy food for thought.6+t will not be enough that you have nourished your self from that healthy food for thought.+f you want to save this planet& you will have to start doing some natural farming.n all natural farms the farmer will save some seeds to plant the new crop for the following generations.(ut the problem today is that the healthy tree of life is almost dead.%he forests are dying. %he selfish are consuming it all and not saving anything for future generations.%he very very few individuals that remain with a healthy moral conscience believe theyare powerless to this absolutely huge and seemingly over whelming world wide corporatism disease. *ot true.5hen the seeds of truth are sown.%he grassroots world wide truth revolutionwill blossom from the enlightenment.6%here is now a world wide awa$ening happening that no fa$e money can stop.%he generation of today were given a gift from long ago previous young generation.%he last generation that ever had a world wide revolution of thought.%hey were $nown as the >ippy generation.%here message was to warn the future generations of the disease on this planet $nown as 57R8R9%+S'6So now when your minds consumes some healthy food food for thought that came from a healthy tree of life.ou can not selfishly consume it all without sharing some of it with humanity.ou need to go out and plant those healthy seeds of truth into the minds of anyone you meet.+f all of humanity began spreading the healthy seeds of moral thought.%he old boys club of evil dar$ corruption will be blinded by the light from the enlightened humanity.@o out and be the solution to stop the disease that is $illing the tree of life.8lant some healthy food for thought in others.Share truth for truth is love.ne does not eist without the other.Aove and truth are one and the same.%he time is now or never.ou need to start loving mother earth.Aove be with you all.esus message is eactly what + 0ust told you.ritten by Baniel ude oseph otf %owsey. ust a common man with old common sense.9 little more food for thought.+f you develop your common sense then we will have something in common.nly common people will bring bac$ common law peoples governments.
9ll so called govs of today are not we the peoples governments.%hey are fa$e 7R8R9%+C<B @D<R*'<*%S.8roducing 97%SE against we the people. *othing a 7R8R9%< @D<R*'<*% S9S +S A9...>ere is a previous article that eplains about the ,<B.https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/creation#of#first#corporation/
>i %heo& +Eve been subscribed to %he %ruth Soldier for )uite some time now. + read his articles and have forwarded a few of them. (ut today + too$ a closer loo$ at this man.. %al$ about a man with courage and determination. +f all can be believed that he writes. %his man is climbing a big mountain.. Ai$e you& he writes poetry& has a belief in the Aord& and seems to see$ the truth. >arryBaniel  %owsey8<'S and %houghtsn ed& 'ar !2& 2!4 at !!:! 9'& 9 %ruth Soldier wrote:Baniel  %owsey 9 %ruth Soldier posted: 5%he biggest ban$ robbery in history %his is a non fiction creative interpretation of true history3 See F full post here. http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2!4/"/!!/the#biggest#ban$#robbery#in#history/ 6
Comment by rovin gypsy | March 12, 2014 | Sally Ann Shafe shared E!"E#ES$%s photo&
G(efore you were born& the ban$ers operated a scam intended to rob all members of the Hgeneral publicH. %hey removed all forms of money and replaced it with worthless notes which read G+ promise to pay the bearer...G with another worthless ban$ note ,+9% 7urrency3.%hey then managed to do away with the @overnment and replace is with groups of commercial companies which they own. %hey cunningly named these companies so that they Hloo$H li$e @overnment. %hey too$ over the printing of the worthless  ban$ notes with their private company called G%he (an$ of <nglandG which is meant to sound li$e a @overnment rganisation& although it 'S% B<,+*+%<A is *%.%he net step& in their Hlets be honest hereH )uite clever plan& was to get their company which sounds li$e the @overnment& to as$ their other company G%he (an$ of <nglandG to print them lots of worthless3 money and to charge interest on that money& over and above the face HvalueH of the 7urrency. %his ecess interest amount is called G%he *ational BebtG in order to fool ordinary people into believing that their 7ountry some how owes somebody large amounts of money.So ,+RS%A& there is really *%>+*@ owed at all. S<7*BA& there +S no money. %>+RBA& the 7ountry does not owe anything& and in the unli$ely event that there were a genuine debt& then it has nothing to do with ordinary people any way as it is 0ust a notional debt incurred by one commercial company to another commercial companyI 9AA owned by the same  people3%his supposed debt has been boosted over the years to a ridiculous level which could *<D<R& <D<R be paid off& and you will no doubt be glad to learn that all income ta is now paid to the owners of these commercial companies. +snHt it great to  be paying vast sums of money to a commercial company which has never done 9*%>+*@ for you and which holds you in utter contempt because you havent discovered their S79' and continue to pay lots of ridiculous taes& feeHs and chargesI  *one of which& by the way& you have to pay at allI 9ll combined& these charges amount to nearly JK of a persons earned incomeIBo you en0oy living on one fifth of what you 7LAB have >9BI?9nyway& to strengthen their S79'& they have invented a Aanguage of Aies called HAegaleseH or HAegal %erminologyH where

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